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Curry Supply manufactures dump truck bodies to fit any application. Engineered for quality and durability, our dump trucks for sale are work-ready to save you time and money. Whether you are hauling dirt, sand, gravel, or lumber, Curry Supply has a dump truck body to meet the specific requirements of your industry. Contact our team to discuss your specific needs and application. We will help you make the right decision for your business and ensure you’re fully satisfied with your purchase.

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At Curry Supply, you will find ready-made dump truck solutions and customizable combos of dump bodies and chassis options built upon request and to your specifications. Choose between light, medium, or heavy duty dump trucks depending on your application, be it moving, construction projects, asphalt paving, stockpiling, or hauling materials. We have a wide range of quality products that can be upgraded to your specifications with optional equipment and custom-engineered features.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do dump trucks haul?

    Dump trucks are designed for the hauling and dumping of a variety of materials or items. Our rugged automatic heavy duty dump trucks are heavily used in the construction and associated industries.

    Curry Supply dump trucks feature deep open beds, ranging in sizes, specifically engineered for excavation, transportation, and dumping loads of materials and items such as move out clean-ups, construction site debris, scrap metal, paving rubble, lumber, coal, etc.

  • How many tons can dump trucks haul?

    The loading capacity of a dump truck typically depends on the overall weight of the truck. Light-duty dump trucks have lower capacity and carry up to 6 or 7 tons on average, while the heavy-duty ones have the highest capacity and are used for the heaviest loads of over 20 tons.

  • What are the different types of dump trucks?

    Dump trucks are available in three varieties: light duty, medium duty, or heavy duty. Below is a brief overview of the different types of dump trucks we offer:

    • Our light duty trucks feature a new lightweight design, Hi-Tensile A1011 steel construction, a single-panel tailgate with upper latching, as well as 12-gauge smooth single wall sides.
    • The Curry Supply medium-duty dump trucks feature a 10-gauge ASTM steel construction, continuous welding, a manual release tailgate, and formed side-walls for added strength.
    • Theheavy duty trucks in our offer are equipped with a convenient swing-away tailgate for a complete access to the truck rear, as well as dent-resistant tubular side rubrails (fully boxed), among other features.
  • Is owning a dump truck profitable?

    Dump trucks are versatile in their applications which makes investing in a dump truck a worthwhile financial decision, even if you are not in the transportation business. These trucks are always in high demand for moving and hauling materials, supplies, and heavy equipment.

    Precision-engineered dump truck bodies are built to withstand years and years of hauling with optional added features. While typically associated with the construction industry, where they are mainly used for hauling and dumping construction materials such as gravel, stone, sand, asphalt, lumber, demolition waste, and debris to the job site or the demolition site, dump trucks have a potentially diverse range of other applications:

    • Dump truck rentals are in high demand among transportation and moving companies.
    • Dump trucks are instrumental in providing specialized local services such as snow removal.
    • If you are not in the construction business yourself, consider starting a long-term cooperation with local builders and contractors.
    • Landscaping suppliers rely on dump trucks to move rocks and other landscaping material to the job site and facilitate clean-up.
    • Long-term lease of your dump truck is a fail-safe way to generate income during the off-season.

    Additionally, owning your own fleet of well-designed and high-performing dump trucks can optimize your business operations by reducing possible downtime and ensuring that the hauling process is completed within the given timeframe.

  • Where do I find dump trucks & other truck products?

    Here at Curry Supply, we can provide you with a heavy-duty dump truck for rugged, heavy-duty applications in an abusive jobsite environment. We can also supply a medium-duty dump truck for demanding excavations, as well as custom engineered light-duty dump trucks. Our trucks can be applied in different industries, including heavy civil construction, aggregate supply, rentals, equipment dealership.

    Browse our selection of dump trucks in Phoenix as well as Curry Supply Houston dump trcuks.

    Additionally, you can contact us for other carefully-designed truck products, such as available Curry Supply crash attenuator trucks or our high-performing demountables/hooklifts. At Curry Supply, we are responsive and committed to providing a high standard of customer care and support and building a solid foundation for long-term cooperation. Consult with us and we will advise you on the optimal truck configuration for your specific needs.


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