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We manufacture high-quality light, middle, and heavy duty dump trucks in Phoenix which are work-ready and suitable for any industry-specific application and job site, however demanding. With regular preventative maintenance, these trucks are dependable tools designed to stay up and running for long stretches of time and so maximize your uptime, use of resources, and revenue. Investing in a dump truck for your Phoenix-based business is a worthwhile investment that promises a major return, time, cost, and profit-wise.

Dump trucks in Phoenix: Specific answers to specific problems

At Curry Supply, we act in the best interest of your business. To help you find the optimal dump truck solution for your business, we will discuss your industry-specific requests and requirements at length: specifications, scope of application, and frequency of use. We will do our research thoroughly to help you make a sound decision that will leave you satisfied with your purchase and the on-site performance of your new dump truck, whether you opt for a custom-built combination of a dump body and chassis or a ready-made solution.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do dump trucks work?

    Dump trucks are used in the construction, aggregate supplies, and associated industries. As far as application goes, dump trucks can be versatile and perform different functions: dumping, hauling, transportation, or excavation of loads during site clean ups, aggregate supply delivery, etc. The configuration of your dump truck can be engineered according to your exact requirements.

    Dump trucks you will find at Curry Supply are available in three key categories, depending on their size, weight, and loading capacity:

    • Light duty dump trucks: Hi-Tensile A1011 steel construction, 1-panel tailgate design, upper latching, 12-gauge smooth single wall sides.
    • Medium duty dump trucks: 10-gauge ASTM steel construction, continuous weld, manual release tailgate, formed side-walls.
    • Heavy duty dump trucks: swing-away tailgate for facilitated access, dent-resistant tubular side rub rails.
  • How many miles do dump trucks last?

    A value-engineered, properly constructed dump truck can have a considerably long life span and low risk of failure and the associated unforeseen costs. If properly maintained, such dump trucks can withstand abusive environments in Phoenix and beyond and rugged applications for decades and hundreds of thousands of miles.

    On average, dump trucks are estimated to last between 50,000 and 75,000 miles, depending on the quality of the maintenance routine. At Curry Supply, we do our best to bring you cost-effective solutions that will still be working at optimal capacity and going strong even decades into the future.

  • What is the average lifespan of a dump truck?

    The average life of a value-engineered dump truck spans decades. If you are diligent about upkeep and maintenance, you can maximize both the life and performance of your equipment. We will advise you on effective ways to reduce risks of equipment failure depending on your specific applications and jobsite properties and warn you about the common pitfalls to look out for.

  • Is a dump truck business profitable?

    The versatility of potential dump truck applications, be it excavation, delivery, hauling, or dumping and the consistently high demand for readily available dump trucks in Phoenix and the surrounding areas are compelling arguments in favor of starting a dump truck business even if you are a newcomer to the trucking and transportation industry.

    As one of the leading truck manufacturers in Phoenix and USA at large, we offer precision-engineered dump truck bodies that can be upgraded with added features, giving you a potential competitive advantage in the market. We can help you build a fleet of high-performance dump trucks that will offer on-time delivery, rational use of resources, and minimum downtime, bringing you a steady stream of revenue, provided that you make a reasonable investment in its maintenance and upkeep.

    There is a vast business potential for a dump truck business to generate income even during the off-season, such as short-term rentals, long-term leases, or cooperation with other professionals and businesses, including:

    • Landscaping suppliers
    • Providers of area-specific services
    • Transportation and moving companies
    • Local builders and construction companies and contractors
  • Where can I buy quality dump trucks in Phoenix?

    Curry Supply is the leading manufacturer and supplier of dump trucks and related equipment in Phoenix, AZ and the surrounding areas. Whether your business needs a light, medium or heavy-duty dump truck, we can deliver a reliable, durable ready-made or custom-engineered solution that can withstand any industry application, be it aggregate supply, heavy civil construction, rental, or equipment dealership, and operate without a hitch in any environment, however harsh, abusive and demanding.

    Let us know about your application and jobsite and we will help you make an informed decision and choose a dump truck depending on your required capacity and specific needs. We have a strong track record in catering to different industries, not only in Phoenix and the rest of the state, but also across the country and across the globe. We also offer other types of trucks and related products, including dependable flatbed trucks available in Phoenix and beyond.

    At Curry Supply, you will find a responsible and responsive team you can count on to share knowledgeable insight and support and facilitate your decision-making process. This is instrumental in building our long-term trust and cooperation, as well as in helping you decide on the right truck configuration as the latest addition to your Phoenix fleet. Schedule your consultation now!

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