Purchase Dependable Lube Skids

Convert your service truck into a lube truck with top-quality lube skids.

Curry Supply lube skids provide the capabilities of a lube truck with added convenience and flexibility. Lube Skids make preventative maintenance simple and keep your equipment up and running so you keep earning.

Take some time to browse through our rich offer of products and vehicles and discover which ones you need. Our customizable fuel and lube trucks and reliable and durable flatbed trucks are some of the favorite choices among our loyal customers across the country and across the globe.

40/40/60 or 50/50/100 gallon product and waste oil

Enclosed removable reel box for remote mounting

Powder Coated tanks, skid, and enclosed reel compartment

Radius tank corners for added strength

Site glasses for eco protection and durability

All A-36 hot-rolled steel construction

11 gauge formed shell with inserted sides

Lap welded seams with solid wire for long life

Vented twist-lock fill opening

Single air connection for customer provided air system

Air operated Graco® 1” aluminum diaphragm pump

On-load/off- load through single hose with 4-way valve

Graco® spring rewind hose reel with ¾” x 25’ suction hose, with ball valve

60 or 100 gallon waste oil storage tank

Filter / regulator

Internal product pumps for protection from damage

Graco® 3:1 air operated reciprocating pump

Graco® spring rewind hose reel with ½” x 50’ delivery hose, terminated with Graco® metered nozzle and holder

Two 40 gallon product tanks or two 50 gallon product tanks

Specially engineered enclosed reel compartment for superior product containment and ECO PROTECTION

Top mounted reels for operator convenience and cleanliness

Built-in nozzle holder for accessibility and cleanliness


Tanks and reel box independently mounted to skid to protect the product and for ease of future replacement if desired

Fork pockets on all four sides for ease of lifting and maneuverability

4 accessible lifting points for easy placement

Powder coated parts

Curry Supply Lube Skids can be set on the ground, put in the bed of your truck, or mount the reel compartment remotely

Curry Supply Lube Skids withstand hoisting, relocation, and frequent use

The reel compartment is enclosed on the lube skids, so your truck and job site will be cleaner.

Optional: LINE-X lining


Dependable solutions to customize your truck

When browsing our lube skids for sale, contact us for details on dimensions, capacity, dispensing rates, pumping system, pneumatic system requirements, etc. We can also provide you with information on how the added weight of service truck lube tanks may affect the payload and impact the driving and riding characteristics of your truck and whether you should also consider installing overload springs.

Our service truck lube tank options include custom product configurations and incorporate advanced safety features. We ship globally and we can have the easily mountable lube skid for your service truck delivered straight to your location anywhere in the world.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the purpose of lube skids?

    Lube skids are flexible and versatile components that make preventative maintenance more cost-effective and add simplicity and convenience to the process. Imagine having to bring heavy equipment back to the shop due to a simple oil change or another routine maintenance task? That is not the most efficient use of your time and it may take a toll on your downtime as well. On top of that, it is money down the drain in terms of loss of revenue.

    Service truck oil skid tanks are a convenient, lower-cost alternative to dedicated lube trucks and trailers. They offer a high level of flexibility and a safe provision of maintenance services on any jobsite. Lube skids are undemanding, self-contained units that incorporate special tanks for new and used oil storage and additional advanced features. You can also opt for additional options and customizable configurations.

  • How is a lube skid attached to a vehicle?

    A mobile lube skid can be mounted on any service truck bed, trailer, or flatbed quickly and easily, converting it into a lube truck. This piece of equipment comes with detailed instructions on safe operation of a truck onto which a lube skid has been added, as well as mounting and plumbing hardware.

  • How long does it take to mount a lube skid on a trailer?

    Lube skids are quick and easy to load, mount, and remove when no longer in use. We can make recommendations for your lube skid based on your needs and requirements, taking into consideration your line of work, typical job sites and applications, and other factors.

  • What are the benefits of lube skids for sale?

    Expand your service capabilities, enhance your maintenance program, and upgrade your service truck fleet by investing in a cost-effective lube skid:

    • Flexibility: Lube skids are flexible mobile solutions which can be added to any service truck. The self-contained units reduce the need for oil storage lockers, barrels, and containers, thereby reducing the need for additional maintenance.
    • Cost-effectiveness: This is by far the most compelling argument in favor of lube skids. Namely, lube skids cost considerably less than lube trucks, yet they can easily convert any service truck into a lube truck.
    • Functionality: Lube skids are especially convenient when you need to service a number of items in multiple job sites or have occasional remote service needs. This piece of mobile lubrication equipment facilitates the provision of lube and oil service in the field in the most unexpected locations and circumstances.
    • Mobility: Service truck oil tanks can be moved from one truck to another and location-to-location quickly and easily.
    • Enhanced time utilization: Stand-alone and self-contained, lube skids enable you to save time and money not only on maintenance and insurance, but also on inventory and keeping track of equipment.

    Versatility: Service truck lube skid tanks can be used to top off greases, oils, and fluids for vehicles or machinery, as well as to store waste oil. It is also possible to mount auxiliary equipment on a lube skid to run additional tools.

  • Do lube skids come with a warranty?

    Like all of our products, our lube skids for sale come with a warranty for your peace of mind. At Curry Supply, we offer lube skids built with durable design and rugged materials, just like our other vehicles and equipment.

  • How can I order a lube skid for sale?

    At Curry Supply, we do what we do best to bring your business uptime, which means fewer equipment malfunctions, lower maintenance costs, and more revenue. As a family-owned business that has been around for over 80 years, we have a wide range of premium quality commercial service vehicles and additional equipment for your on-road and off-road needs.  We deliver internationally.

    For more details on new or used lube skids for sale and custom lube skids we can build to your exact specifications, based on an in-depth analysis of your business needs, applications and budget, or for information about our other products and services, contact us now!

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