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Curry Supply is proud to be a distributor of the Versatran Retriever®, as well as Versatran Retriever® parts and truck beds, bringing highly efficient and durable industrial carriers to its customer base. With its unique patented design, the Retriever® can do the work of several different types of trucks. The carrier boasts an air-operated curved platform, and ramp system that offers greater hauling capacity, faster cycle times, lowest deck height in the industry, as well as being able to operate the system without idling the truck.

We supply the hard-wearing Versatran Retriever® carrier trucks

At Curry Supply, we offer only the most reliable industrial carriers to our customers – the two variants of Versatran Retriever® trucks for sale: the Retriever® 15T and the Retriever® 20T. Both versions of the Retriever® feature the same contemporary features that make Versatran industrial carriers stand out. The Versatran Retriever® is very flexible and easy to operate, making it a suitable choice for various tasks. If you’re looking for an industrial carrier to fulfill multiple purposes that your business demands, feel free to contact us at your convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is an industrial carrier?

    Industrial carrier trucks are specialized pieces of transportation equipment that offer a completely simplified and effective method of transporting various types of equipment in industrial zones. Industrial carriers offer excellent operating flexibility making them a suitable option across many different industries.

    However, not all industrial carriers are the same, and some possess specific features that make them unique in terms of maximum operation efficiency. The Versatran Retriever® line of carrier trucks boasts an air operated curved platform and a ramp system that brings increased hauling capacity and faster cycle times.

    Also, the Versatran Retriever® has the lowest height of deck in the industry, making it the most accessible industrial carrier available on the market today. Plus, the Versatran Retriever® has the ability for operating the entire system without having to idle the truck.

  • How do industrial carriers work?

    Industrial carrier trucks are used to transport specialized industrial equipment. The single most important characteristic of hauler trucks is their bed. The better the bed design, the more versatile a transport truck for sale is, and the easier it is to load industrial vehicles and equipment onto the carrier, making it a great option for use in various industries.

    Also, a vital component of a carrier truck is the mechanism that raises and lowers the rear deck, which allows the mounting of industrial equipment and vehicles. You want a carrier that has the capacity to lift heavy machinery without having to idle, which means that the perfect raising and lowering mechanism on an industrial carrier should use air springs.

    Finally, an industrial carrier truck should possess capabilities to secure the vehicles or the equipment being transported to ensure it does not get damaged during transportation around the worksite.

    The Versatran Retriever® is an industrial hauler truck that boasts the most flexible bed design, an advanced air spring rear deck lift mechanism, as well as excellent safety features for both the equipment and the personnel operating the transported. It has 140 tie-down spots for maximum equipment security.

  • Who uses industrial transporters?

    There is a need for industrial carriers in any industry that has a number of necessary industrial machines and vehicles that need to be transported both on-site and off-site, depending on the current needs. Some of the industries that utilize industrial carriers are mining, gas, oil, waste, construction, etc.

    The more versatile the industrial carrier, the higher its utilization value in different industries. The Versatran Retriever® truck is one of the most flexible all-round industrial transport trucks for sale making it a suitable choice in many different industries.

    The Retriever® has a unique bed design that allows it to reach the lowest loading angle on the market, and it also possesses a state-of-the-art air-spring mechanism for lowering and raising the rear deck which allows it to operate the bed while off. This saves costs, making it a viable investment no matter your industry.

  • How long are industrial carriers?

    The length of an industrial carrier truck depends on its design and projected use, but it also depends on the highest possible weight it is set to transport. The Versatran Retriever®, one of the best transporter trucks in the industry, comes in three different lengths at Curry Supply, depending on the carrying capacity.

    • Retriever® 15T is 24’ – 28’ long.
    • Retriever® 20T is 24’ – 30’ long.
  • What are the characteristics of a quality industrial carrier?

    Industrial carriers are one of the essential pieces of industrial machinery which foster smooth operation on and off the worksite. In order to be able to purchase a quality industrial carrier truck for sale, you should look for the following vital characteristics:

    • Adaptability: An industrial carrier should be designed in such a way that it allows operation in multiple industries.
    • Bed design: A quality industrial transporter should possess a unique bed design that allows the lowest loading angle possible.
    • Mechanism: The mechanism for raising and lowering the rear deck should be able to operate while the truck is off, reducing idling time and cutting down costs.
    • Safety: An industrial transporter has to be built with safety as the top priority.

    The Versatran Retriever® has all of the necessary prerequisites that make a quality industrial carrier.

  • Which safety features should I look for in an industrial transporter?

    When you’re in the market for an industrial hauler truck, you should definitely place safety as a priority. There are several safety features that make an industrial carrier a sound option for your business:

    • In order to be able to load the industrial equipment onto the bed as safely as possible, you should look for an industrial carrier with a deck that can go as low as 41”.
    • The shallow ramp angles make it easier and safer to drive the equipment directly onto the deck.
    • It is essential to secure the load once it’s on the bed, and the high number of tie-down areas means you can secure your load better.
    • You should look for an industrial carrier that has a non-skid surface, so you can operate it even when the weather’s adverse.
    • Lastly, grabs and steps on the industrial transporter offer the final part of safety.

    The Versatran Retriever® industrial carrier truck has the lowest possible deck angle in the industry, and it boasts 140 tie-down areas, which allows you to adequately secure your industrial equipment once it’s loaded onto the transporter.

  • How can a quality industrial carrier save money for my business?

    High-quality industrial carriers will save money for your business in the long run. The Versatran Retriever® possesses several money-saving features that make it an excellent choice no matter your industry.

    • The Versatran Retriever® has a quicker loading rate, which can end up saving you money. It can do that by:
      • Allowing you to drive the equipment directly onto the truck, not winch it on.
      • Letting you chain the load down off the ground, due to a low deck height.
      • The high number of tie-down spots make it a lot easier to secure your load.
    • The Retriever® eliminates idling while loading the equipment onto the bed, allowing you to reduce truck operating costs.
    • The Versatran Retriever® was designed as a simple and sturdy piece of equipment that cuts down on maintenance costs by eliminating:
      • Hose reeving
      • PTO shaft
      • Slides
      • Power tracks
      • Rollers
      • Hydraulic pump
    • Because it’s lighter than other similar equipment, the Retriever® allows you to increase the load. By adding more to your loads, you can reduce the number of trips and save money.

    Versatran Retriever® trucks available for sale offer comprehensive transportation solutions that can potentially save you a lot of money every year, allowing you to transfer your remaining funds elsewhere and increase your revenue.

  • How can an industrial transporter increase profitability?

    A dependable industrial carrier truck can increase your business’s profitability by improving its productivity. For example, the Versatran Retriever®, one of the leading industrial transporter trucks available, helps you increase profitability in the following ways:

    • The Retriever® is highly flexible and can be adapted to a variety of equipment, allowing you to transport many different pieces of equipment using a single carrier.
    • The Retriever® is very easy to operate and allows for faster loading times, giving you the chance to handle more pieces of equipment in a single day.
    • The Retriever® is the single industrial carrier you will need, which will help you significantly cut down costs of owning and maintaining several pieces of equipment.
  • What industrial transporters do you offer?

    At Curry Supply, we team up with only the leading names in the industry, which is why we offer the Versatran Retriever® – the best industrial transporter truck in the business. The Retriever® is light, versatile, and adaptable, and it can cater to the varying needs across many different industries.

    The Versatran Retriever® boasts many unique features that make it one of the best options when it comes to carriers:

    • It has a unique bed design which means that the Versatran Retriever® can go as low as 41’.
    • It uses an air spring raising and lowering mechanism, which allows it to function while idle.
    • It has 140 tie-down areas, making it easy to properly secure any piece of equipment you load onto it.
    • The Retriever chassis flexibility means that you can have a Versatran Retriever on your existing truck.
    • All these features make the Versatran Retriever extremely efficient, saving you money down the line.
  • Where can I buy rugged Versatran Retriever® industrial carriers?

    Curry Supply is your go-to supplier of high-quality Versatran Retriever® trucks, parts, and truck beds for sale. We only partner with dependable manufacturers of specialized commercial vehicles, and Versatran has earned our trust. If you’re in the market for a durable industrial carrier truck for sale, you should explore the Versatran Retriever® options we offer.

    However, that is not all we are able to provide. We try to cater to the varying needs of different industries, and we manufacture various specialized vehicles, such as reliable fuel/lube trucks to fit your needs, or versatile flatbed trucks for machine transportation. We are here to help make your business more efficient. Contact us today!

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