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Discover modern and efficient fuel/lube trailers for your business.

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Curry Supply is a dependable distributor of high-quality fuel/lube trailers that will help streamline your daily worksite routine, improve and streamline machinery maintenance and serving procedures, and increase productivity on the jobsite. A more affordable alternative to our specialized fuel/lube trucks, Curry Supply lube trailers for sale retain the same maintenance functions. If you’re looking for the best solution for on-site servicing of your specialized machinery, Curry Supply is a lube trailer manufacturer you can always rely on.

Tanks built to desired capacity

Graco® air driven product pumps

Waste oil pump and filter box with suction, neutral, and discharge

Antifreeze system

Reelcraft and Hannay Reels® with 50′ of 1/2″ hose

Graco® dispensing nozzles

Gasoline powered 35 CFM air compressor

12V halogen work lights

Pressure washer

Gasoline driven generator system

LED read-out meters for oil product nozzles

Custom storage boxes

In-line filtration system for products

American Eagle® tool drawer set

Powder coated

Any size available

Standard units in-stock and ready to ship

Or built to your exact specifications

Designed, built, and tested in-house for quality assurance


We offer reliable lube trailers for sale

Never miss a preventive maintenance check with the Curry Supply lube trailer that’s built with the same quality and attention to detail and all the capabilities of the popular Curry Supply lube truck. We manufacture all fuel/lube trailers to be rugged, reliable, and efficient in the field so they help streamline your maintenance and servicing procedures. We want to help you make your business more productive. Explore our vast offer of top-quality products and order your convenient and carefully manufactured lube skids today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a lube trailer?

    A fuel/lube trailer is, in essence, an alternative to a specialized fuel/lube truck that has the same preventive maintenance and servicing capabilities. The only drawback is the necessity for a lube trailer to be moved across the jobsite by another vehicle. If you’re looking for modern fuel/lube trailers for sale, contact Curry Supply today and we’ll outfit your business.

  • What are the benefits of using a lube trailer?

    Not only do lube trailers expand the capabilities of your company’s servicing and maintenance program, but they also bring numerous benefits to your daily operations. Here’s what advantages you can expect if you contact Curry Supply and order one of our high-quality fuel/lube trailers for your business:

    • Your workers can use mechanics trucks and pickups to pull it, no need for specialized vehicles.
    • Lube trailers provide easier in-field fuel, oil, lube services in case of unexpected events.
    • Sole reliance on your in-house team for most urgent equipment and machinery servicing and maintenance needs.
    • Reduction of maintenance program costs by minimizing your dependence on services of outside providers.

    The heavy-duty materials used in the production of our fuel/lube trailers do not require frequent repairs.

  • What features should I look for in a lube trailer?

    If your business needs a fuel/lube trailer, you should know what are some of the must-have features that will help you make maintenance and servicing at the worksite easier and more efficient. Here are some of the features you should look for in a lube trailer for sale:

    • Custom-capacity tank
    • A reliable antifreeze system
    • High-quality air driven pumps
    • Advanced dispensing nozzles
    • A reliable pressure washer
    • Custom boxes for necessary storage
    • In-line product filtration system
    • A tool drawer set
    • Oil product nozzles with LED read-out meters.
    • Halogen work lights
    • Diesel or gas powered engine/compressor/generator

    Curry Supply is a fuel/lube trailer manufacturer that produces rugged and reliable lube trailers for sale that will possess all of the necessary components and features for easy operations and optimal servicing capability. Contact us today!

  • How do I choose a lube trailer for my business?

    The only way to choose a lube trailer for your business is to look for one that has all the features you need. Never compromise when purchasing specialized pieces of equipment designed to make your daily operations seamless and streamlined.

    At Curry Supply, we offer fuel/lube trailers for sale that possess modern features for your business needs. Furthermore, we are able to customize different aspects of our lube trailers to meet your specific requirements. Reach out to us today!

  • Who offers dependable lube trailers for sale?

    At Curry Supply, we put in the time and effort to manufacture rugged and reliable lube trailers for sale that you can purchase and make your jobsite maintenance and servicing operations easier and more efficient. We are a lube trailer manufacturer that focuses on offering high-quality products that are easy to use and transport across the worksite. Contact us today and we will outfit your business with advanced fuel lube trailers.

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