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Top 5 Reasons to Invest in a Curry Supply Work-Ready Flatbed Truck


Flatbed trucks are some of the most versatile vehicles you can add to your fleet, with nearly every company in the commercial truck industry having multiple flatbeds on their rosters. Coming in all sizes, from a nine-foot aluminum platform up to a twenty-four-foot heavy-duty steel bed, these trucks typically transport heavy loads that don’t require… View Article
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Curry Supply: From General Store to Industry Apex


Introduction: In the small town of Curryville, PA, with a population of less than 100, under the stewardship of Lyonel Ritchey, a small general store was opened, catering to the needs of the local farming community, called Curry Supply. Curryville was the foundational ground, not to mention where the name “Curry” originated. Curry Supply grew… View Article
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3 Common Misconceptions with Equipment Financing


When exploring equipment financing options, whether for new or used purchases, or for supporting a rental fleet, the process can be daunting. Concerns may arise about qualifying for a lease or understanding complex terms. It’s crucial to research thoroughly, seek expert advice, and maintain a realistic budget. But how do you confidently navigate through the… View Article
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Maximizing Savings: Utilizing the Section 179 Tax Incentive When Purchasing Vehicles


Business owners looking to invest in new or used vehicles and equipment for your company should consider taking advantage of a powerful tax incentive granting a significant reduction to your tax burden. Section 179 of the United States internal revenue code, is designed to promote business investment by providing tax deductions for qualifying assets, including… View Article
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Innovative Machinery: P&H Cranes


P&H Cranes have aided various corporations in lifting and moving heavy machinery, equipment, loads, and products. This innovative piece of technology has transformed how establishments move equipment and improve assembly time. When Curry Supply began to expand, a need for additional hoists became crucial in our shop relocation strategy.   P&H Cranes History P&H Cranes… View Article
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