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Curry Supply provides different commercial service trucks fitted with rail gear. We manufacture Fuel Trucks, Mechanic Trucks, Fuel/Lube trucks, Flatbed Trucks, and Dump Trucks that you need to service all equipment on and around the rail yard. All these rail gear trucks are the same high-quality on-road trucks that we produce in our ISO 9001 compliant manufacturing facility, which means they are on-par with the quality of their road-ready equivalents.

All our rail gear trucks for sale are fitted with top-quality rail gear that allows them to easily traverse up and down your rail line as needed. Our team is also open to discussing the possibility of upfitting a different type of specialized truck with our rail gear to suit the needs of your business. However, even if you have another type of specialized truck in mind that you would like to become capable of riding the rails, we can discuss upfitting your truck with our strong and reliable rail gear.


We deliver high-performing rail gear for trucks

Curry Supply offers you an efficient way to service your rail equipment. We can upfit and modify your truck with premium rail gear, enabling it to traverse the rails easily. Our rail gear is dependable, strong, and versatile, and our meticulous and detail-oriented manufacturing process will ensure it’s designed to fit each truck.

At Curry Supply, we feature a high level of in-house engineering, fabrication, painting, assembly, financing, parts, service, and shipping capabilities, enhancing end-product quality. When you partner with Curry Supply, you’re choosing experience, expertise, and efficiency.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a rail gear truck?

    A rail gear truck is a type of specialized commercial vehicle that is designed in such a way that allows it to operate both on-road and on rail tracks. They are also known as high-rail, hi-rail, and road-rail trucks.

    These types of trucks are converted road vehicles that keep their normal tires, but are outfitted with flanged steel wheels that add the capability of rail traversal. Rail gear trucks come in a variety of specialized types, from fuel trucks to dump trucks, depending on the projected use.

    If you’re looking to outfit a specialized truck with premium rail gear, you should contact Curry Supply. We are manufacturers of dependable rail gear trucks for sale, and you can depend on us to supply you with the product you need. Contact us today.

  • What are rail gear trucks used for?

    Rail gear trucks are extremely versatile. They are dual-mode vehicles, which means they can operate on roads, as well as on the railroad tracks. Primarily, rail gear trucks are used for various aspects of railroad-related maintenance. They can be used to supply materials from the road directly onto the track where necessary, as well as other service tasks.

    Generally, all specialized trucks can be upfitted with rail gear, which makes finding the best truck to suit your business requirements an effortless and seamless process. At Curry Supply, we are able to upfit the majority of our specialized commercial trucks with rail gear, shipping our products across the US and globally.

  • What to look for in rail gear trucks?

    When looking into rail gear trucks for sale, or trying to upfit a commercial truck with rail gear, there are some vital aspects you need to pay attention to when choosing your manufacturer. Here’s what to consider:

    • Premium quality: The primary aspect of purchasing rail gear for trucks is the quality of the product itself. You need high-performance gear that will boost your productivity and stop you from worrying about frequent repairs.
    • Advanced technical features: When buying rail gear trucks, only partner with a manufacturer that offers modern solutions designed using advanced methods. This ensures maximum safety, reliability, and efficiency.
    • On-road ride quality: Never go for rail gear trucks that have compromised on-road ride quality due to the rail gear installed on them. Good rail gear for trucks should never compromise ride quality.
    • Suspension: You need to choose a manufacturer that offers self-compensating rail gear suspension that adjusts itself when riding on uneven track conditions, and that you don’t have to modify on your own.

    Our rail gear trucks available for sale are outfitted with high-performing parts that do not compromise on-road ride quality, and that are able to smooth out even the bumpiest of railroad traversals.

  • How to optimize railway maintenance?

    Optimizing your railway maintenance is one of the most important aspects of driving your business forward. Optimized maintenance will help you lower your expenses while boosting productivity and revenue.

    These are some of the vital ways that can help you improve your railway maintenance procedures:

    1. Equipment: The most important aspect of smooth railway maintenance is dependable, cutting-edge equipment. The better your equipment, the easier and quicker will all the maintenance procedures become.
    2. Trucks: You need reliable rail gear trucks to help quicken all the maintenance tasks that railways entail. Try to find a manufacturer of modern rail gear trucks for sale that will supply you with the most suitable solutions for your business.
    3. Strategy and optimization: Once you have the necessary equipment and trucks, it’s time to design the most streamlined and efficient maintenance strategies that will account for your resources and make the most out of them.
    4. Partners: Finally, find reliable partners to help you advance your business and optimize supply chain management. Only team up with reputable companies that produce modern equipment and rail gear trucks for sale that can greatly help you improve your operations.

    Curry Supply offers a wide variety of specialized commercial trucks that will fulfill the needs of your business. Contact us today and let’s see how we can help you optimize your railway maintenance operations.

  • Where can I find rail gear trucks for sale?

    Curry Supply is a manufacturer of versatile and dependable rail gear for trucks. We can also modify an existing specialized truck to become ready for the rails or provide a brand-new specialized rail gear truck.

    Contact us to discuss our extensive offer of different types of trucks and related products. With our help, you’ll finally get a truck that meets your business requirements, be it a metro TMA truck tailored to your unique needs, or an easy-to-operate propane service truck that will check all the boxes for you.

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