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The Evolution of Industrial Trucks: A Historical Perspective


Industrial trucks have been a cornerstone of industry and logistics, evolving over the years to meet the changing needs of various sectors. From the early days of manual labor and horse-drawn carriages to the sophisticated and high-tech vehicles of today, the journey of industrial trucks is a testament to human ingenuity and technological progress. At… View Article
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Curry Skill Enhancement and Employee Development Program (Assembly Division)


At Curry Supply, our commitment to cultivating the potential of our workforce is exemplified through innovative programs aimed at fostering growth and development. October 2023, the Curry Skill Enhancement and Employee Development (SEED) Program within our Assembly Division was launched, reflecting our steadfast dedication to investing in the professional advancement of our employees. Through tailored… View Article
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Driving Success in Waste Management: Junk Rescue’s Testimonial on Curry Supply and their Hooklift Trucks


Introduction: We had the pleasure of interviewing Kyle from Junk Rescue to gain insights into how our trucks are making a real impact in the Waste Management industry. Kyle shared his experiences with our Hooklift truck, highlighting their reliability and performance in supporting Junk Rescue’s operations. This interview provided valuable feedback on how Curry Supply’s… View Article
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Unveiling the Advantages of TRAC Leases for Equipment Financing


In the dynamic landscape of business operations, acquiring equipment is a critical decision that can significantly impact efficiency, productivity, and ultimately, the bottom line. Among the myriad of financing options available, Truck Rental Adjustment Clause (TRAC) leases stand out as an appealing choice for businesses seeking to acquire equipment while maintaining financial flexibility. This blog… View Article
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Curry Skill Enhancement and Employee Development Program (Blast & Spray Application)


Curry Supply is dedicated to empowering employees, providing career growth roadmaps that ensure success within the organization, from entry level through successive roles. The innovative Curry Skill Enhancement and Employee Development (SEED) program for Paint and Blast Division employees, launched April 2024. This program brings structure and transparency to career advancement by defining training, skills,… View Article
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