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Coming from one of the most reliable truck manufacturers in the nation, our custom rugged, hardworking flatbed trucks are ideal for loading and transporting heavy and odd-shaped loads owing to their unique bed design. Depending on your exact needs and preferences, we can build your flatbed truck to meet your specifications and equip it with lift gates, stake sides, and other special features.

Steel or aluminum


Stake sides

Metal or wood floor

Work lights

LED truck lighting

Lift gates

Any size flatbed built to any specification

Custom designs

Custom toolboxes

Toolboxes, cranes, stake bodies, dumping bodies available

Designed and manufactured in-house


Curry Supply: a leader among flatbed truck manufacturers

Curry Supply manufactures high-quality flatbed trucks that can be tailor-built to meet the needs of a wide range of industries and customers. Our flatbeds come in steel or aluminum and can be equipped with customizable features such as work lights, stake sides, LED lighting, lift gates, and wood or metal floors. Feel free to browse our offer of flatbed trucks for sale and enjoy our worldwide shipping and great customer service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a flatbed truck used for?

    Flatbed trucks are a highly practical transportation option in a great number of industries. Some of the most common uses of flatbed trucks include:

    • Transporting construction materials: Thanks to their specialized flatbed design, these trucks allow for easy loading, unloading, and transportation of building materials such as concrete, lumber, scaffolding, steel beams, bricks, and so on. A flatbed truck can come with or without stake sides depending on the shape and size of the transported materials.
    • Hauling heavy equipment: Flatbed trucks can be used for hauling heavy-duty machinery that won’t fit inside a box truck. These trucks can also haul specialized vehicles such as tractors, as well as passenger vehicles that are used at different job sites.
    • Transporting scrap materials: scrap wood, concrete, metal, and other construction materials often need to be hauled from job sites to recycling facilities to be sold or repurposed. A flatbed truck is a convenient solution for transporting such materials, as it allows for easier loading and unloading than other truck types.

    At Curry Supply, we offer durable and hardworking flatbed trucks fit for a vast array of specialized uses. Whether it’s transporting heavy-duty equipment or hauling odd-shaped materials, our trucks can be customized to meet any specific industry requirements.

  • How long are flatbed trucks?

    Curry Supply flatbed trucks are versatile vehicles that come with 12′ to 22′ stake beds for loading and transporting equipment and materials.

  • How to make flatbed side rails?

    A typical flatbed truck has no roofs or barriers that may hinder the loading and unloading process. While this characteristic can be extremely helpful in some situations, in others, some form of support is often needed to keep the machinery or materials secure. That’s where side rails or stake sides come into play. These side rails, or stake sides go into the special sockets located along the edges of the flatbed truck, creating a convenient fence.

    At Curry Supply, we manufacture high-quality formed stakes and pockets to ensure a snug fit on a flatbed truck. Our stake sides feature formed cross members for added strength, as well as side runners integrated with headboards. If you need a stake body truck to transport oddly shaped or oversized cargo, stake sides are a great alternative to other popular securing devices, such as straps, chains, ropes, hooks, and so on.

  • How do you secure a flatbed load?

    Unsecured or poorly secured loads on flatbed trucks can be a significant safety hazard. If a heavy load falls from a truck, it may cause vehicles to swerve and potentially crash, causing damage and injuring motorists and pedestrians. This is why proper load securement is essential.

    Our removable flatbed truck stake sides are great for hauling materials, equipment, and other cargo. Not only that but using stake sides also makes it easier to comply with pertinent FMCSA regulations, especially when it comes to transporting items like heavy machinery, concrete pipes, metal coils, and more.

  • What to ask flatbed truck manufacturers?

    Finding reliable flatbed truck manufacturers can be a challenging process, especially if you don’t know what to look for. Here are some basic questions you should ask your flatbed truck manufacturer:

    • Are your flatbed trucks made from quality materials? A flatbed truck should be built with ruggedness and durability in mind.
    • Are your trucks customizable? Flatbed truck manufacturers should offer both work-ready and custom-made trucks that can meet the needs of various customers and industries.
    • Are your flatbed trucks manufactured in-house? Reputable companies tend to have skilled and experienced in-house teams that can design and manufacture top-quality flatbeds.
    • Do you ship globally? If you need your flatbed truck shipped across the country or internationally, make sure to check if the company offers quick and affordable nation- and worldwide shipping.
  • Where can I find flatbed trucks for sale?

    Curry Supply brings you all of the above-mentioned perks and many more. Our highly qualified in-house team can build your flatbed truck to your exact specifications, combining your chassis and body of choice, as well as including any special features you may desire.

    On top of that, our rich selection of vehiclesfor sale also includes superior quality dump trucks, durable hooklift trucks, and many others. Our strategically-located facilities around the country make shipment swift and affordable, so don’t hesitate to contact us no matter your location. Get in touch today!

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