Top Scorpion Metro TMA Trucks for Sale

Compact design for the optimal protection of your crew and fleet.

The Scorpion Metro TMA resembles Curry Supply’s current crash attenuator truck used on highways, but due to its smaller size, this metro design is ideal for use in urban areas. Specifically, it is made for roads with speed limits of 50mph or less. Like all Curry Supply Company highway safety vehicles, this truck is designed to be durable and tough. It is easy to maneuver and deploy on crowded city and county roadways.

TrafFix Scorpion® Metro TMA

11’ long body

Crash rated up to 50 mph

Wanco® arrow board available with 15 or 25 LED lights

Meets all federal and state regulations for impact

Control panels inside cab to conveniently operate and deploy attenuator and arrow board

Shatterproof arrow board lights

Solar powered arrow board

Crash attenuator and arrow board can be installed on host vehicles 7,500 lbs. or greater chassis makes and models, new or used

Heavy Duty Flatbed, powder coated, LINE-X® lined and high visibility yellow accents in critical areas

Integrated man bucket on curb side to keep your workers safe and out of traffic when deploying cones

Man bucket is lighted and use high visibility non slip coatings to keep safety front of mind regardless of the time of day you’re operating

Meets all work zone safety requirements

LINE-X® lined deck

Powder coated body and stake sides

Metro TMAs meet all federal and state regulations for impact

Engineered and manufactured in Curry Supply's ISO 9001 compliant facility


We bring you reliable Scorpion Metro TMA trucks for sale

If you are searching for a dependable manufacturer of Scorpion Metro TMA trucks and parts, look no further than Curry Supply. Our trucks are carefully designed and constructed to meet work zone safety requirements and save the lives of workers and motorists alike. Equipped with features such as a solar powered arrow board, LINE-X lined deck, and high-visibility integrated man baskets, the Curry Supply TMA trucks for impact protection are the best choice for keeping work zones safe, absorbing high speed crashes, and saving workers’ lives.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a truck mounted attenuator?

    A TMA or a Truck Mounted Attenuator is a specialized device which functions as a safety feature for impact protection. Namely, the purpose of this divide is to absorb the kinetic energy of the colliding vehicle.

  • What is a TMA truck?

    The Scorpion Metro TMA trucks contain specialized impact devices. The attenuator is the ultimate safety apparatus welded or bolted on the rear side of a work truck. At Curry Supply, TMA trucks feature TrafFix Scorpion® Metro Truck Mounted Attenuator, which is:

    • Compliant with federal & state regulations for impact
    • MASH-tested, passed, and eligible
    • Crash-rated up to 50 mph
    • Equipped with a Wanco® arrow board with shatterproof, solar-powered 15 or 25 LED lights
    • Possible to operate and deploy using in-cab control panels attenuator
    • Possible to install on new or used host vehicles of 7,500 lbs. or greater capacity
    • Compatible with any chassis make and model
  • How does a truck mounted attenuator work?

    When mounted on a truck, an attenuator has the capability to reduce damage to structures, vehicles, and operators or passengers inside the vehicles, all of which may occur during motor vehicle collision.

  • What are Scorpion Metro crash attenuator trucks?

    Scorpion Metro crash attenuator trucks are specialized attenuator trucks used mainly in road construction. Their purpose is to protect the crew from being struck by passing traffic and bring the vehicle to a safe stop. Namely, Scorpion Metro TMA trucks are uniquely designed to absorb the impact of a vehicle colliding with it from behind and so reduce occupational health and safety risks to your crew.

  • What does a Scorpion truck® do?

    A Scorpion crash attenuator is a specialized device mounted on a truck to obtain a Scorpion Metro TMA truck. Scorpion’s modular design enables the truck to respond to a crush in stages and so reduce the force of the impact to a great extent. Aside from minimizing risks to vehicle operators or passengers, the design facilitates replacement of parts and lowers the costs of repair.

    At Curry Supply, you will discover a wide range of Scorpion products and spare parts. As Scorpion attenuator dealers with experience in the industry, we also offer Scorpion attenuator parts.

  • Where can I browse Scorpion Metro TMA trucks for sale?

    Do you want to upgrade your fleet with high-quality trucks and truck equipment? Do you need a Scorpion Metro TMA truck or replacement part that meets all work zone safety requirements, safeguards your crew against safety risks and protects your business against losses and liability claims? You’ve come to the right place.

    At Curry Supply, you will find a rich selection of premium quality Scorpion Metro TMA crash attenuator trucks and spare parts. Scorpion Metro TMA trucks feature innovative compact design which secures lasting protection of your workers. We take some of the stress out of your fast-paced work environment in any jobsite.

    We can also recommend other fleet upgrades such as fuel/lube trucks to boost your delivery efficiency or mechanics/service trucks with specialized equipment and possible applications in any industry. We offer in-depth consultation prior to your purchase and delivery available anywhere in the continental U.S.

    For more details, contact us now!

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