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Curry Supply is a premier manufacturer of highway safety truck mounted attenuator trucks that keep employees and passing motorists out of harm’s way. Curry Supply will work with you to see that your crash attenuator trucks meet all federal and state regulations for impact. We offer multiple add-ons to accommodate what your work zone requires. Because of our commitment to safety, we are known for outstanding engineering and manufacturing behind every crash attenuator truck.

Equipped with convenient controls, powder coated body and stake sides, and heavy-duty flatbed, our attenuator trucks are built to ensure reliability, sturdiness, and user friendliness. Images & video on the right, info table on the left

TrafFix Scorpion® TMA Model TL-3 attenuator

Wanco® arrow board available with 15 or 25 LED lights

Will work together to ensure truck meets all federal and state regulations for impact

Control panels inside cab to conveniently operate and deploy attenuator and arrow board

Shatterproof arrow board lights

Solar powered arrow board

Crash rated up to 65 mph

Crash attenuator and arrow board can be installed on all 26,000 GVWR or greater chassis makes and models, new or used

Heavy Duty Flatbed, powder coated, LINE-X® lined and high visibility yellow accents in critical areas

Integrated man baskets both curb and street sides to keep your workers safe and out of traffic when deploying cones

Man baskets are lighted and use high visibility non slip coatings to keep safety front of mind regardless of the time of day you’re operating

Will work together to ensure truck meets all work zone safety requirements

LINE-X® lined deck

Powder coated body and stake sides

Curry Supply will work with you to see that your crash attenuator trucks meet all federal and state regulations for impact. We offer multiple add-ons to accommodate what your work zone requires

Engineered and manufactured in Curry Supply's ISO 9001 compliant facility


We bring you reliable crash attenuator trucks for sale

If you are searching for dependable crash attenuator truck manufacturers, look no further than Curry Supply. Our trucks are carefully designed and constructed to meet work zone safety requirements and save the lives of workers and motorists alike. Equipped with features such as a solar powered arrow board, LINE-X lined deck, and high-visibility integrated man baskets, the Curry Supply crash attenuator trucks are the best choice for keeping work zones safe, absorbing high speed crashes, and saving workers’ lives.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is an attenuator truck?

    An attenuator truck, also referred to as an impact truck or a crash truck, is a vehicle designed to reduce the risks of injury and protect the lives of construction workers and motorists.These specially designed trucks serve as protective devices meant to absorb the kinetic impact resulting from motor vehicle collisions. Attenuator trucks are most often found in front of temporary or fixed structures on highways, such as road construction projects, gore points, overpass supports, or crash barriers.

    What is a Scorpion® traffic device?

    All Curry Supply crash attenuator trucks feature a TrafFix Scorpion® TMA Model TL-3 characterized by extreme durability and reliability. A truck-mounted Scorpion crash attenuator is intended to absorb vehicle impact in the case of a collision. They are also specifically designed to redirect the colliding vehicle away from the roadside workers and machinery. In order to minimize the possibility of the attenuator truck being pushed forward by the collision, state and federal work zone regulations typically specify the minimum buffer zone between the work area and the truck, as well as the minimum TMA truck mass.

  • What does an attenuator truck do?

    Crash attenuator trucks are a must for any company, municipality, or governing body looking for a way to protect roadside workers and the driving public. They offer reliable protection from low and high-speed crashes, minimizing the chances of serious injuries and expensive machinery damage.

    Without an attenuator truck present, a vehicle collision could easily result in injuries that may threaten the lives of the driver and/or construction workers. An attenuator truck can help prevent such severe injuries by dissipating the kinetic energy of the vehicle and redirecting it from the construction machinery and the workers.

  • How do impact attenuators work?

    The main idea of truck-mounted crash attenuators is to create a crumple buffer zone that absorbs the kinetic energy from a crash. The device itself consists of cartridge and strut sections that are connected on a single support frame. Our attenuator trucks also feature curved aluminum side rails that provide full-width protection and redirect incoming vehicles from the truck.

    At Curry Supply, we offer high-performance trucks equipped with cutting edge TrafFix Scorpion® TMA Model TL-3 attenuators. These devices have passed all the necessary impact tests and inspections, including a “worst case” side-angle redirective impact testing and all the mandatory and optional requirements recommended in the NCHRP-350 Report. Feel free to contact us for more information on our crash attenuator trucks.

  • Where is a crash attenuator located?

    Truck-mounted crash attenuators can offer protection for both temporary and fixed roadside structures, such as:

    • Road construction projects
    • Crash barriers
    • Bridge parapets
    • Toll gates
    • Guard rails
    • Overpass supports
    • Gore points, and so on.

    Attenuator devices are typically mounted on the back of the crash attenuator truck, or placed on other vehicles that are prone to being hit from behind, such as maintenance and road construction vehicles, snow plows and the like.

  • What to look for in a crash attenuator for sale?

    When searching for a crash attenuator truck for sale, the first step is to look for dependable truck manufacturers. They should be able to offer:

    At Curry Supply, our work-ready attenuator trucks are expertly engineered, fabricated, assembled, painted, and decaled by our team of professionals for your satisfaction and peace of mind. What’s more, we also offer superior warranties, fair rates, and global shipping. Call us to learn more!

  • Where do I find high quality crash attenuator trucks for sale?

    Looking for an industry-standard crash attenuator truck for sale? Turn to Curry Supply. We offer custom-made trucks at competitive prices, as well render complete parts and service support to all of our customers. Our trucks are a favorite in the highway safety space, so rest assured that we have the perfect vehicle for your needs.

    On top of that, our rich offer of vehicles also includes heavy-duty winch trucks, high-quality cone trucks designed with your needs in mind, and many other vehicles that can be used across different industries. And the best thing is, we ship our trucks globally, so don’t hesitate to reach out to Curry Supply no matter your location. Give us a call today!

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