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Curry Supply’s fuel trucks and lube trucks allow you to deliver your fuel and preventive maintenance lubrication right on the job site to avoid costly downtime. We manufacture both on and off-road custom fuel and lube bodies for open or enclosed models, giving you the ability to select the work truck that best suits your needs.

Ensure safety in the field while boosting productivity by equipping your fleet with fuel/lube trucks that are built to last. Our experience-backed innovative design that facilitates fuel movement control enables you to have full command of your equipment actively operating on the work site.

Delivering versatility

For those looking to add the capabilities of a PM truck to their fleet of equipment but are searching for a more versatile product, Curry Supply’s lube skids and lube trailers may present the solution. Lube skids and lube trailers provide the effectiveness of a fuel and lube truck only with added convenience and flexibility for the operator.

Take advantage of cutting-edge mobile preventative maintenance technology used to facilitate vehicle maintenance and servicing and expedite fuel and lube delivery in any environment or location. Boost productivity and upgrade your fleet with durable fuel and lube trucks, lube skids, and lube trailers.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a lube truck?

    A fuel/lube truck can be used for refueling equipment, as well as for a full scope of service and maintenance tasks, including changing the oil, anti-freeze, water, greasing components and more. The fuel/lube trucks, specialized lube trucks and other types of preventative maintenance trucks we offer can also be custom built to cater to the demands of extreme work sites and environments. Our durable fuel and lube trucks are designed to save you time and money by safeguarding you against long delays and missed deadlines.

  • What type of fuel/lube truck products do you offer?

    We have a vast range of fuel/lube truck models with accompanying accessories and equipment:

    • On- and off-road enclosed fuel/lube trucks
    • On-road open fuel/lube trucks
    • On-road fuel trucks
    • PM service lube trucks
    • Van lube trucks

    Curry Supply can help you overcome common fuel and lube delivery challenges with custom options, from full configurations to special features. Trust us to meet your expectations.

  • What is the application of fuel and lube trucks?

    Preventative maintenance trucks in general have a series of diverse applications. These specialized vehicles are equipped for the safe transportation of fluids, primarily liquid fuels and oils, to other vehicles while they’re still out in the field. They vary in load capacity, structure and size, making them suitable for any environment or application. If you want to learn more about lube and fuel tanker truck specifications, feel free to give us a call.

  • Who are the leading lube truck manufacturers?

    Curry Supply is among the leading preventative maintenance truck manufacturers in the U.S. Our trucks are built from the ground up and configured to any specifications with custom options.The enclosed product tank area, for example, can operate in any weather condition and also protect your equipment from the harmful elements in cold weather environments. For instance, Curry Supply can engineer the fuel/lube tank on your PM truck to accommodate a variety of product tank and cabinet configurations.

    Our streamlined process of product design, manufacture and support based on extensive industry experience saves you valuable resources, promotes your on-site productivity and ultimately increases revenue and uptime. Transparency is one of our key assets, illustrative of our honesty and integrity.

  • Where do I find a high-performance lube and fuel trucks for sale?

    We serve a vast variety of industries and have the capacity to customize your fuel/lube truck to your specifications. Our lube and fuel delivery products boast enhanced maneuverability under extreme conditions in rugged environments.

    If fuel and lube trucks are not what you’re looking for, keep exploring our offer further. Perhaps, one of our top-of-the-line Flatbed Trucks or dependable and sturdy dump trucks will meet your business needs. Reach out to us, and we’ll introduce you to different features of our vehicles, allowing you to make a well-informed decision and choose a valuable addition to your fleet. Call now.

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