Curry Supply provides existing and potential new suppliers with vital information regarding our supply chain policies and requirements with comprehensive documentation you can consult.

Curry Supply is proud of our long-standing history and reputation of providing consistent support to a diverse supplier base that serves as a supplement for the markets and the businesses we serve. We uphold the highest standards of business excellence and foster a continuous drive for advancement in bringing cutting-edge sourcing opportunities to our employees and customers.

Explore the requirements of our company by reading all of the available data and inspecting the detailed documentation we have provided.

1. Invoicing

Please mail all invoices to the address listed below.

Curry Supply Co.
Attn: Accounts Payable
1477 DeGol Industrial Drive
Hollidaysburg, PA 16648

2. Purchase Order Requirements

Below are all of our requirements regarding the placement of purchase orders for our suppliers.

Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

3. Insurance Requirements

During the term of the Agreement, and for a minimum of three (3) years thereafter, Supplier shall procure, maintain, and pay all premiums and deductibles for the following insurance coverages. Such insurance shall be in force at all times. The minimum amounts and types of insurance required to be carried by Supplier are as follows:

  • Commercial General Liability providing coverage for liabilities arising out of premises, operations, independent contractors, products, completed operations, personal & advertising injury, and liability assumed under this Agreement for any one incident with limits no less than:

– $5M  Each Occurrence
– $5M  Products and Completed Operations Liability 

  • Workers’ Compensation Insurance covering all employees of Supplier who are engaged in the performance, obligations and duties of the Agreement in accordance with statutory requirements and Employers Liability in amounts no less than, $500,000 each accident, $500,000 disease each employee, and $500,000 disease policy limit.
  • Auto Insurance coverage for all licensed motor vehicles owned, leased, or used by Supplier in the performance, obligations and duties of the Agreement with a combined single limit of no less than $1,000,000 per occurrence for bodily injury, including death and property damage and loss of use. This policy shall also cover risk of loading and unloading.
  • All policies shall include Curry (except for Workers’ Compensation) as Additional Insured as respects to Supplier’s ongoing and completed operations in performance of this contract. All policies shall be endorsed with a waiver of subrogation recognizing the waiver of all rights of subrogation or recovery against Curry. Coverages shall be primary and non-contributory to any insurance coverages maintained by Curry.
  • All insurance policies shall be placed with insurance companies with a current A.M. Best rate of A-VIII or better.
  • Supplier shall provide Curry with, and thereafter maintain in effect, a current Certificate of Insurance, prior to commencement of this Agreement. Curry shall be notified of cancellation of policies thirty (30) days in advance. The furnishing of insurance required shall in no way limit or diminish the liability or responsibility of Supplier as provided under any section of this Agreement.
  • Insurance coverage may be arranged by either primary liability policies for the full limits required, or by a combination of underlying liability policies for lessor limits with the remaining limits provided by an Umbrella or Excess Liability Coverage
  • Supplier shall secure and maintain for the duration of the contract Cyber Liability Insurance to insure Supplier cyber exposures. A minimal $1,000,000 Policy per occurrence/aggregate limit is required.

4. Safety & Environment

Form A – Confirmation of Compliance

Please download and complete Form A – Confirmation of Compliance. When completed, email the signed copy to Alexandra Creany, Director of Environmental Health & Safety, at to continue.


Curry Supply Holdings is committed to leadership in the Environmental Health, and Safety (EHS) field. Toward this end, Curry Supply Holdings pledges to protect the health and safety of its employees, its customers, and the environment.  In order to achieve this goal, Curry Supply Holdings will maintain the following objectives:

  • Provide each employee with a workplace that is free from foreseeable hazards to health and safety, recognizing that all employees contribute to the protection of the environment and their own health and safety.
  • Comply with applicable EHS legislation, regulations and other internal and external standards of performance.
  • Continuously improve the performance of the EHS systems through ongoing assessment and measurement.
  • Prevent pollution, maximize conservation and recycling, and encourage employees to apply basic EHS principles both on the job and outside of the work environment.
  • Maintain EHS responsibility at all supervisory levels and provide effective employee training to ensure each person has the skills to work in a safe and responsible manner.
  • Integrate EHS considerations into process design and strive to minimize any adverse impacts of our products on the environment and consumer.


The main objective of Curry Supply Holdings Contractor Safety Program is the prevention of injury. It is mandatory that you, the contractor, and any employees including sub-contractors, read and follow the contents of this handbook.  This handbook is not all-inclusive.  You must comply with all federal, state, local, and company safety requirements.

Prior to starting major projects at any Curry Supply Holdings Division, the contractor must provide proof of relevant certifications and insurance.  The facility may also request copies of contractor employees’ training records.  In addition, the contractor must document that all employees under his/her direction have been instructed on this Curry Supply Holdings Contractor Safety Policy, by completing Form A at the beginning of this handbook.

General Safety Rules

  • Contractor use of motorized material handling equipment is prohibited.  Permission for use must be obtained from the EHS Manager.
  • All contractor equipment shall be kept out of plant traffic lanes and walkways. 
  • Weapons, animals, illegal drugs, and alcohol are prohibited on the property.
  • When working in areas that present safety hazards to Curry employees, warning signs and/or barricades shall be placed in effective locations to prevent unauthorized entry.

Fire Safety

  • Smoking in buildings is prohibited. 
  • Any hot work such as welding, cutting and open flame, requires permission from the EHS Manager to work.

Contractor Safety

  • Construction materials or other equipment shall not be placed upon or suspended from any fire sprinkler pipes, valves, or supports. 
  • No work shall be performed, or any valve opened or closed, on any fire sprinkler system unless authorized by the EHS Manager.
  • If the fire alarm is triggered, you must evacuate the building immediately and gather in the parking lot location identified on the safety passport and report to your Curry contact.

Working at Heights

  • Contractors that are required to work at heights inside or outside of the facility must have a Fall Protection Program in place.
  • Contractors should be properly informed about working at heights requirements and specific hazards.

Ladders and Scaffolds

  • Contractors must furnish ladders for use by their employees. 
  • The use of broken or faulty ladders is prohibited. 
  • Portable metal ladders must not be used on electrical conductors or equipment.  Fiberglass ladders are required in the immediate vicinity of exposed electrical conductors. 
  • Scaffolds that are installed must be used in accordance with current OSHA standards. 


  • Aisles, doors, fire extinguishers, eyewash stations, stairways, and other emergency- type equipment shall be kept clear and readily accessible at all times. 
  • Nails protruding from boards must be removed. 
  • Combustible construction scrap must be removed daily. 
  • The contractor shall coordinate the collection, segregation, and legal disposal of all hazardous and general waste in compliance with OSHA, EPA, and/or DOT standards. 
  • Temporary or permanent overhead storage of debris, tools, equipment, or pipes is prohibited. This includes the area above suspended ceiling panels. 
  • All walking surfaces shall be free of protrusions that may cause injury. 

Personal Protective Equipment

  • Proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) must be worn.  At a minimum, safety glasses and safety-toed shoes are required upon entering any of the divisions.  
  • Fall protection must be worn when working above 6 feet, in locations that are not protected by guard rails. 
  • Hard hats must be worn in areas where there is a danger of falling objects. 
  • Contractors and services providers will provide all required PPE while on-site. 


  • Containers of flammable/toxic materials must be kept covered while not in use. 
  • Contractors must provide the EHS Manager with all Safety Data Sheets for any hazardous substance planned for on-site use prior to bringing such material onto Curry’s property. 
  • Any material spill must be reported immediately to the EHS Manager.

Confined Spaces

  • Contractor work must meet the requirements of Curry’s Confined Space Entry Program, including the use of the division’s Confined Space Entry Permit. The contractor’s Confined Space Programs can be used if the contractor can demonstrate that it meets or exceeds Curry’s requirements. 
  • All contractors performing confined space entry must show documentation of employee training prior to performing the work. 

Wall, Floor or Roof Openings

  • Wall, floor, and roof-openings must be guarded by barriers, railings, and/or a covering material capable of withstanding 200 lbs. of force. 

Electrical Safety

  • Fixed, portable, or plug-connected equipment must be grounded. 
  • Extension cords must be UL approved, be the three-wire type, and must not be used if the cord exterior is worn or frayed.
  • Temporary light fixtures must be guarded to prevent contact. 
  • Contractors performing Lockout-Tagout on any equipment must meet the requirements of Curry’s LOTO Program.
  • Contractors are responsible to provide their own Lockout/Tagout equipment. 
  • Please see the EHS Manager for machine-specific lockout procedures.

Excavations and Trenches

  • The contractor must comply with OSHA requirements for excavation and must notify the EHS Manager prior to commencing work. 
  • Before excavation begins, the locations of underground pipes, cables, etc., must be determined and action must be taken to prevent accidents. 
  • Walls and space of excavations more than 5’ deep require an OSHA permit and must be guarded by shoring, sloping, or other means per OSHA guidelines.

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