Durable & Dependable Heavy-Duty Winch Trucks for Sale

Premium quality brought to you by the leading winch truck manufacturer.

Strong & durable winch trucks for extreme demands

Curry Supply heavy-duty winch trucks are designed and built with the end-user in mind. Rugged, versatile, easy to maneuver, and durable to operate in the toughest conditions, our trucks offer versatile functionality optimized to diverse industry needs and applications, including extreme off road applications and loads. Our winch trucks are a safe and dependable solution for your fleet which will secure long haul & long hour job comfort.

50,000 lb. to 130,000 lb. winches

Winches by Braden, Ramsey®, & Tulsa

Heavy-duty winch cage

Heavy-duty rear bumper

6″ heavy-duty rear roller

Heavy duty riser blocks

Cab controlled winch controls for operator comfort

Outside controls for operator convenience

LED lighting

Work lights

Strobe light package

100′-200' cable with hook

Two chain racks

Access step with grab handle for operator safety and convenience

Rear tow hook



Deck Plate

Wet line system

Wireless remote

Rear air lines

Available in kit form

Up to 130,000 lb. winches

Top-name winch packages to choose from

Standard or custom designed to your specs

Available in kit form for self-assembly


International delivery with ongoing support

Decide if you want a ready-to-use winch truck from our fleet or if you prefer to have a truck built to your exact specifications. Apart from offering winch trucks for sale and specialized winch recovery kits, we boast a wide selection of other top-quality vehicles, including premium water trucks and tanks and durable vacuum trucks built to meet the unique needs of the oil and gas industry. Reach out to us for more information at your convenience!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are winch trucks used for?

    Winch trucks are primarily used in demanding construction sites and other harsh, off-road environments, such as for the loading and transportation of oilfield gear or tanks to and from a drilling site, and towing and recovery purposes in similar job sites and difficult circumstances. If you’re hauling oilfield tanks, your winch truck can be equipped with an air or hydraulic life tail-roll and load bunks.

    A winch can also be added as a safety feature to your truck for added on-site safety and risk reduction as part of the recovery equipment mounted as and when needed, such as when a vehicle or piece of equipment becomes stuck on the side of the road or a particularly challenging job site.

    As long-standing winch truck manufacturers, we are firm believers in weighing your options carefully in order to create a powerful fleet one step at a time. It is a decision that merits time and patience. Our support team is always at your disposal to help you decide on the latest addition to your fleet, be it a heavy duty winch truck or a self-assembly winch kit.

    Additional winch truck products

    Optionally, you can opt for additional winch truck equipment:

    • Fenders
    • Toolboxes
    • Deck Plate
    • Wet line system
    • Wireless remote
    • Rear air lines

    If you already have a vision for your winch truck, we will be glad to assist you in reaching an informed, financially sound decision and making a safe and cost-effective choice, be it a custom-built finished product or a ready-made winch truck from our arsenal.

  • What type of winch do I need?

    There are seven different kinds of winches:

    • Electrical
    • Mechanical drum
    • Mechanical capstan
    • Hydraulic
    • Mechanical hand-operated
    • Mechanical portable
    • Hybrid

    For this reason, it’s important to do your research and consult a professional before you make a choice regarding the specifications and special features of your winch truck or winch kit, especially for heavy-duty applications.

    At Curry Supply, we offer winches from the leading truck winch manufacturers, such as Braden, Ramsey®, & Tulsa, in the capacity ranging from 50,000 lb. to 130,000 lb. The heavy-duty winch trucks in our offer feature the following specifications:

    • Heavy-duty winch cage
    • Heavy-duty rear bumper
    • 6″ heavy-duty rear roller
    • Heavy-duty riser blocks
    • 100′-200′ cable with hook
    • Rear tow hook
    • 2 chain racks
    • In-cab winch remote control for comfort
    • Outside controls for convenience
    • Access step with grab handle for safety
    • LED lighting, work lights and strobe light package
  • What to keep in mind when exploring winch trucks for sale?

    Here are some useful considerations to bear in mind:

    • Some winches are easier and others more difficult to install. The type of winch you need depends on your application, load and duration of the pull, and other industry-specific factors. Selecting a winch truck for your fleet concerns various factors, one of which is the gross weight of your vehicle: its curb weight combined with its maximum cargo and/or passengers. We recommend doubling the weight to arrive at the optimal winch size for your truck.
    • You can opt for a steel or synthetic cable. Depending on the type of cable you choose, it is important that you are diligent about its maintenance and care. One of the most important considerations to take into account is that both metal and synthetic cable winches are high maintenance tools that must be cleaned on a regular basis to prevent mud, sand, water and debris from getting to the critical parts, as this is the only way to avoid cable failure-related hazardous situations.
    • Mounting the winch is another important consideration. Unless the winch is properly installed, you may have to deal with considerable damage to the truck, especially in extreme, off-road applications.
    • Another factor to take into consideration when opting for a winch is the mechanism of the winch and the force involved in its operation, such as when extracting a vehicle or piece of machinery stuck in mud. A heavy duty winch is the choice of professional contractors who work on demanding job sites every day. When picking a vehicle for heavy-duty use, you need to clearly identify your winching needs and the weight of your vehicle beforehand.
  • How much does it cost to install a winch on a truck?

    The cost depends on the cost of mounting or installation and the cost of the winch itself. Options include a hitch-mounted removable winch plate, a frame-mounted winch plate, and an off-road winch-compatible bumper. Depending on your specific applications and requirements, you can also opt for winch recovery kits, which are simple and convenient for self-assembly.

  • What size winch should I get for my truck?

    The capacity of your winch needs to be sufficient to get the job done no matter what, especially in critical situations and heavy-duty applications. When getting a winch for your truck, remember that excess pulling power is always better than taking the risk of opting for insufficient winch capacity.

    To determine your desired winch capacity, you need to determine the curb and gross weight of the vehicle. As a rule of thumb, the minimum capacity of the winch should be double the gross weight of your vehicle weight for serious off-road applications.

    To calculate the curb weight of your vehicle, you need to know its total mass, standard equipment and operating consumables mass included. Unlike gross weight, curb weight does not include any potential passenger or cargo load. Of course, this is just a rough estimate and you should certainly take other factors into account before reaching a decision.

    At Curry Supply, we will gladly help you reach that decision.

  • How much weight can a winch truck pull?

    Our offer includes winch packages from the leading names in the industry, including heavy-duty winch trucks with the capacity of up to 130,000 lb. In addition to the standard truck winches, you can opt for custom-built ones designed to your exact specifications and within your desired timeframe.

    Here at Curry Supply, we can provide a mountable winch to serve as a practical addition to your work truck for occasional use in emergency situations such as getting unstuck during extremely unfavorable road conditions. Our winches can also be used as an indispensable element of your existing truck for off-roading applications or integrated within a specialized winch truck to be used exclusively in that capacity.

    A streamlined business process equals minimum downtime and maximum productivity. That is where a dependable fleet comes in. Having either a specialized winch truck or a winch on your truck is not only a practical accessory, but may also be a safety necessity that will help you get your business processes back on track in complex scenarios.

    Secure a reliable solution for oilfield use and related applications with Curry Supply and have your vehicle delivered to your location anywhere in the world. Set the wheels in motion for a smooth running business and schedule your consultation on the newest addition to your fleet today.

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