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Curry Supply is your reliable manufacturer of different types of dump trucks available for sale in Houston and the surrounding areas. We offer you access to light, medium and heavy-duty dump trucks that will suit your industry-specific requirements and handle different types of jobs on-site. Our vehicles are versatile tools that will last for a long time with regular maintenance and servicing procedures. They are designed to boost your uptime and improve your relegation and use of resources. Reach out to our customer support team and they will help you choose the most suitable truck for your business and ensure complete satisfaction with the purchase.

Advanced features of our dump trucks in Houston

At Curry Supply, we provide three different types of ready-made dump trucks for sale, but also customizable combinations of chassis and bodies manufactured per exact customer specifications. Our engineering and design team will discuss the needs and the requirements of your business and provide you with a vehicle perfectly suited for your daily operations. This kind of approach allows us to provide our customers with specialized commercial vehicles that will give them the performance and the scope of application they were looking for. Contact us today and either choose a pre-built options or work together with us on a custom solution.

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Curry Supply medium-duty dump truck rear and passenger side view.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does a dump truck operate?

    Dump trucks are a type of specialized commercial vehicle that are primarily used in industries connected to construction. When it comes to their application, these trucks are extremely versatile vehicles that can be used for many different applications across industries. However, they are mostly used for:

    • Delivery of aggregate supplies
    • Worksite cleanup
    • Load and transport of excavation materials
    • Dumping and hauling

    Curry Supply is your reputable manufacturer of industry-leading dump trucks for sale available to customers in Houston and the area. We will provide you access to a vehicle capable of serving your specific needs. Contact us today!

  • What are the three main variants of a dump truck?

    Curry Supply manufactures three different main types of dump trucks available in Houston and nationwide. We also offer the possibility of you working with our design and engineering team on a custom body and chassis to fulfill your specific requirements. Or, you can choose on of the three types of ready-made solutions we offer:

    • Heavy-duty dump truck: We make this type of dump truck with 12-gauge sides with single walls, a single-panel tailgate, and A1011 steel construction.
    • Medium-duty dump truck: We manufacture our medium dump trucks for sale with formed side walls, tailgate with a manual release, a single continuous weld, and an ASTM steel construction.
    • Light-duty dump truck: Finally, our light-duty dump trucks are completely dent resistant and they have a swing-away tailgate and tubular rails on the sides.
  • How profitable is owning a dump truck?

    The innate versatility of these vehicles is what makes them a very profitable investment. Their range of potential applications includes dumping, hauling, delivery, and excavation, and they are capable of performing all these tasks efficiently, which will ensure improved boosted operations.

    This is especially true if you partner with a dependable manufacturer of rugged and reliable dump trucks for sale in Houston and the area – Curry Supply. We will ensure that you receive a truck that will perfectly cater to your specific needs. Contact us today!

  • How long do dump trucks last?

    A high-quality dump truck manufactured by a reputable company such as Curry Supply can last for several decades. However, in order to help boost the lifespan of your truck, it’s essential that you regularly have professionals inspect, maintait, and service your specialized commercial truck.

    This is also something Curry Supply would be more than happy to assist you with. Not only do we manufacture best-in-class vehicles, but we also offer comprehensive maintenance and servicing procedures. Contact us today and tell us how we can help you!

  • Who provides reliable light, medium, and heavy-duty dump trucks for sale in Houston?

    Curry Supply is here to give you access to three different types of dump trucks – light, medium, and heavy-duty. We manufacture these three types to cater to the varying needs of our valued customers across Houston and the area. It doesn’t matter if the scope of your dump-truck business is small or large – We’re here to fulfill your needs.

    However, we also offer sturdy and dependable flatbed trucks across Houston. We are your trustworthy manufacturers of different types of specialized commercial trucks, and we cater to the specific requirements of our clients. Reach out to us today!

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