Purchasing an off-road rigid-frame water truck can be a sizable investment, especially if you’re a business owner that’s looking to expand. These types of water trucks are seen most often in quarries, mines or in remotely located construction zones where large volumes of water are required. However, in order to purchase the most suitable vehicle for your operations, you need to know which  important features and equipment to look for.

What features should I look for in my off-road rigid-frame water truck tank?

The first thing you need to pay attention to when purchasing a rigid-frame water truck is which features your off-road tank needs to have and the environment you will be operating in. This way, you’ll ensure that you’ll buy a suitable off-road water tank that will fulfill all the specific requirements of the industry you’re operating in. These are the key features needed for a high-quality rigid-frame water tank:

  • Water capacities ranging from 8,000 to 40,000+ gallons
  • ASTM-A-36 steel construction with with thickness ranging from ¼” to ½”
  • Manual reel for the hose
  • All tank seams 100% welded inside and out to provide enhanced strength
  • Berkeley-style water pump
  • Spray heads that can be operated from the inside of the cab
  • Interior-coated tank for corrosion resistance
  • Cab operated water cannon
  • Hoist raise for ease of chassis maintenance
  • All components readily available when routine replacement is needed

What optional equipment does my water truck tank need?

Once you’ve found an off-road rigid-frame water tank with all the essential features you need, the next step is to look into important optional equipment you should consider having on your vehicle. Although optional equipment is different depending on the use you have in mind, below are some additional components you should think about adding:

  • An electric reel that has an adjustable nozzle and 1-½” hoze
  • Self-loading plumbing that allows for multiple filling options
  • A foam-based system for fire suppression
  • Safety railing at the top of the tank
  • Dedicated cameras for safety
  • A system for controlling water spray
  • In-cab indicator of the water level that enhances operator control
  • Hydraulic spray heads
  • Strobe and work lights
  • Either 3” or 4” fill for hydrants
  • Front chassis spray heads

What else should I pay attention to when purchasing an off-road water truck tank?

Finally, it’s time to look at some of the miscellaneous considerations you need to keep in mind when looking to purchase an off-road rigid-frame water truck tank. Try to find a manufacturer that makes water tanks by following these guidelines of quality:

  • Ensure that the manufacturer rigorously tests all their off-road rigid-frame water tanks prior to shipment to ensure they work properly
  • See whether the manufacturer installs equipment/components from respectable brands for enhanced longevity and usability
  • Ask whether the manufacturer is willing to customize your water tank further to suit the specific requirements of your area of operation

Where can I find rugged off-road rigid-frame water truck tanks?

off-road rigid-frame water truck tanksWhen you’re looking to purchase a rigid-frame water truck tank for the needs of your business, you need to know what the essential features are and why your business requires an off-road water truck. From there, you should also look into how to adequately maintain your off-road water truck during winter and what you can do to improve your off-road maneuvering capabilities and make sure your truck is in the best possible hands.

However, it all starts with finding the most reliable manufacturer of heavy-duty rigid-frame water tanks that serve the specific needs of your company. Luckily, you can always count on Curry Supply. We make advanced rigid-frame water tanks suitable to any make or model of chassis to be used in a wide range of terrain conditions and for various specialized applications.

Additionally, you can choose from different optional features to further tailor your truck to your business. Curry Supply provides total customer service and support before, during, and after the sale. Call us today!

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