Whether you’re looking to expand your company operations into different industries or if your main area of business requires an off-road rigid-frame water truck, these specialized vehicles can serve different purposes in various terrain and weather conditions. Their ability to transport large volumes of water to remote worksites is what makes off-road water trucks one of the most sought-after specialized vehicles on the market. But why should your business need one?

Why do I need a rigid-frame water truck for my business?

To remain successful in business, you need to constantly change and adapt to various market trends that come, go, rise, and fall. In recent years, a growing demand for off-road rigid-frame water trucks is becoming apparent and it’s showing no signs of slowing down any time soon. For some areas of the industry, having such a specialized vehicle is an indispensable part of their area of operations.

For others, they simply had no need for such trucks up to this point. However, even if your business doesn’t require a rigid-frame water truck for your day-to-day operations, it’s still an exceptional investment you can rent out to other companies until you develop a need for it. Here are several reasons why investing in an off-road water truck is a sound business decision for every business owner.


If you frequently operate on-site and in difficult terrain or weather conditions, off-road water trucks are essential for your business as they allow you to have a large supply of water. Without a rigid-frame water truck of your own you’ll spend a lot hiring services from other providers. Purchasing such a specialized vehicle will save you a fortune down the line.

Increasing construction

The construction industry is in massive expansion and will continue to grow as the population increases. Water trucks are essential for all types of construction sites, as they’re vital for dust control and soil compaction which both speeds up the work and improves the safety of all workforce involved. This means that there will be an increased need for water trucks, especially its off-road variants, as construction sites often feature quite difficult terrain to navigate. The more remote the construction site, the more valuable an off-road water truck will be to keeping large volumes of water available on site.

Various emergencies

Off-road rigid-frame water trucks are essential in a wide range of emergency situations. Sometimes, your company might find itself in a state of emergency, necessitating such a vehicle. At other times, having such a vehicle allows you to deploy it and assist others in need. Some of the common emergencies an off-road water truck is indispensable in include:

  • Fires: If there’s a fire, a rigid-frame water truck becomes an extremely important specialized vehicle as it supplies large volumes of water necessary for putting out fires. In large fires, supplementary water trucks are essential.
  • Droughts:: Droughts are becoming more and more common, necessitating a greater need for off-road water trucks to supply water to affected regions. Even if you’re not in agriculture, renting out your truck to those who need it is a viable investment.

Who can outfit my business with a high-quality off-road rigid-frame water truck tank?

off-road rigid-frame water truckAcquiring an off-road water truck to make part of your business operations is an excellent investment, especially if you choose a rigid-frame water truck that has all the essential features you need. However, your work doesn’t stop upon purchase and you should try to enhance your off-road driving operations to make your truck more efficient and ensure you properly maintain your specialized vehicle during winter. But first you need to buy one.

That’s where a reputable manufacturer of high-quality off-road rigid-frame water tanks such as Curry Supply can help you with. Our company manufactures rugged and reliable off-road water tanks suitable for any make or model of rigid frame chassis that have a wide range of uses. We rigorously test all our off-road water tanks to ensure they can perform in various harsh conditions. Choose from our selection of optional tank features and customize your truck to your needs. Give us a call today!

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