The Versatran Retriever® has two main variants: the Retriever® 15T and the Retriever® 20T. Both of these vehicles boast the same patented features that give them an edge over conventional hydraulic rollback and hydra-tail units. Some of the exclusive Retriever® features include:

Patented low-height deck

Boasting the lowest deck height and shallowest loading angle in the industry, the Versatran Retriever® enables both the operators and the equipment to get on and off the truck safely, quickly, and easily.  This unique deck is 41.00” (located 5.50” above the frame rail after installation) in the case of the 15T variant, and 44.00” (located 5.50” above the frame rail after installation) for the 20T Retriever® version.

By combining the extremely low deck height with a patented curved rear deck, the Versatran Retriever® can reduce the loading angle to as far as 10.8 degrees, if you choose the optional 2-stage ramp.

Some additional perks of the patented Retriever® deck include:

  • Drive on/drive off equipment loading and unloading without the need to bottom out of low clearance equipment or track machines break-over.
  • Operators can secure equipment easily and quickly while standing on the ground.
  • The low center of gravity significantly enhances highway handling.
  • Reduced potential for injuries and equipment damage.
  • The forward deck stays horizontal during loading and unloading which makes it safer, faster, and easier in any weather conditions.
  • The deck has an epoxy aircraft carrier deck surface with high traction to help prevent slippage.


Instead of relying on hydraulics, the Versatran Retriever® uses an air system to operate the loading ramp and deck. This eliminates the maintenance and repair costs often associated with hydraulics. Retriever®’s simplified mechanical design eliminates high maintenance slides, cable reels, and rollers.This can add as much as 4,000 lbs. of cargo capacity, eliminates environmental concerns caused by fluid spills, and minimizes downtime in cold weather as there’s no need to wait for the hydraulic system to warm up.

No-idle system

As the Versatran Retriever® truck relies on air operation, it allows you to use the deck and ramp while the engine is turned off. Not only that, but the no-idle system also enables operators to load or unload up to 40,000 lbs as well as recharge an 80-gallon pressure tank within only five minutes of highway driving. This enables you to save fuel, slow down engine wear, and reduce DPF maintenance costs, as well as easily comply with anti-idling regulations.

Lighted & fully protected control box

The control box in a Versatran Retriever® truck is designed to ensure optimal protection from the weather. It features user-friendly levers that enable the operator to control the deck and ramp with ease. You can also choose to add Full Radio remote controls to make operation even more efficient.

Quality powder/e-coat finish

With an industry-leading e-coat and powder finish, the Versatran Retriever® brings you maximum corrosion protection and paint performance. During the manufacturing process, an e-coat primer is carefully applied in a 15-step full-immersion process and then topped with a baked-on layer of powder coating.

Additional features

This high-performance vehicle can also improve equipment transportation efficiency and convenience with:

What are the features of the Versatran Retriever

  • Sturdy tool boxes made from stainless steel.
  • A versatile rear hitch that has a capacity of up to nine tons.
  • Traversing winch with 15,000 lb. capacity for easier side-by-side loading.
  • Optional reduced tail swing rear deck for easier operation in congested areas (used with the 2-stage ramp).
  • Optional under-deck chain storage for speedy load securement.

Looking for a top-quality Versatran Retriever® for sale? Contact Curry Supply!

Curry Supply and Versatran are here to help you improve efficiency, minimize downtime, and reap great savings with the Retriever® line of industrial carrier trucks. The many benefits of Versatran Retriever® trucks make it an ideal choice for markets ranging from construction and drilling to the rental industry. We can also provide you with Retriever® truck beds and service parts, as well as a range of extra features. Contact Curry Supply to make equipment transportation faster, safer, and easier. Call 800-345-2829 now!

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