The Retriever® line of industrial carrier trucks by Versatran is uniquely designed to provide operators with convenient, cost-effective solutions to their equipment transport needs. The Versatran Retriever® brings an array of benefits to operators thanks to a variety of unique features that make the truck stand out from the crowd.

Once you discover all the ways in which this industry-leading vehicle can benefit your business, there’s no doubt that you’ll start looking for a Versatran Retriever® truck for sale. Read on.

What are the benefits of the Versatran Retriever®?

Customers from a wide range of industries, from rental to construction, can find much to value in the Versatran Retriever®. Here are 8 key points that differentiate the Retriever® from its competitors:

1. Improved speed and efficiency

The unique features of the Versatran Retriever® enable highly efficient and fast operation, which translate into great savings. With the industry’s lowest deck and shallowest angle, the truck enables operators to deploy the deck in less than half a minute. Not only that but the low loading angle also enables you to drive most self-propelled equipment aboard without the need to use a winch. Additionally, the Retriever’s curved rear deck helps prevent bottoming out of low clearance equipment and allows you to complete loading without having to adjust the deck.

The low deck height of the Retriever® also boosts efficiency and safety by enabling the drivers to secure loads while standing on the ground. What’s more, the truck has more than 140 tie-down points on the perimeter and in the center to ensure quick and easy load securement.

2. Lower deck

The Versatran Retriever® features a deck that is significantly lower than that of most rollbacks: 41” for the 15T version and 44” for the 20T version. This makes securing loads from the ground quicker, safer, and easier, as well as improves ride stability while highway driving. The low deck also increases the number of overpasses and bridges that can be cleared.

3. More capacity

Since the Versatran Retriever® has no hydraulics and uses a much simpler operating system, you get less deadweight and more free payload capacity. In fact, the 15T Retriever® is about 2,000 lbs. lighter than a comparable roll-back, while the 20T model is approximately 4,000 lbs. lighter than comparable roll-back options.

4. Reduced repair and maintenance costs

The lack of hydraulics greatly reduces maintenance costs associated with conventional industrial carriers with rollers, cable reels, and slides. With the Versatran Retriever®, there is no risk of hydraulic oil spills, which eliminates environmental concerns and the need for clean-up.

5. Maximum safety

The unique design the Versatran Retriever® increases operator and driver safety in a number of ways:

  • The low deck clears more loads under overpasses and bridges.
  • The shallow load angle minimizes the risk of equipment sliding.
  • The low deck enables the operator to tie down loads without climbing on and off the deck.
  • The curved rear deck minimizes tracked equipment break-over.
  • The high-traction aircraft carrier coating improves footing and minimizes slippage.
  • The low center of gravity improves handling while in transit. More environmentally friendly

The Versatran Retriever® features a No-Idle System that allows for loading/unloading while the truck’s engine is turned off. This helps save fuel, reduce harmful emissions, extends engine life, and eliminates anti-idling fees. Additionally, its air operation eliminates the risk of oil spills associated with hydraulics.

6. Industry-leading quality

Good looks and extreme durability are another benefit of the Versatran Retriever®. With a range of premium wear components, including composite bushings and stainless-steel pins, the Retriever® significantly reduces the cost and time needed for routine maintenance. The truck also features industry-leading major components such as Firestone air springs and AirTec air cylinders that minimize the risk of breakdowns. On top of that, the submerged e-coat primer and the baked-on powder coating help prevent corrosion and improve the truck’s appearance.

7. Complete parts & service support

8 Ways a Versatran Retriever Truck Can Benefit Your Business

Although the Versatran Retriever® is highly durable, Versatran also offers all the parts you may need to keep the truck in great shape. They also offer fast-response on-site assistance as well as a comprehensive parts and service manual that gives you a quick reference guide for any service instructions and replacement parts.

Find a cutting edge Versatran Retriever® truck for sale at Curry Supply

Versatran and Curry Supply are your best choice if you want to improve productivity, safety, and efficiency by adding a Retriever® truck to your fleet. At Curry Supply, we offer 6T, 15T, and 20T Retriever® models, each boasting patented features that bring you unique benefits. We also offer beds and replacement parts for your Retriever® truck. Get in touch with us to find out more. Call 800-345-2829 now.


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