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Dependable winch trucks for diverse applications

At Curry Supply, we offer a selection of high-quality specialized vehicles for demanding applications. Depending on the industry you are in, we will recommend the most cost-effective solutions to upgrade and make the most of your fleet, including winch trucks for sale in Phoenix and the area. Whether you prefer to have a fully customized winch truck built to your exact specifications or a ready-to-use truck already included in our current offer, we deliver. We also offer winch recovery kits and related equipment.

50,000 lb. to 130,000 lb. winches

Winches by Braden, Ramsey®, & Tulsa

Heavy-duty winch cage

Heavy-duty rear bumper

6″ heavy-duty rear roller

Heavy duty riser blocks

Cab controlled winch controls for operator comfort

Outside controls for operator convenience

LED lighting

Work lights

Strobe light package

100′-200' cable with hook

Two chain racks

Access step with grab handle for operator safety and convenience

Rear tow hook



Deck Plate

Wet line system

Wireless remote

Rear air lines

Available in kit form

Up to 130,000 lb. winches

Top-name winch packages to choose from

Standard or custom designed to your specs

Available in kit form for self-assembly


Winch trucks in Phoenix: designed with the end-user in mind

Our primary focus is your long-term satisfaction. Regardless of their concrete applications and special features you may need, our winch trucks are designed to be easy to maneuver and operate for long stretches of time and in the most extreme conditions. This innovative design and quality workmanship translate into long-term reliability, long-hour job comfort, and less downtime, all of which have a direct impact on your productivity and profit.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a winch truck?

    Winch trucks are trucks designed for rugged, extreme off-road applications and other demanding environments. Mainly used in construction sites, drilling sites, or oilfields, winch trucks are extremely versatile and flexible. They can be used for the purpose of loading, hauling, towing, recovery, or unloading in any terrain in Phoenix.

    While these vehicles are known for their versatility, the features on your winch truck can vary depending on specific conditions concerning its intended purpose and capacity. Winch trucks that haul oilfield tanks are equipped with an air or hydraulic life tail-roll and load bunks. Heavy-duty winch trucks are designed for extreme off-road applications and have the capacity to pull themselves out of deep mud, which makes installing in one such vehicle an effective strategy to cut costs and increase uptime.

    Whether you have your eyes set on a ready-to-use finished product or want your winch truck fully customized, at Curry Supply, we can help you make an informed decision. We help you get an optimal upgrade for your business and one that makes most sense financially.

    We have decades of experience as winch truck manufacturers in Phoenix and across the region, which is why we understand that you should take your time before opting for a purchase of this scale, whether it’s a heavy-duty winch truck or a self-assembly winch kit.

  • How does a winch truck work?

    To understand how a winch truck works, we need to understand how a winch works. A towing winch is a mechanism that establishes steady tension on the wire it winds around a drum. Winches can be electrical, hydraulic, hybrid, mechanical drum, mechanical capstan, mechanical hand-operated, or mechanical portable.

    This piece of equipment is installed on a truck in a factory setting or as a form of customization. It can pull another vehicle onto the platform or up into the sling, depending on the type of tow truck. Heavy-duty winch trucks can haul themselves.

    A winch can also serve as an upgrade within a special winch recovery kit, as a safety feature to be added to your truck if and as needed. Other optional winch truck equipment includes the following:

    • Fenders
    • Toolboxes
    • Deck plate
    • Wet line system
    • Wireless remote
    • Rear airlines
  • Should I put a winch on my truck?

    This depends on your industry as this is what defines your typical application and average load and duration of pull. While a heavy-duty winch is needed for daily application in demanding job sites in Phoenix, you may find that a winch kit is more than adequate for your application.

    In that case, it is important that you choose a quick and easy-to-install winch to avoid the risk of damage to the truck, especially if the operator lacks experience in winch mounting and operation.

    As for heavy-duty winch trucks we offer, their key features are as follows:

    • Heavy-duty winch cage
    • Heavy-duty rear bumper
    • 6″ heavy-duty rear roller
    • Heavy-duty riser blocks
    • 100′-200′ cables with hooks
    • Rear tow hook
    • 2 chain racks
    • In-cab winch remote control for comfort
    • Outside controls for convenience
    • Access step with a grab handle for safety
    • LED lighting, work lights, and strobe light package
  • How strong a winch do I need?

    At Curry Supply, we will help you determine the optimal size and capacity of the winch for your truck in Phoenix. Our offer contains winches from the finest truck winch manufacturers in the market: think Braden, Ramsey®, & Tulsa. The capacity range of the winches we carry is between 50,000 lb. and 130,000 lb.

    It is critical that you have sufficient winch capacity, especially if you encounter problematic heavy-duty applications in your business, otherwise, you face the risk of downtime. We will give you a rough estimate and factor in other factors that may be of relevance.

  • What is better for a winch: rope or cable?

    Among the most important considerations when choosing a winch truck or a winch upgrade for your Phoenix business is the choice of rope. Synthetic ropes are lighter than steel cables but do not store as much energy, which makes them less of a hazard in case of breakage. It is also safer to handle without protective equipment.

    Still, this only makes sense with a proper care and maintenance routine, as a synthetic rope can easily become tangled in a knot. Whichever cable you choose, they are high-maintenance tools prone to damage which must be cleaned diligently to deliver optimal performance.

  • How long will synthetic winch rope last?

    The recommended replacement interval for synthetic winch ropes is 10 years. If used longer, there is a risk of breakage and failure and causing damage to your truck as well as being a safety hazard and a liability risk.

  • Are winches worth it?

    In other words, is it cost-effective to have a winch fitted on your truck and will it be worth your while to add this feature to your fleet in Phoenix?

    A winch is a convenient and versatile upgrade. Whether you need to unstuck your off-roader or remove hazards in the jobsite, it makes financial sense to invest in one. If you add winch truck heavy hauling to your list of services, you will impress your clients and partners alike.

    The cost of the winch is the combined cost of the winch itself and the cost of installation. In addition to these options, you can get a simple and convenient winch recovery kit that requires no installation, only self-assembly.

  • How do you calculate winch capacity?

    If you decide to put a winch on your truck, you should determine the gross weight of your truck and double that to determine the size and capacity of the winch. The gross weight is the curb weight of the vehicle coupled with its maximum capacity for cargo and/or passengers.

  • How to hire a heavy-duty winch truck manufacturer in Phoenix, AZ?

    If you’re looking for heavy-duty winch trucks for sale, all you have to do is turn to us for help. Curry Supply is your reputable manufacturer of hard-wearing, rugged, and reliable winch trucks in Phoenix, the surrounding areas, as well as all across the United States and the rest of the world. We are able to ship all our winch trucks and other specialized commercial vehicles we make globally to cater to the demands of the worldwide market.

    Also, we can provide a wide selection of different types of specialized vehicles to suit the needs of various business operations across multiple industries. Apart from manufacturing high-quality winch trucks, we also bring an array of adaptable and long-lasting demountables in Phoenix to suit your different needs and requirements. Curry Supply is here to outfit your business with the latest technology. Reach out to us today!

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