Having to go off-road can be challenging, which is why an Off-Road Articulated Water Tank System from Curry Supply may be just what you need for mining, construction and similar applications. Innovations in the domain of overall stability and dust control make our water tanks the ideal match for any chassis. We have water tanks of various sizes. Normally, Curry Supply stocks 5,000 to 9,000 gallon-tanks, but we can also have one built to your exact specifications. For more details, read on!

What are off-road trucks?

What are off-road trucksUnlike licenced and registered on-road highway trucks, off-road trucks are designed specifically for off-road applications, which is why they are typically much larger and have a greater capacity.

We make:

  • Articulated water tanks
  • Rigid frame water tanks
  • Off road fuel/lube tanks/bodies

What are ship out tanks?

Ship-out tanks are tanks for off-road purposes which are completed and tested at our plant and then shipped to the customer for installation on-site.

Do off road tanks come with additional safety features?

Additional safety features include: 

  • back-up camera, 
  • safety handrails for the top of the tank, 
  • multiple access ports on top of the tank for confined space requirements.

What are the soil stabilization and compaction features of your off-road products?

The soil stabilization and compaction features depend on the application. Discharge ports help ensure soil stabilization while the sprayheads put down water for compaction. Additionally, our water tanks also have a 6-inch gravity dump with a splash plate that will put down plenty of water for compaction.

Are off-road tank kits simple to assemble?

Our water tanks are available in kit form for easy self-assembly. They already have all the components necessary to spray water. 

These kits are easy to install because of the detailed step-by-step manual we provide with the product. The installation is a simple bolt-on process performed by mechanics. 

No welding whatsoever is required for installation, which is an important benefit because welding could compromise the integrity of the frame.

Alternatively, installation is available upon request at any Curry Supply location, currently situated in Pennsylvania, Texas and Arizona.

What is the benefit of removable interior hydraulic lines?

Interior hydraulic lines in our articulated water tanks are removable if ever needed, which is a considerable innovation. This means that no welding or cutting is required even if interior hydraulic lines fail and need to be replaced. The tank heads remain intact and their integrity is uncompromised. Experienced mechanics can perform a quick and efficient replacement of hydraulic lines in case of failure.

What is the purpose of interior coating on water tanks?

Corrosion is a known enemy of water tanks, making these structures prone to rust and decay. Interior coating is an effective way to counteract the issue.

The coating inside our off-road water tanks prevents corrosion and rust, which automatically makes the tank last longer despite its heavy long-term use. 

On our tanks, interior coating is a standard feature which you get at no additional cost.

Browse our offer of premium quality water tanks

Are off-road tank kits simple to assembleAt Curry Supply, you will discover a line of durable and efficient products for all your applications, including rugged Articulated Water tanks which range in capacity and diversity of options available. Quality, high-performance watering equipment plays a prominent role in demanding mining and construction projects, which is why you should weigh your options carefully before making a purchase and we are here to help you make an informed decision.

Let us know what capacity and features you’re looking for and we’ll let you know which tanks and options would best meet your needs and maximize your ROI. We’re here to answer your questions and help you choose the most reliable solution, fully optimized for your business.

Contact our regional sales manager Tom Schnackenberg for detailed information on our off-road products at +1 814-502-7295 or toms@currysupply.com

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