What innovations are available in water tank design? What upgrades can you get for your water truck? If you want to customize your water tank with additional components, do you have to make up your mind at the time of the purchase? 

To find answers to these and other questions and gain the information you need to make an informed decision, read on!

Have there been improvements to new generations of tanks?

What is the benefit of the no-welding required featureCurry is constantly improving its products by exploring and taking advantage of any newly developed technology in the field. New technology enables us to build stronger, lighter and more stable tanks. 

We focus on building tanks with a low center of gravity and interlocking baffles. This enables us to eliminate as much water movement as possible and achieve additional stability. 

In addition to these structural improvements, all our tanks can be easily improved by adding component upgrades.

What upgrades do you recommend for improving a truck’s off-road capability?

As far as water tanks and improving the off-road capability of your off-road water truck go, we create the lowest center of gravity possible with the best integrated interlocking baffle system.

What functions do your off-road water tanks perform?

By spraying water, water tanks perform three functions: dust control, compaction, and the ability of equipment cleaning. Less dust means a safer and more productive jobsite environment. Water flow needs to be regulated carefully, as excessive use of water for dust control in areas where the soil has been compacted can cause a runoff issue.

If you are looking for a more sophisticated, programmable dust suppression system, we have a solution. We have available an integrated, electronically controlled spray control system that has a huge return on investment. This advanced system electronically monitors and controls the amount, placement and timing of water distribution. 

It enables you to minimize the amount of water being put down, which is more economical and reduces loading frequency. Contact us so we can discuss this option further. 

Can you build off-road products to customer specifications?

When you call us and provide us with details on your specific requirements, you will receive a personalized recommendation in terms of tank capacity, features and benefits, all within sound engineering parameters. 

We will help you size the tank appropriately so as to match its capacity and key features and benefits to your truck and to your applications. 

At Curry, we value your time and we want to ascertain what you truly need with accuracy so you can make the most out of your investment. 

What upgrade options can I get?

All our tanks are set up to accept any and all available options at a later date with no cutting or welding required. Options you can add at a later date include but are not limited to:

  • Safety handrails
  • Creek fill
  • Front spray bar
  • Backup camera
  • In-cab water level gauge
  • Electronic control system
  • Rear work lights and strobe lights

The base price of the tank includes certain items by default, but you can further customize your tank with additional options at a later time. There are mounts for the lights and the camera so they can be added at any time, tabs on the top of the tank to add the safety handrails, a capped off port at the front of the tank from which you can run a front spray bar, etc.

The mechanics that install the tank can add those options.

Build the ultimate water truck for your business

Can you build off-road products to customer specificationsCurry Supply is constantly growing and improving to maintain a sharp competitive edge and help customers rise to the demanding challenges in mining, construction, and for other applications.

We have facilities in Houston, TX and Gilbert, AZ to support the South West and West Coast clients. 

Contact us to receive honest recommendations based on sound engineering parameters from a professional with decades of experience in the off-road truck industry.

Our off-road products regional manager Tom Schnackenberg is available to answer any questions you may have, so feel free to give him a call at +1 814-502-7295 or e-mail him at toms@currysupply.com

We are here for you to help you make a sound investment for your business. Contact us today.

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