Using a crash attenuator truck in a roadside work zone is necessary for reducing the likelihood of accidents caused by errant vehicles. This is just one, albeit the most important, benefit of specialized attenuator trucks.

Reputable crash attenuator truck manufacturers invest substantial time and resources to make their vehicles as reliable and effective as can be. This may include using thoroughly tested attenuator equipment and materials when manufacturing their crash trucks to provide maximum roadside safety.

In this article, we discuss the top 3 benefits of using crash attenuator trucks in highway work zones. Keep on reading to learn more.

Why do I need a crash attenuator truck?

Crash trucks, equipped with truck-mounted attenuators (TMA), serve as a necessary safety device in roadside work zones. In fact, most states have specific regulations around the use and placement of crash attenuators. Since state regulations can differ, you should first familiarize yourself with relevant TMA regulations before making any decisions. Failing to meet TMA regulations can result in large fines as well as liability costs if injury or death occur in your work zone. In most cases, using a MASH-tested crash attenuator and following appropriate placement guidelines will do the trick.

What are the benefits of using truck-mounted attenuators?

As we’ve already mentioned, using a crash attenuator vehicle is predominantly a question of necessity. However, even though maximizing safety is the main goal of using crash attenuators, TMA trucks also have other benefits for those working in the construction industry.

The three main benefits of crash attenuator trucks include:

1. Increased safety for workers and motorists

Truck-mounted attenuators are carefully designed to absorb the kinetic energy generated by colliding with an errant vehicle as well as redirect wayward vehicles. By doing so, crash attenuators help protect the safety of highway workers and passing motorists, reducing the risk of serious injury and death. This is the main and most obvious benefit of having a reliable crash attenuator truck at your work zone.

2. Protects your work zone and helps you avoid liability costs

Work zone accidents can be disastrous. In addition to the obvious danger of injury or even death, they can also result in expensive downtime and significant liability costs if TMA regulations are not followed. By using a mash-tested truck mounted attenuator, on a properly weighted chassis, it increases the safety of your workers in the event of an impact.

3. Protects expensive machinery and equipment

What are the benefits of using truck mounted attenuators

Roadside construction work often relies on expensive machinery that can be damaged in the case of a collision. A crash attenuator truck can help immensely in this regard, due to its ability to absorb kinetic impact and divert errant vehicles from workers and equipment. Overall, having a high-quality crash attenuator truck in your fleet is a must for ensuring safety and avoiding major expenses.

Looking for reputable crash attenuator truck manufacturers? Call Curry Supply now

At Curry Supply, we work hard to help our clients in the construction industry to meet TMA regulations and ensure the safety of their workers and the traveling public. We design and manufacture highly durable and reliable crash attenuator trucks that can be customized to meet your specific needs. In addition to using high-quality materials for the truck body, we also equip our trucks with the MASH-tested TrafFix Scorpion® TMA Model TL-3, known throughout the country for being one of the safest TMA’s year after year.

Our dedicated in-house team has the knowledge and the experience to custom build your crash attenuator truck per your specifications, ensuring your satisfaction and peace of mind. What’s more, you can also enjoy our efficient nationwide shipping and client-focused approach. Call 800-345-2829 to get in touch with Curry Supply today.

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