Maintaining highway safety is a top priority in the construction industry. To this end, companies use crash attenuator trucks to ensure the safety of roadside work crews and passing travelers. These specialized vehicles are designed to absorb the impact of potential vehicle crashes and decrease the risk of injury.

If you are looking for crash attenuator trucks for sale, you may already be aware of the many benefits of using a crash truck. Either way, it is useful to know how attenuator trucks work to keep highways safe, and that is exactly what we discuss in this article. Keep on reading.

How do crash attenuator trucks keep us safe?

A crash attenuator truck, also known as a scorpion truck, TMA, shadow vehicle, or simply a crash truck, is a vehicle designed to keep roadside workers and passing motorists safe from collisions. These vehicles are equipped with kinetic absorption devices called truck-mounted attenuators (TMA) that serve as a crash cushion that reduce the force of vehicle collisions. Attenuators are mounted on the rear of properly weighted host vehicles, which are then placed at road construction sites, including bridgework, and any road construction or inspection operation.

These vehicles can be the difference between life and death on the roadway. Here’s how they ensure the safety of traveling public and roadside workers:

They absorb and reduce the impact of vehicle crashes and collisions

By blocking and absorbing the impact of an errant vehicle, the crash attenuator truck protects workers as well as the driver of the vehicle. In the case of a vehicle colliding with the attenuator mounted on the truck, the collision will generate significant G-force. The attenuator absorbs some of this G-force and kinetic energy generated by the collision, reducing the likelihood of serious injury and death. An attenuator protects both the incoming vehicle and the host vehicle, ensuring the safety of both the people and machinery involved.

They warn highway drivers of potential hazards

Visibility on our highways is of the utmost importance when it comes to road work. Especially important when you take into consideration poor weather or the lack of proper lighting during nighttime construction operations. To help combat this, crash attenuator trucks are equipped with Arrow Boards, work lights, and strobe lights that serve to warn oncoming drivers of potential hazards from a distance. They are designed to help with visibility from both short and long distances.

They can redirect wayward vehicles and prevent accidents

How do crash attenuator trucks keep us safe

Distracted workers can enter roadside work zones and put the crew and themselves in danger. If this happens, a truck-mounted attenuator can help redirect the wayward vehicle and reduce the impact of the collision. Errant vehicles are redirected by using curved bars that nudge the vehicle away from the safety truck and the work zone, helping avoid impact. Overall, using properly located attenuator trucks can significantly reduce the likelihood of accidents and injury on highways.

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