Fuel and lube trucks are specialized vehicles carefully designed, engineered, and manufactured to keep vehicles on a job site in peak condition and ensure the safety of the drivers in harsh weather conditions. In order to achieve this, fuel and lube trucks need to be equipped with certain safety features that meet relevant regulations.

Reputable fuel and lube truck manufacturers work hard to ensure not only the efficiency of their vehicles, but also their safety performance. Because of this, a fuel/lube truck can be used in a variety of industries, including mining, construction, and forestry. Read on to learn more about common safety features of fuel and lube trucks. 

What are the safety features of fuel/lube trucks?

While the exact safety performance of a fuel/lube truck will depend on the manufacturer and model you choose, there are certain requirements that most of these vehicles are likely to meet. These may include: 

1. Careful engineering and manufacturing 

Safety should be a priority for all fuel and lube truck manufacturers. This entails using high-quality materials that have been tested for ruggedness and safety in a wide range of weather conditions. For example, a fuel and lube truck with a sturdy steel construction can provide greater durability and better protection for the drivers and the equipment. Additionally, these vehicles often have expertly engineered and constructed enclosed tanks that are designed to operate in any weather condition and ensure the safety of the products and equipment.  

2. Meeting safety standards 

Ideally, a fuel/lube truck should be safe for both the operator, their equipment, and the environment. To this end, modern fuel and lube trucks are usually designed in a way that helps to minimize oil waste, decrease emissions, and ensure safe transportation of liquid fuels. Most reliable manufacturers will build their trucks up to code, striving to minimize safety hazards in various industries and weather conditions. 

3. Convenient operation and easy access 

Fuel and lube trucks are a highly convenient option for servicing vehicles in the field while avoiding costly downtime. However, to enable the operators to make the most out of these vehicles and work safely in harsh conditions, the fuel/lube truck needs to be equipped with features such as center aisles for accessibility and safety, rugged enclosed tanks, roll-up doors, access steps, and more. The exact safety and accessibility features will vary depending on the truck model and manufacturer, and many companies will also enable you to customize your vehicle to your specific industry needs. 

4. Emergency features 

What are the safety features of fuellube trucksSafe fuel transportation is one of the primary goals of fuel/lube truck engineering. In the case of an accident or the vehicle coming to a sudden stop, the fuel/lube truck should have the appropriate emergency valves to shut off the fuel pumps and prevent waste and safety hazards. Many fuel and lube trucks are equipped with remotely-actuated and carefully tested internal valves for emergency shut off and when the vehicle is in motion. Additionally, these trucks should have adequate work lights that ensure maximum visibility for the operator when working at night and visible warning lights when being driven.

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