Keeping your business running smoothly, efficiently, and without unnecessary stoppages ensures maximum profitability and bottom line. However, your on-site equipment can break down, requiring immediate attention and assistance.

This is why you should strongly consider adding a mechanics/service truck to your fleet of specialized vehicles. However, not all these trucks are made equal, and if you can, think about going for a technologically-advanced solution such as one of the modern Keystone Mechanics Service Trucks currently available for sale.

What is a Keystone Service Truck?

The Keystone Service Truck is Curry Supply’s brand-new addition to their already-versatile line of mechanics/service trucks. The standard Keystone Service Truck features a cutting-edge heavy-duty lightweight aluminum construction that offers exceptional maneuvering capabilities without compromising on the durability, the ruggedness, and harsh-weather resistance.

What are the vital features of a Keystone Service Truck?

There’s more to the standard Keystone Service Truck than just the strong-and-lightweight aluminum construction. This line of service trucks has a long list of cutting-edge features that ensure adaptability, practicality, service efficiency, and longevity. The most important characteristics of the Keystone Service Truck are:

  • Why should I buy a Keystone Service TruckA two-stage gasoline compressor with a 30-gallon capacity and a remote choke/start capability
  • An aluminium construction of the side pack for even lighter weight
  • A single horizontal cabinet and three vertical cabinets on both the street and the curb sides
  • Cabinets that have the depth of 20”
  • A cargo area that has the width of 52”
  • A C-Tech drawer within the first streetside vertical compartment
  • Cabinet handles that have a 3-point mechanics for watertight latching
  • Adjustable brackets and shelves
  • A mounting track situated on the top of the side packs, allowing for easy accessory mounting
  • Additional customization options that range from work lights and strobes to on-board welders

Why should I buy a Keystone Service Truck?

The Keystone Service Truck is a modern addition to Curry Supply’s offering of already durable, versatile, and long-lasting mechanics/service trucks. Incorporating the standard Keystone Service Truck into your existing fleet of specialized service vehicles will yield the following benefits:

  • Customization: Keystone Service Trucks feature a wide range of different customization options for precisely tailoring your service truck to your particular needs.
  • Versatility: It is the innate customizability of the Keystone trucks that allows them improved versatility for a wide range of industry-specific operations.
  • Durability: The Keystone line of mechanics/service trucks features a heavy-duty aluminum construction that brings exceptional durability and resistance to the elements.
  • Efficiency: The Keystone Service Trucks boast more efficient and fast assistance due to their enhanced maneuverability, an array of customization options, and lighter weight.

Which manufacturer offers high-quality Keystone Service Trucks for sale?

What are the vital features of a Keystone Service TruckHaving a reliable and versatile mechanics truck can greatly improve the uptime of your on-site equipment and machinery and prevent costly stoppages. That’s why it’s important to partner with a dependable manufacturer of high-quality mechanics/service trucks capable of upfitting your business with cutting-edge technology. There’s one company you can always rely on – Curry Supply. You can freely contact us and inquire about our complete line of mechanics/service trucks.

We manufacture modern, practical, and highly functional Keystone Service Trucks fit for a variety of on-site applications. This line also includes the Keystone Pro Mechanics Truck outfitted with a StellarⓇ EC3200 Telescopic Crane. Both trucks from our Keystone line offer additional customization that allows you to fine-tune your truck to suit your exact requirements. Reach out to us today!

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