Mechanics/service trucks are a vital component of seamless business operations, regardless of the type of industry you’re in. They offer your company the ability to perform on-site servicing, repairs, and assistance, ensuring smooth operations without unplanned downtime.

Mechanics/service trucks are manufactured with key ideals of strength, durability, ruggedness, longevity, and versatility, making them an invaluable addition to your vehicle fleet. That’s why you should always choose a cutting-edge truck, for example one from the Keystone Pro Mechanics Service Trucks with a crane.

What is a Keystone Pro Mechanics Truck?

The Keystone Pro Mechanics Truck is the most advanced vehicle in the Keystone series of mechanics/service trucks. It boasts a heavy-duty but lightweight aluminum construction and a wide-range of modern features that ensure exceptional functionality and reliability.

What benefits does a Keystone Pro Mechanics Truck offer?

What should I look for in a Keystone Pro Mechanics Truck

If you’re looking for the most technologically advanced mechanics/service truck currently available on the market, your top choice should be the Keystone Pro Mechanics Truck. It boasts numerous advantages over its competitors owing to the superior design and manufacturing quality. Some of the biggest benefits of the Keystone Pro are:

  • Efficient on-site operations: The Keystone Pro trucks have better maneuverability, cutting-edge equipment, and offer customization options that allow for more efficient operations per your specific requirements.
  • Reliable and durable vehicle: This offering of mechanics/service trucks is made from heavy-duty aluminum that offers very good weather and corrosion resistance as well as improved durability and longevity.
  • Versatility for a wide range of applications: You can freely customize your Keystone Pro Service Truck and fine-tune its characteristics to become suitable for your particular industry needs.
  • Enhanced maneuvering capabilities: The Keystone Pro Service is manufactured from lightweight aluminum. This lowers the truck’s weight, allowing it to remain easily maneuverable even in poor terrain and harsh conditions.

What should I look for in a Keystone Pro Mechanics Truck?

The Keystone Pro Mechanics Truck is the enhanced version of the standard Keystone Service Truck. It is a modern mechanics/service truck further honed with the addition of a long list of advanced features that further boost its versatility, longevity, ruggedness, and dependability. Some of the vital characteristics of this line of service trucks are:

  • A two-stage gasoline compressor with a 30-gallon capacity and a remote choke/start capability.
  • Side packs made from aluminum.
  • StellarⓇ EC3200 Telescopic Crane made from aluminum with the maximum lifting capacity of 3200lb. It has an electric planetary winch, double-acting cylinders that feature counterbalance valves, boom support, and a hydraulic/manual reach of up to 15’.
  • A cargo area with 52”-width.
  • Three vertical cabinets and one horizontal cabinet on the street side and the curb side.
  • 20”-deep cabinets.
  • C-Tech set of drawers within the first streetside vertical compartment.
  • Whale-tailed handles that have a three-point latching mechanism.
  • Shelves and brackets that are fully-adjustable.
  • Mounting track on top of side packs for easier mounting of different accessories.

Where can I purchase dependable Keystone Pro Mechanics Trucks?

What is a Keystone Pro Mechanics TruckMechanics/service trucks are essential for efficient and seamless business operations. You can equip these trucks with a variety of tools and features specific to your branch of industry, allowing you to tailor-make them precisely per your needs. These trucks are reliable, rugged, capable of operating in harsh weather conditions, and very durable. However, that’s only if you partner with a reputable manufacturer of advanced mechanics/service trucks.

Curry Supply boasts a long-standing tradition of manufacturing high-quality mechanics/service trucks suitable for a wide range of commercial on-site applications. Our Keystone line of specialized vehicles raises the bar further. Both the standard Keystone Mechanics Service Truck and its pro variety offer exceptional versatility. What’s more, we can further customize your truck of choice to ensure it meets all your requirements. Give us a call today!

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