When choosing a fuel and lube truck for your business, you’ll usually get to pick between ready-made and custom options. For many customers, custom fuel and lube trucks present an opportunity to tailor each aspect of the vehicle to their particular needs and maximize efficiency. 

While the way you outfit your fuel and lube truck will depend on your unique situation and work requirements, there are some general guidelines you may use when choosing a truck setup. Keep on reading to find out how you can make the most of your fuel/lube truck. 

What is the best fuel/lube truck setup?

When outfitting your fuel and lube trucks, you may want to start by analyzing your own needs. This may entail: 

  1. Paying attention to what kind of fluids you need for your fleet, the quantity of fluid needed, and how you are going to use your service vehicle. Evaluate your fleet and see how you can best accommodate the different vehicles you use for your business. 
  2. Determining whether you’ll use your fuel and lube truck to perform complete fuel exchange or just top off fluids. This is important for determining the right tank capacity for your fuel and lube truck. For instance, a tank with a higher capacity may be the better choice for servicing vehicles at remote job sites where they can’t be refilled frequently.
  3. Determine what type of fuel you’d like to carry. If you’re servicing on-road vehicles, you’ll typically want to equip your fuel/lube truck with clear taxed fuel, but if you’re servicing off-road vehicles, red fuel is the standard option. However, if your fleet is composed of both off and on-road vehicles that need servicing, Curry Supply has the capabilities to divide the fuel tank to carry both red and clear fuel options.
  4. Evaluating the required flow rate for your particular application. For instance, a higher flow rate may be the better choice for off-road vehicles and equipment that are used in the construction and mining industry, as they tend to have larger reservoirs and fuel consumption.
  5. Considering the environment the truck will be used in. If you plan to use your fuel/lube truck in a colder climate, you may want to select a body that is heated and enclosed to make sure the fluids stay at the right temperature and flow rate. 
  6. Thinking about storage during the planning process. If you know that you will be storing service items such as filters or tools in the truck, make sure to incorporate suitable storage areas. 
  7. Thinking about lighting if you plan to use your fuel and lube truck at night. Explore your lighting options to make sure you have appropriate visibility while working. 
  8. Determining the right compressor for your fuel/lube truck. Do this to make sure that you have the appropriate volume for your air tools, pumps, and filling tires. 
  9. Selecting the right hose reels for the environment. Harsher environments tend to require more durable and reliable hose reels. 
  10. Thinking about any custom fuel and lube truck features you may need. This may range from various fuel/lube truck safety features and storage elements to pressure water systems, air-driven pumps, and heated reel compartments. Guidelines on Outfitting Your FuelLube Truck

The bottom line is that you should carefully consider the unique needs of your fleet when choosing the features for your fuel and lube truck and utilize Curry Supply expertise. Depending on the application of your fuel and lube truck, you can customize it to meet the specific requirements of your industry and help boost the efficiency of your business. 

Get in touch with Curry Supply and discover our fuel and lube trucks

Curry Supply is your top pick if you’d like to work with a reliable manufacturer to customize your fuel and lube truck. We offer both off-road and on-road fuel and lube truck options, as well as van lube and PM service lube trucks to meet your needs. What’s more, you can also rely on us to provide you with more information on service vehicles, including tips on troubleshooting your fuel and lube trucks and much more. Contact us at 800-345-2829.


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