Dump trucks are specialized vehicles mainly used for transporting different materials, such as demolition waste, gravel, and sand to and from construction sites to enhance their operations. Although their application seems one-sided, there are actually many different types of dump trucks used for various specific purposes and in varied environments. That is why you should know which type of dump truck you need before contacting dump truck manufacturers.

What are the different types of dump trucks?

The first distinction every individual should make regarding dump trucks is their overall structure, build type, and carrying capacity. Some applications require lighter vehicles capable of swiftly maneuvering across rugged terrain, while others need heavier trucks with enhanced hauling capacity and suitable for extremely rough terrain.

The three main types of standard dump trucks based on these characteristics are:

  • Light-duty dump trucks: These truck bodies have a lightweight design and are usually found on single-axle trucks.
  • Medium-duty dump trucks: Medium dump bodies are commonly found on single and tandem-axle trucks, which are used for hauling everyday materials to and from job sites.
  • Heavy-duty dump trucks: This type of dump body fits an application with two or more rear axles. These trucks are used for longer and heavier hauls for maximum efficiency.

On the other hand, there are also several types of dump trucks that vary in other ways – either in their overall purpose or in additional features or capabilities. Let’s take a look at what other dump trucks are available on the market.

Transfer dump trucks

Transfer dump trucks are essentially standard dump trucks at their core. However, they have a separate cargo container behind them, attached to the main truck body. The main distinction between a standard and a transfer dump truck is the increased capacity from the additional container.

End dump trucks

This is, essentially, not a traditional dump truck, since it is a combination of a tractor and a trailer, where the trailer has a separate hydraulic system. The downside of these dump trucks is their instability which limits its applications to roads and prevents them from operation in rugged jobsite conditions.

Side dump trucks

Another variant of the unconventional dump truck is the side dump truck that consists of a tractor that pulls a semi-trailer. The hydraulic system is used for tilting the body onto one side, so the material is unloaded either on the right or left side, rather than the back. The main benefits of side dump trucks is the faster unloading.

Tri-axle dump trucks

Tri-axle dump trucks are perfect for long distances and heavier loads, however, they are still applicable for everyday hauls around the job site. They are extremely popular in situations where a higher capacity of bed space is required.

Superdump trucks

Superdump trucks have a separate load-bearing and trailing axle. This allows superdump trucks to carry extremely heavy loads while meeting all the stringent federal standards concerning bridge formulas. They can carry up to 80,000 pounds, depending on their axle configuration and length.

Bottom dump trucks

These trucks feature a clamshell gate mechanism that unloads materials from the bottom of the trailer. This design ensures maximum precision when unloading, and they are primarily used for paving and stockpiling.

dump truck manufacturersWhat is the most reputable company among dump truck manufacturers?

Being familiar with the different types of dump trucks will greatly help you choose the best dump truck for your business based on its key features and capabilities. This will ensure that the dump truck you purchase is adequate for all the requirements of your industry. Once you determine the type of truck and its features you need, it’s time to choose the right dump truck manufacturer to buy your truck from. This is crucial for ensuring quality and reliability.

This is why you should turn to Curry Supply – your reputable manufacturer of durable and rugged dump trucks for a wide range of applications. Our specialized dump trucks will enhance your worksite productivity, improve the quality of your operations, and help keep your site cleaner and better organized. Give us a call today!

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