Dump trucks are specialized vehicles with deep, open beds useful in a variety of specialized industries, from mining to construction, agriculture to infrastructure, and more. However, not all dump trucks are the same, and there are many different types of light, medium, and heavy-duty dump trucks to purchase. This is what makes choosing the most suitable dump truck for your industry requirements a very difficult prospect, especially without previous experience. 

How do I choose the best dump truck for my operations?

Choosing a dump truck to purchase for your operations is all about knowing which key areas you should pay attention to. You should be aware of your specific needs, and then proceed to choose a style of truck that would best meet those demands. From there, you should consider the following five general aspects of a dump truck to ensure it fits your demands.

Body styles

Generally, modern dump trucks come in three basic varieties based on the shape of their body – semi-elliptical, half-round, and standard rectangular. The choice of body shape depends solely on your industry needs: 

  • Half-round: These dump trucks are lighter and tend to have an increased payload capacity. Also, its bed shape makes it less likely for the material to stick to its floor. However, it is limited by equipment-hauling and pallet-storing capability, since the bed is not flat. 
  • Rectangular: Standard rectangular dump trucks offer most floor bed room, as well as more spread. This shape offers excellent agility and strength, as well as a low center of gravity for carrying heavy loads. This makes rectangular-shaped dump trucks the preferred choice.
  • Semi-elliptical: This is a hybrid of the half-round and traditional rectangular shape. It combines the haul shape of the half-round and the body shape of a traditional rectangular dump truck. 


When purchasing a dump truck, it’s important to pay attention to its material, as not all metals offer the same durability, tensile strength, and rigidity. The two main options for dump trucks are aluminum and steel. 

Aluminum is a good choice for carrying light-weight and non-abrasive materials, but it costs more, it’s not as strong as steel, and repairs are a lot more expensive. Steel is the most common choice for professionals, especially if it’s continuous-welded, as it offers unparalleled strength and durability when compared to aluminum. 


Most dump trucks output anywhere between 200 and 600 HP. However, more does not always equal better in terms of horsepower. More powerful dump trucks consume more fuel and generally cost more to maintain and operate. 

This is why you should consider your exact needs and not overestimate them. Buying a more powerful truck than necessary will only end up costing you in the long run. 

Axle considerations

GVWR stands for gross vehicle weight rating, which indicates how much weight a dump truck can transport safely. Federal laws clearly state how much weight each dump truck can carry based on the number of its axles. Fewer axles equals lower hauling weight across public roads.

Choose with the number of axles and carrying capacity you need, and don’t overestimate it either. Having an underutilized truck is just as bad as having a too-powerful truck – the efficiency lowers. 

How do I choose the best dump truck for my operationsWhere can I purchase a dependable heavy-duty dump truck?

Among the many different types of dump trucks available on the market, and all the numerous features these dump trucks have, choosing the right one for your business requirements gets increasingly difficult. However, even when you finally select the right truck for your specific requirements, you still need to find a reputable manufacturer of high-quality dump trucks to partner with. Luckily, that is something we can help you with. 

Curry Supply is a long-standing manufacturer of cutting-edge dump trucks that are reliable, rugged, extremely durable, and well-suited for a wide array of specialized commercial applications. Our dump trucks are designed to keep your worksite safe, clean, and organized, enhance your daily operations, and boost your productivity. If you want to purchase a dump truck for your business, you need to partner with Curry Supply. Call us today!

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