Custom & Ready-Made Propane Service Trucks for Sale in Houston, TX

A high-quality solution to your gas hauling needs.

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At Curry Supply, we design and manufacture industry-leading gas hauling trucks that bring an array of benefits to our customers. With easy to use single-person controls, our propane trucks in Houston can be operated without a trailer or any additional setting equipment. On top of that, our propane service trucks are equipped with high-quality cranes that make loading and unloading as simple and efficient as can be. We offer both ready-made and custom options. Get in touch with us today to explore our offer.

Steel and aluminum construction

2,000 – 14,000 lb. cranes

Sealed beam lighting & wiring harness

Lighting inside each compartment

Recessed tie-down pockets in floor

Work / flood lights

Hydraulic outrigger

Lift Gates

Direct coupled pump/PTO assembly for main hydraulics system

Hydraulic system reservoir tank with filtration system

Touch pad cab control console for easy operation

Top coat finish (one color customer choice)

Touch pad cab control console for simple operation

Can customize to your exact specifications

Compartment tops formed & reinforced

Leak proof tubular compartment door seal

5 year rust through warranty


Your best choice among propane service truck manufacturers in Houston  

Curry Supply is a company dedicated to providing efficient, reliable, and safe vehicles specialized for use in the propane industry and similar settings where gas cylinder transportation is needed. Our propane service trucks for sale are built from high-quality aluminum and steel and equipped with a range of useful features, including reinforced compartment tops, lift gates, touchpad cab controls, hydraulic outrigger, and much more. You can also rely on our expert team to customize your trucks to meet the needs of your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the best way to transport heavy propane cylinders?

    Propane is a volatile gas that requires careful transportation and loading/unloading. For maximum safety, it is best to use specialized propane service trucks with special setting, mounting, and stabilizing features. These vehicles typically come with a crane for safe loading and unloading, as well as recessed tie-down pockets, leak-proof door seals for the compartments, and many more custom elements.

    At Curry Supply, we can provide you with expertly engineered and manufactured propane trucks for sale in Houston to meet your gas hauling needs and maximize safety.

  • How does a propane truck work?

    Propane service trucks are designed for efficient and safe transportation of heavy gas cylinders. To achieve this, these vehicles are equipped with a variety of features including:

    • User-friendly controls: a single person can operate this vehicle with ease if the vehicle is equipped with easy to use touchpad cab remote controls.
    • Sturdy build: high-quality propane trucks are manufactured from best-in-class steel or aluminum.
    • Cranes: most propane trucks come with a remotely controlled crane that allows for convenient propane cylinder loading and unloading.
    • Stabilizing equipment: the body of a propane truck should be stabilized from the force that is generated by its crane during operation.  
    • Lift-gates: to maximize convenience and safety, these trucks are often equipped with convenient lift-gates.
    • Reinforced compartment tops: lightweight, rigid, and sturdy cargo compartments are another useful feature of these vehicles.
    • Leak-proof door seals: in order to ensure secure transportation of propane, these vehicles should have leak-proof tubular compartment door seals.
    • Work/flood lights: appropriate flood and work lights can help improve visibility and prevent accidents.

    All of these features enable you to operate a propane service truck safely and easily, ensuring convenience and peace of mind. Contact Curry Supply if you are looking for high-quality solutions for your gas hauling needs in Houston.

  • What are the benefits of using a propane service truck?

    Having this type of vehicle in your fleet can bring you a variety of benefits. Here are some of the ways in which your Houston business may benefit from these specialized vehicles:

    • Boosted productivity and decreased downtime
    • Maximized safety on the road
    • Custom solutions that meet your unique needs

    Our in-house team can combine the truck body with a chassis of your choice, as well as incorporate a range of different additional features to meet the specific requirements of your business in Houston.

  • Does a propane service truck have a crane?

    To ensure safe and secure loading and unloading of propane cylinders, a service truck should be equipped with an appropriate remotely operated crane. If you choose Curry Supply to meet your gas hauling needs in Houston, your vehicle will come with a crane that can lift loads in the 2,000-14,000 lb range. These cranes can be controlled remotely by a single person via a touchpad cab console, which ensures a smooth mounting process. We can also provide you with custom crane options to meet any specific requirements you may have.

  • Where do I find a reliable propane service truck for sale in Houston and the area?

    Curry Supply is an industry-leading manufacturer of propane service trucks serving Houston and its surroundings. We have a skilled in-house team that can design, engineer, and manufacture highly specialized and sturdy service vehicles that can meet the needs of customers in the propane industry, offering proven efficiency, durability, and safety. You can choose from a variety of body and chassis configurations as well as go for any of our high-quality ready-made options.

    If you’re not looking for a propane service truck, we have much more in store for you. We can provide you with everything from reliable dump trucks and water trucks to sturdy and efficient winch trucks in Houston. On top of that, we also offer nationwide and international delivery and great warranty options. Contact us now to learn more.

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