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Make a savvy decision for your business and get a specialized fuel/lube trailer.

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Adding a fuel/lube trailer to your fleet is a fail-safe way to facilitate your maintenance and servicing procedures. In our facility, we have a variety of standard size units in-stock and ready to ship, but we can also have fuel/lube trailers in Phoenix built to your requested specifications. We have a detailed quality assurance protocol in place, from design and construction to in-house testing. If you are not certain about the ideal upgrade for your fleet, contact us to discuss your options with a knowledgeable associate.

Tanks built to desired capacity

Graco® air driven product pumps

Waste oil pump and filter box with suction, neutral, and discharge

Antifreeze system

Reelcraft and Hannay Reels® with 50′ of 1/2″ hose

Graco® dispensing nozzles

Gasoline powered 35 CFM air compressor

12V halogen work lights

Pressure washer

Gasoline driven generator system

LED read-out meters for oil product nozzles

Custom storage boxes

In-line filtration system for products

American Eagle® tool drawer set

Powder coated

Any size available

Standard units in-stock and ready to ship

Or built to your exact specifications

Designed, built, and tested in-house for quality assurance


Fuel/lube trailers in Phoenix: an economical solution to reduce costly downtime

A fuel/lube trailer is an economical, effective way to innovate your fleet in Phoenix or the region and boost your jobsite productivity while reducing costly downtime and minimizing delays. Fuel/lube trailers are more economical than dedicated fuel/lube trucks: they are just as functional but less demanding, less complex and less expensive for maintenance. Having a dependable, promptly available lube trailer in your fleet makes keeping a preventive maintenance schedule for your entire fleet easier, more reliable and more efficient.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a lube trailer?

    A fuel/lube trailer is a convenient, affordable alternative to specialized fuel/lube trucks and it serves the same functions: equipment servicing and preventive maintenance.

    Unlike a lube/fuel truck, a lube/fuel trailer needs to be hauled by another vehicle, but on the other hand, you will effectively eliminate the need to transport large equipment to the shop for simple tasks such as lube maintenance.

    This makes a lube/fuel trailer a solid investment, especially if you are in an industry where frequent on-site or in-field oil changes are needed: you will save time and increase productivity.

    Additionally, you can opt for tank capacity that best fits your needs. Contact us for a quote on a mobile fuel/lube trailer for sale available in Phoenix and other areas in Arizona and beyond.

  • What are the advantages of lube trailers?

    Having a rugged lube/fuel trailer at your disposal is convenient for a wide range of straightforward reasons, including but no limited to:

    • Efficiency: with a lube trailer, you will have easily accessible in-field fuel, oil and lube services in any jobsite.
    • Low maintenance requirements: due to a combination of high-quality workmanship and durable materials, all our lube trailers are low-maintenance.
    • Low maintenance costs: you can rely on your Phoenix in-house team for urgent repairs and servicing instead of having to go to outside contractors.
    • Minimal additional investments: Any truck can be used to pull the versatile trailer, which minimizes the need for additional equipment and specialized vehicles.
  • What are the key features of lube trailers?

    When you purchase a fuel/lube trailer from a dependable manufacturer in Phoenix, you want the product to have all the key components and features. So what are they?

    The key components and features of a fuel/lube trailer include:

    • Gas-driven engine/compressor/generator system
    • An innovative antifreeze system
    • High-quality Graco® air driven pumps
    • Reels with 50′ of 1/2″ hose
    • Precise Graco® dispensing nozzles
    • Waste oil pump & filter box with suction, neutral position, and discharge
    • A dependable pressure washer
    • Custom-capacity tank
    • Custom storage boxes
    • A tool drawer set from American Eagle®
    • In-line product filtration system
    • Oil product nozzles with LED read-out meters
    • Halogen work lights
    • Powder coat finish
  • How do I pick a lube trailer for my business?

    To reach the optimal informed decision for the latest addition to your fleet in Phoenix or any other location state or nationwide, feel free to contact Curry Supply. We will discuss your options at length to help you make the most of your purchase. We can also customize your chosen lube trailer to better suit your daily needs. Whichever lube trailer you choose, if you want to make up the most of your purchase, make sure to follow a preventive maintenance schedule diligently.

  • Where can I browse your lube trailers in Phoenix, AZ?

    At Curry Supply, we make mobile lubrication easily available, effective and budget-friendly. Whether you need us to deliver a readily available lube trailer to your Phoenix location or have it custom-built to your exact specifications, we can make it happen. For more information on this and our other products and services available in Phoenix, statewide, nationwide and worldwide, including but not limited to the Phoenix’ innovative Versatran 6T Retriever® and other carrier trucks in our offer, do not hesitate to call us!

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