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At Curry Supply, we can provide you with convenient and versatile lube skids for sale in Houston, an alternative to conventional lube trucks. These devices can be efficiently used for a variety of repair and maintenance procedures of worksite equipment and vehicles. Featuring a skid and tanks that are powder-coated for durability, our products can be used, relocated, and hoisted daily, which makes them a highly flexible option for keeping your equipment and vehicles in great shape. Contact Curry Supply and we’ll help you maximize efficiency and minimize downtime.

40/40/60 or 50/50/100 gallon product and waste oil

Enclosed removable reel box for remote mounting

Powder Coated tanks, skid, and enclosed reel compartment

Radius tank corners for added strength

Site glasses for eco protection and durability

All A-36 hot-rolled steel construction

11 gauge formed shell with inserted sides

Lap welded seams with solid wire for long life

Vented twist-lock fill opening

Single air connection for customer provided air system

Air operated Graco® 1” aluminum diaphragm pump

On-load/off- load through single hose with 4-way valve

Graco® spring rewind hose reel with ¾” x 25’ suction hose, with ball valve

60 or 100 gallon waste oil storage tank

Filter / regulator

Internal product pumps for protection from damage

Graco® 3:1 air operated reciprocating pump

Graco® spring rewind hose reel with ½” x 50’ delivery hose, terminated with Graco® metered nozzle and holder

Two 40 gallon product tanks or two 50 gallon product tanks

Specially engineered enclosed reel compartment for superior product containment and ECO PROTECTION

Top mounted reels for operator convenience and cleanliness

Built-in nozzle holder for accessibility and cleanliness


Tanks and reel box independently mounted to skid to protect the product and for ease of future replacement if desired

Fork pockets on all four sides for ease of lifting and maneuverability

4 accessible lifting points for easy placement

Powder coated parts

Curry Supply Lube Skids can be set on the ground, put in the bed of your truck, or mount the reel compartment remotely

Curry Supply Lube Skids withstand hoisting, relocation, and frequent use

The reel compartment is enclosed on the lube skids, so your truck and job site will be cleaner.

Optional: LINE-X lining


Our lube skids in Houston bring an array of unique features

The lube skids we offer for sale are characterized by their extreme flexibility and adaptability. One of their main features, the enclosed reel box, can be removed for remote operation. The lube skid can also be placed in a truck bed or the ground to meet your needs. To ensure easy and safe placement, our products have a sturdy construction and 4 carefully placed lifting points. If you’d like to learn more, contact Curry Supply and find the repair and maintenance solution that fits your requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are lube skids?

    Lube skids are a commonly used alternative to lube trucks and trailers. They are self-contained units equipped with all the main features of a typical service truck with an oil tank, but which eliminate the need for additional oil storage lockers and containers. Additionally, these vehicles are fitted with specialized collection tanks that can store any used fluids.

    At Curry Supply, we offer carefully designed products that can meet a variety of your worksite maintenance needs in Houston. These devices are highly mobile, convenient, and durable, making them a great alternative to our traditional lube trucks and trailers.

  • What is the main application of lube skids?

    Servicing, maintenance, and repair of worksite vehicles is the main purpose of lube skids. What separates these from conventional lube trucks is their mobility and flexibility. These products are typically used in construction to provide fluid top-offs, although they can be used in various industries, including oil/gas, equipment rental, and agriculture.

    A typical lube skid can be easily moved, loaded, and unloaded to meet your specific needs. Customers who prefer efficiency and ease of use over the customization capabilities of lube trucks are likely to find the perfect solution in the Curry Supply lube skids for sale in Houston.

  • How do you attach a lube skid to a vehicle?

    You can mount a lube skid easily on any kind of service truck bed, flatbed, or trailer. If you choose our products, you’ll get detailed instructions on how to mount the lube skid, as well as how to safely operate a truck fitted with one.

  • What should I look for in a lube skid?

    Lube skids come in a variety of sizes, from smaller packages used for half-ton pickups to larger options that can be used with class 8 vehicles. They can also have different features suitable for an array of applications.

    To find the one suited to your needs, you should consider both the size and the offered features. At Curry Supply, we can provide you with two main packages:

    • A variant with 40-gallon product tanks, one 60 gallon product tank, and a 5-gallon grease tank.
    • A variant with two product tanks with 50-gallon capacity and one 100-gallon product tank.

    Additionally, our lube skids in Houston also come with characteristics such as:

    • Ability to be placed on pickup trucks, mechanics trucks, and similar vehicles.
    • Powder-coated skid, tanks, and reel compartment.
    • Ability to support additional equipment, including compressors and generators.
    • Added strength thanks to radius tank corners.
    • Internal product pumps that protect from damage, and more.

    On top of that, we can also provide you with custom-made products, carefully tailored to your specific maintenance needs. All you have to do is get in touch with us and discuss your requirements with our team.

  • Can I get a warranty for a lube skid?

    Curry Supply offers a warranty for all of our lube skids for sale, just like for the rest of our products. Make sure to get in touch with us if you’d like to get specific warranty information or learn more about the other equipment we offer in Houston.

  • How do I find convenient lube skids for sale in Houston?

    Just contact Curry Supply and we will recommend the best option for your needs. Our products are designed to meet the requirements of various industries in Houston while minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity. Our lube skids, in particular, are a highly flexible solution to keeping your vehicles in shape.

    We are also at your service for an array of other products, including high-quality conventional lube trailers, trucks, and much more. Reach out to us now at 800-345-2829.

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