High-Performance Retriever® 15T in Phoenix, AZ

15T Retriever® truck: making equipment transportation infinitely easier.

Innovative Versatran 15T Retriever® trucks for sale in Phoenix

For clients on a quest for an industrial carrier truck with greater hauling capacity and improved cycle times and uptime, Curry Supply is the go-to provider, and the Versatran 15T Retriever® fits the bill perfectly. The heavy equipment transport truck features innovations such as an air-operated curved platform with traction coating and the lowest deck height in the industry. The truck’s unique design enables you to boost delivery efficiency while reducing the consumption of fuel and emissions. We deliver across Phoenix, statewide, nationwide, and worldwide.

15T (30,000 lb. payload)

28’ X 102” bed, Single Stage Ramp

Designated for tandem rear-axle trucks

On GVWR: 58K

Midship Steps

Winch & Chain Tray Guard

Propane Tank Brackets, Horizontal, Underbody

Additional 36” or 48” Stainless Steel Tool Boxes

Snatch Block, 30,000 lb. rating

Underbody Work Lights (4)

Back up Camera System, 1 or 3 Camera System

Air Operated Deck & 3-Position Ramp

Exclusive No-Idle Operating System

High Strength Steel Deck

140 Key slot Tie-Down Points

High Strength Steel Headboard

Lockable, Lighted Aluminum Control box

All LED Lighting

Weatherproof Harnesses Throughout

Class 7, 18,000 lb. Rated Hitch

E-Coat / Powder Coat Finish

Slip Resistant Epoxy Deck Coating

15,000 lb. IND. Elec. Winch, Traverse Mounted

Wireless 2-Button Remote Winch Controller

Trailer Plug, 7-Pole House Trailer Type

Electric Brake Controller

Trailer Plug, 7 Pole Round

Air Trailer Brake Connections

Loading Dock System

Aluminum Chain Rack with tray

Under Deck Chain Storage Boxes

Chain Binder Storage Racks

LED Dual Mini Light Bars (11”)

Extra High Intensity Side Beacons (4)

LED Work Lights, Upper (2)

LED Work Lights, Lower (2)

18” x 24” x 48” Stainless Steel Tool Box


Helping you build a cutting-edge fleet one piece at a time

At Curry Supply, we offer a broad range of products, including custom trucks built to specifications. If you want to upgrade the fleet of your Phoenix business with a versatile industrial carrier that is easy and safe to maneuver and operate, then the 15T Retriever® carrier truck may be just what you need. The state-of-the-art truck is lighter and lower, yet faster and safer than its predecessors and alternatives available in the market.

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Frequently asked questions

  • What are the key features of 15T Retriever® trucks?

    As a household name, we have a duty to our customers in Phoenix, across the country, and across the globe to partner with the industry’s greatest, and Versatran is it. Versatran’s Retriever® line is among the most exciting transport industry development in recent decades, winning over the conventional rollback units by a landslide, and the Retriever® 15T is no exception.

    What sets a Retriever® apart from the rest? It is:

    • Lighter: The truck has lower “empty” weight, and it weighs less due to lack of hydraulic components. The missing hydraulic system weight is available for payload, giving you a better and safer hauling ability, meaning you can carry large and heavy equipment even on smaller trucks.
    • Faster: The truck is sturdy yet light, which gives it better performance in terms of transportation speed. It is also faster and easier to operate, load, and unload. Additionally, its low upkeep requirements have a positive impact on your uptime and delivery efficiency.
    • Lower: The Retriever®’s low center of gravity and shallow loading angle contribute to increased stability, both on the roadway and on uneven road surfaces. The truck also features lower deck height, which makes access easier and safer for the operators and permits safer operation even on acutely angled sites.
    • Safer: A low center of gravity combined with greater capacity makes this truck safer as well as easier to operate, both in on-road and off-road circumstances. There is also the lower deck height, which reduces safety risks and makes it easier to secure equipment within easy reach while standing on the ground. The non-skid epoxy deck surface is another important safety feature, since the advanced long-lasting coating provides a high-traction surface.
    • More flexible: Retriever® 15T has greater operational flexibility. The truck’s air-operated deck and 3-position ramp can be used to extend deck length, allowing you to handle longer equipment. The Retriever® is also adaptable to a wide range of equipment and suitable for versatile applications, including ground and dock level deliveries or pick-ups. The carrier truck has as many as 140 tie-down spots for safe and quick securing of the load.
    • More efficient: An exclusive No-Idle Operating System adds to the vehicle’s efficiency, which matters because in reality, there is little difference between idle time and downtime. The ability to haul larger, heavier equipment on smaller trucks is among the most obvious financial perk of owning a Retriever® 15T, as it lowers your operating costs per trip considerably while increasing your revenue.
    • More cost-effective: Aside from modest maintenance and repair costs, the Retriever® line has minimal moving parts and requires no chassis upgrade. Another benefit of the missing hydraulics is that the risk of fluid leaks and spills are eliminated, which also eliminates the concern of environmental clean-up costs.

    As far as the features of the 15T Retriever® in particular go, these include 15,000 lb-capacity industrial electric winch, traverse-mounted, along with a dual wireless 2-button remote winch controller.

  • What is the payload of the 15T Retriever®?

    The 15T Retriever® has a 30,000 lb payload, whereas the 20T Retriever has a 40,000 lb payload. In addition to the large payload, features which make Versatran Retrievers® in general and the 15T Retriever® in particular a cost-effective solution include:

    • Versatility and adaptability to various equipment and environments
    • Exclusive No-Idle Operating System
    • Faster loading/unloading process
    • Low maintenance costs
    • Modest upkeep requirements
  • What is the configuration of a Versatran 15T Retriever®?

    The 15T Retriever® is designated for tandem rear-axle trucks, which is a group of two or more axles situated close together. This configuration provides a greater weight capacity than a single axle. The 15T Retriever® maintains an extremely low center of gravity regardless of position, which is an additional safety feature. This safety improvement adds to the truck’s efficiency and enhances its reliability, all of which results in a dramatic reduction of downtime.

  • How can a Versatran 15T Retriever® save me time and money?

    We partner with the leading manufacturers of commercial vehicles and related equipment, which enables us to deliver dependable, cost-effective solutions to our clients. Versatran Retriever® is a line of specialized, high-quality industrial carrier trucks which bring innovation to the domain of equipment loading and transportation, enabling you to maximize revenue and minimize costs per delivery.

    Retrievers® can handle diverse types of equipment, which means there are fewer vehicles to buy and maintain. What makes adding a Retriever® to your fleet a worthwhile investment is that you will be able to reduce the number of vehicles in your fleet in Phoenix, but also make the most of the ones you currently own, as they will be running without a hitch for more hours on more days. Additionally, Retrievers® are built of heavy gauge materials with few moving parts, which minimizes the risk of wear-and-tear.

    Overall, Versatran’s Retriever® 15T truck for sale represents excellent value for money. Owing to its innovations, you get both initial out-of-pocket savings and considerably lower operating expenses down the line.

  • When can you ship my Versatran 15T Retriever® truck in Phoenix?

    If you decide that Versatran 15T Retriever® is the right solution for you, we can have it shipped to your location anywhere in Phoenix, across the U.S., and across the world as soon as possible.

    So how will this addition impact your bottom line?

    The Versatran 15T Retriever® is a flexible, cost-effective solution which boasts nimble design and swift deck and ramp deployment, increasing your uptime and efficiency of daily deliveries. It is the ultimate fleet addition if you want to gain a competitive edge and bolster your position in the market.

    With Retrievers® in your fleet, you can reduce the number of overall vehicles needed, and keep the vehicles you currently own running for more hours on more days. This method of hauling is more advanced than the conventional solutions available in the market.

    Ready to find out whether Retriever 15T® is the right way to improve your vehicle utilization, upgrade your fleet, and increase your uptime? The answer is just a phone call away. Contact us now.

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