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Versatran Retriever® brings dependability & versatility

Curry Supply is here to bring high-quality Versatran Retriever® industrial carrier trucks, truck beds, and parts. The Retriever® is a hard-wearing and long-lasting industrial carrier truck that will ease your business operations. The patented design of the Versatran Retriever® hauler truck allows it to carry out tasks you would otherwise need several different types of specialized commercial trucks for. It is this kind of superior versatility that makes the Versatran Retriever® a dependable choice among industrial carrier trucks in Phoenix and the area.

Outfit your fleet with high-quality transporter trucks in Phoenix

The Versatran Retriever® transporter trucks come with advanced features that make operations easy and efficient. They offer low deck height, no-idling functionality, air-operated curved platforms, and modern ramp systems. Curry Supply offers two types of the Versatran Retriever® – the Retriever® 20T and the Retriever® 15T. Both variants possess the same advanced features, differing only in length and carrying capacity. The Versatran Retriever® industrial hauler trucks are suitable for applications across different industries in Phoenix and beyond.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are industrial transport trucks?

    An industrial carrier truck is a specialized commercial vehicle used for transporting different types of industrial equipment at job sites and in industrial zones. Industrial transporters often offer a high degree of flexibility of use, making them a suitable choice for different purposes in multiple industries.

    However, not every type of industrial hauler truck is able to bring the same benefits and functionalities to your business. There are high-quality industrial carriers capable of making your daily operations easier and more efficient, such as the Versatran Retriever® carrier truck.

    The Versatran Retriever® industrial transport features a cutting-edge ramp system that allows faster cycle times and increased hauling capacity. Curry Supply is here to outfit your business in Phoenix and the nearby area with the Versatran Retriever®.

  • How do Versatran Retriever® trucks work?

    The Versatran Retriever® industrial carrier truck implements an air-operated curved platform which eliminates any need for hydraulics, making the entire operating system easier to use and more durable in the long run.

    It is that absence of a hydraulic system that makes the construction of the Retriever® lighter, allowing it to haul heavier pieces of industrial equipment than its counterparts. Also, the Versatran Retriever® is able to operate without having to idle the engine, decreasing its carbon footprint and operating costs.

    Finally, the Versatran Retriever® industrial transporter truck has a very low deck height, allowing easier loading and unloading of specialized industrial equipment. This reduces downtime and increases Retriever’s® efficiency.

    Contact Curry Supply if you’re looking for a reliable industrial hauler for sale in Phoenix, or anywhere else in the United States. We are proud to be partners of Versatran® and the chance to bring their modern industrial carrier solutions to our customers.

  • Where are industrial carriers used?

    Industrial carrier trucks are a necessity in any industry that requires frequent transportation of various industrial equipment both on the job site and off the job site. Some specialized industries that take advantage of industrial hauler capabilities are construction, waste, oil, gas, and mining.

    The utilization value of an industrial transport truck for sale is influenced by its versatility and adaptability. The greater the range of tasks an industrial carrier can perform, the more suitable it is for use in a variety of industries.

    The Versatran Retriever® industrial carrier truck is a unique and versatile hauler that can perform a wide array of tasks with ease. It’s intuitive to operate, doesn’t require engine idling, and will help you streamline your operations. Reach out to Curry Supply if you’re looking to upfit your business in Phoenix with a dependable industrial transporter.

  • What should I look for in an industrial transporter?

    When you’re looking at a selection of industrial carriers for sale in Phoenix and the area, there are some important features you should pay attention to before making your purchase. Here are the four vital aspects to consider before choosing your industrial transporter:

    • Safety features: Safety is always a top priority, which is why you should first assess the safety features of an industrial hauler truck.
    • Operating mechanism: In order to reduce costs and idling time, you should find an industrial carrier truck that can raise and lower the deck while turned off.
    • Bed design: Buy an industrial transport truck that has a modern bed design with low loading angles.
    • Versatility: An industrial carrier truck should be able to perform a variety of different tasks.
  • How can I get reliable industrial carrier trucks in Phoenix, AZ?

    Curry Supply is here to help upgrade your business operations by supplying a hard-wearing, versatile, and dependable industrial transporter truck – the Versatran Retriever®. However, Versatran Retriever® is not the only specialized commercial vehicle we can provide for improving your business operations.

    We can meet the needs of many different industries, also manufacturing vehicles such as sturdy and efficient cone trucks available in Phoenix. We are here to outfit your business with the specialized truck your business requires. Contact us today!

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