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Curry Supply is here to offer you the industry-leading Versatran Retriever® truck for sale and maximize your hauling efficiency. From the truck bed to the air-operated platform, all parts are designed for ruggedness, dependability, and ease of use. Both the 15 and 20T Retriever variants have unique features that help reduce emissions, improve your delivery efficiency, and maximize safety. Contact us to learn more about our high-quality hauler trucks in Houston and the area.

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If you are interested in outfitting your fleet with reliable Versatran Retriever® industrial carrier trucks, Curry Supply is your best choice in Houston and its surroundings. These specialized hauler trucks boast a range of unique features, including the lowest deck in the industry, idle-free operation, a cutting edge ramp system, and an air-operated curved platform.  Owing to its patented design, a Versatran Retriever® truck can provide you with rapid cycle times, boosted hauling capacity, great versatility, and much more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are industrial hauler trucks?

    Industrial carrier trucks or hauler trucks are specialized vehicles designed for transporting various kinds of industrial equipment. These transport trucks are used in a variety of industrial zones and job sites, offering great flexibility, efficiency, and convenience. They boast a variety of unique features, including numerous tie-down points, hydraulics-free operation, and a low deck that maximizes convenience and safety.

    Versatran Retriever® carrier trucks, in particular, are a great choice for anyone looking to optimize their daily hauling workflow. At Curry Supply, we offer these industry-leading hauler trucks for sale along with great parts support and customer care. If you’re located in Houston and the area, make sure to contact us and let us outfit your fleet with the finest transport vehicles in the industry.

  • Do I need an industrial carrier truck?

    Industrial carriers are an invaluable addition to any business or industry that needs an efficient equipment transport solution, whether on or off the job site. Since industrial carrier trucks are so versatile, they are used in a wide range of industries, including construction, mining, gas, oil, and waste. These and other industries in Houston can use these vehicles to haul heavy equipment safely and efficiently in all kinds of conditions.

    As the industry’s finest industrial carrier truck, the Versatran Retriever® brings the versatility and functionality of hauler trucks to the next level. Both the 15T and the 20T models offer intuitive, user-friendly operation that doesn’t require any engine idling, which can help you minimize your carbon footprint and maximize efficiency. Get in touch with Curry Supply to streamline your Houston business.

  • What makes Versatran Retriever® trucks special?

    If you add a Versatran Retriever® truck to your fleet, you’ll get to enjoy a variety of unique features, including:

    • A durable air-operated curved platform that is incredibly easy to use and doesn’t require any hydraulics.
    • Light yet sturdy construction that allows you to haul heavier equipment without worrying about weight limitations.
    • An idle-free system that helps you decrease your operating costs and carbon footprint.
    • A low deck height that ensures easier and safer loading and unloading and decreases your downtime.

    These are just a few of the various features offered by the Versatran Retriever® carrier trucks we offer for sale in Houston. Contact us to find out more about what makes these transport trucks a favorite choice in a whole range of industries.

  • What are the perks of using a Versatran Retriever® truck?

    A Versatran Retriever® truck brings an array of benefits to industries in need of efficient equipment transportation. Some of these perks include:

    • Carefully designed safety features that minimize the risk of accidents and equipment damage
    • Cost-effective and eco-friendly operation that enables raising and lowering the deck while the engine is off
    • Unique truck bed design with the lowest loading angles in the industry that brings you convenience and safety
    • High level of versatility which makes the Versatran Retriever® fit for a great number of tasks in various industries.
  • Where do I find efficient Versatran Retriever® industrial carrier trucks for sale in Houston?

    Curry Supply is a reputable provider of high-quality transport trucks from Versatran. We are proud to provide our customers with innovative and reliable hauling solutions that streamline operations and minimize costly downtime.

    In addition to these versatile and hard-wearing industrial carrier trucks, we also provide expertly designed cone trucks in Houston and the rest of the U.S, as well as a great variety of other specialized commercial trucks. Contact Curry Supply today to learn what else we have to offer and how we can help enhance your business success.

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