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Your fleet’s latest addition: brand new fuel and lube trucks made to last.

Get trucks for all your fuel and lube delivery needs

Curry Supply’s fuel/lube trucks are designed to facilitate your every day on the job site. As the gold standard in mobile preventative maintenance, these specialized trucks engineered for enhanced maneuverability in rugged terrain and extreme off-road environments enable you to transport fuel or lubrication efficiently and reduce costs and downtime.

You can easily make a choice based on your specific needs: you can opt between on- and off-road bodies, closed or open models. The fuel/lube movement control feature enables you to operate the vehicle with ease. Browse our offer of fuel/lube trucks and trailers with customizable options to ensure your fleet’s optimal operability, top performance, lasting durability, all of which translates into overall work productivity and safety. Our selection of preventative maintenance work trucks is available not only in Phoenix and across Arizona, but also across the rest of the country and the world.

Versatility of applications

Curry Supply brings you versatile fuel and lube trucks in Phoenix, as well as nationwide and worldwide, that enable you to upgrade your current fleet and add to the convenience and flexibility in terms of vehicle operation, with minimized risk of costly interruptions and delays. Aside from the standard PM trucks designed for fuel and preventative maintenance trucks equipped with both fuel and lube capabilities, we bring you specialized lube skids and lube trailers.

We bring you the latest in mobile preventative maintenance technology: durable specialized vehicles that facilitate on-site vehicle inspection, servicing, maintenance, refueling and recharging. Regardless of the capacity and type of PM truck you opt for, be it a fuel truck, a truck with a combined fuel and lube delivery function, a lube skids or a lube trailer, you will get a premium-quality vehicle made to last, boost productivity, and enable streamlined production.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a fuel and lube truck?

    A fuel and lube truck is a preventative maintenance truck which is primarily used for fuel or lubrication supply of on-site equipment. Aside from refueling and oil lubricant changes, these specialized vehicles can support mobile servicing and maintenance tasks such as water delivery, greasing components, changing the antifreeze, etc. on your location in Phoenix and other areas. Fuel and lube trucks available at Curry Supply can be custom-built to cater to the more demanding needs you may have in your line of work.

  • What fuel/lube truck equipment do you offer?

    We have a range of options for all your needs, depending on your desired fuel/lube truck configuration, accessories, equipment, preventative maintenance needs, and work environment.

    We always strive to meet customer expectations, which is why our offer of preventative maintenance trucks extends beyond the basic categories. You can opt for customized solutions, with the option to choose custom features or have the whole configuration customized, or ready-made models such as:

    • On-road fuel trucks
    • On-road open fuel/lube trucks
    • On- and off-road enclosed fuel/lube trucks
    • PM service lube trucks
    • Van lube trucks
  • When to use preventative maintenance trucks?

    Preventative maintenance trucks are used for a range of applications. Aside from transportation and delivery of liquid fuels and oil lubricants to on-site vehicles and equipment, preventative maintenance trucks can be used to perform various other functions for the purpose of vehicle or equipment inspection, servicing or maintenance. Our preventative maintenance trucks are equipped with the necessary supplies and equipment to ensure optimal performance of your equipment.

    Our goal is to cater to all your heavy equipment transportation, fuel and lube delivery and preventative maintenance needs, whether it’s a low-maintenance small service truck fuel tank or a higher capacity truck.

    We offer medium-duty trucks as well as heavy-duty ones: opt for a 1000-gallon fuel/lube truck or one with twice the capacity. We can also design your special configuration and have your fuel/lube truck in Phoenix, Arizona, or across the country customized to your exact specifications and needs for fuel and lubrication delivery.

  • Do you offer custom lube trucks?

    As one of the longstanding manufacturers of preventative maintenance trucks in Arizona and across the U.S., we are committed to providing dependable customized solutions which save you valuable resources. From product design and manufacture and delivery to ongoing support, we can help you boost your on-site productivity, uptime and revenue.

    Our custom lube trucks can likewise be configured to your specifications. We can assist you in designing your tank and cabinet configuration. For instance, you can opt for the closed tank feature, allowing you to operate the vehicle in any weather without safety concerns or risks of equipment damage.

  • Where can I find work-ready fuel/lube trucks for sale in Phoenix, AZ & the area?

    When it comes to heavy civil construction and other industries which require a heavy equipment fleet that is mobile and available any time, anywhere, Curry Supply delivers. As one of the most in-demand fuel/lube truck manufacturers in Phoenix, Arizona and the U.S., we have a strong track record in the industry and a strong reputation in America and across the globe as a company built on honesty, transparency and integrity.

    We can help you carry out timely preventive maintenance to maximize equipment uptime and overall productivity, even for prolonged fueling and maintenance. We are also the go-to place for trucks for your other needs, including dependable mechanics service trucks in Phoenix.

    Our helpful team will let you know what your options are and how you can best customize your vehicle or opt for special features to cater to the preventative maintenance needs of your business. Call now!

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