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Discover the singular durability & performance of our flatbed and stake body trucks

Our flatbed trucks make hauling heavy equipment a breeze

As one of the best flatbed truck manufacturers in Phoenix and across the country, Curry Supply is here to bring you custom and ready-made trucks of industry-leading quality. The singular bed design of our trucks allows for easy loading and hauling of odd-shaped, oversized, or heavy equipment and materials. Our stake bed and flatbed trucks can also be customized to meet your specific needs, whether you wish to equip it with stake sides, lift gates, or other specialized features.

Steel or aluminum


Stake sides

Metal or wood floor

Work lights

LED truck lighting

Lift gates

Any size flatbed built to any specification

Custom designs

Custom toolboxes

Toolboxes, cranes, stake bodies, dumping bodies available

Designed and manufactured in-house


Explore our offering of tailor-built flatbed trucks in Phoenix

The skilled team at Curry Supply specializes in manufacturing high-performance flatbed trucks that can be tailor-built to match the needs of various industries in Phoenix. Our customers can choose from aluminum and steel truck options, as well as a wide array of custom add-on features, including stake sides, work lights, lift gates, metal, and wood floors, LED lights, and more. Browse our selection of flatbed and stake body trucks for sale and enjoy top customer care and global shipping.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is considered a flatbed truck?

    Flatbed trucks are large, specialized vehicles that feature a flat body without a roof or sides around the bed. Their unique design is ideal for transporting heavy or bulky items that can withstand rough roads and harsh weather conditions.

    At Curry Supply, we offer both ready-made and custom-built flatbed trucks for sale to our customers in Phoenix and across the nation. Our trucks are characterized by reliable performance, ruggedness, and extreme durability. No matter the industry you’re in, we can customize your truck per your request, adding equipment and features that fit your specific needs.

  • What does a stake body mean?

    While standard flatbed trucks have no barriers or roofs that might impede the loading and unloading of equipment, a stake body or stake bed truck has side rails or stake sides fitted in sockets located around the truck bed edges. This is a good option in cases where extra support is required to keep the materials or machinery secure, as the stake sides create a convenient, yet sturdy fence that keeps the equipment in place.

    Curry Supply manufactures specialized formed stake pockets and sides that can be fitted onto our flatbed trucks. For extra strength and convenience, these stake sides also feature crossmembers and side runners with headboards. If you’re looking for hardwearing stake body trucks in Phoenix ideal for loading and transporting oversized or oddly shaped cargo, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

  • What do flatbed trucks carry?

    Numerous industries in Phoenix can benefit from using high-quality flatbed and stake bed trucks. This is because these trucks are a versatile, customizable option for transporting heavy equipment and materials both short and long distances. Here’s what flatbed trucks are typically used for:

    • Hauling building materials. Owing to their unique bed design, our flatbed trucks enable hassle-free loading, unloading, and transport of construction materials, including lumber, concrete, bricks, scaffolding, steel beams, and more. You can choose to use a flatbed truck with side rails or stake sides if the materials require extra protection.
    • Transporting heavy-duty machinery. Many industries use heavy machinery and equipment that can’t fit in a standard box truck. This is where flatbed trucks are particularly useful, as their bed design allows for convenient hauling of heavy equipment, and even passenger or specialized vehicles like tractors.
    • Hauling scrap construction materials. Construction workers often have to haul materials such as metal, wood, and concrete from one job site to another or to a recycling facility. Since flatbed or stake bed trucks are designed for easy loading/unloading, they are an obvious choice for transporting scrap building materials.

    Curry Supply is your best option if you’re looking for sturdily-built flatbed trucks for sale in Phoenix. Our trucks can be tailored to fit the needs of your specialized industry, whether you need to transport odd-shaped materials or haul heavy machinery.

  • What to look for in flatbed truck manufacturers?

    Looking for flatbed or stake bed truck manufacturers in Phoenix? The search can be a daunting task, particularly if you’re not sure what exactly to look for. Here’s what a reliable truck manufacturer should be able to offer:

    • Top-quality materials: Flatbed trucks should be durable and hard wearing, which means they should be constructed from industry-standard materials.
    • Custom truck options: You should be able to get a ready or custom-made flatbed truck that can be tailored to the specific requirements of your industry.
    • Skilled in-house team: The company you choose should work with experienced and knowledgeable in-house professionals that keep the customers’ best interests in mind.
    • Nationwide or global shipping: If you want to have your truck transported across the nation or internationally, make sure to find a company that offers affordable shipping options.
  • Who offers quality flatbed and stake body trucks for sale in Phoenix?

    Curry Supply is your #1 choice if you’re looking for long-standing and reliable flatbed truck manufacturers in Phoenix and across the nation. We have a skilled in-house team dedicated to meeting the needs of our customers. You can rely on us to build your truck and tailor it to your specifications by combining the body and chassis you choose or including specialized equipment and features that make hauling materials and equipment even easier.

    Our quality flatbed trucks are only a small part of our rich offer of specialized vehicles. In fact, we manufacture a wide range of trucks in our facilities strategically located across the country including industry-leading vacuum trucks, dump trucks, water trucks, and much more. No matter where your location may be, feel free to contact us – we offer speedy, yet affordable nationwide and worldwide shipping, as well as prime customer care. Reach out to Curry Supply today.

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