High-Performance Flatbed Trucks for Sale in Houston, TX

Discover the singular durability & performance of our flatbed and stake body trucks

Make heavy equipment hauling simple with a flatbed truck

Curry Supply is among the leading flatbed truck manufacturers in Houston and the nation. We offer work-ready and custom-made units which can cater to all your loading and hauling needs, including that of wide, oversized or misshaped loads and heavy and bulky materials and equipment. Each flatbed truck in our offer can be further customized to meet your industry and jobsite-specific needs. Consult with us to learn more about available features and options!

Steel or aluminum


Stake sides

Metal or wood floor

Work lights

LED truck lighting

Lift gates

Any size flatbed built to any specification

Custom designs

Custom toolboxes

Toolboxes, cranes, stake bodies, dumping bodies available

Designed and manufactured in-house


Let us scale your heavy-duty flatbed truck to your business

For more information on sizes, axle setups, and key features of our flatbed trucks in Houston, do not hesitate to reach out to us. At Curry Supply, we are committed to providing easily accessible, responsive customer service to our clients in Houston and our other locations, as well as to our customers from across the world. You will receive a personalized recommendation for a tailored solution based on your input, enabling you to make the most of your investment, maximize benefits and get the optimal configuration for your applications.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a flatbed truck used for?

    As the name implies, a flatbed truck is a truck with a flat bed. The bed is wide, open and solid. By default, it does not have fixed sides or a roof. The non-existence of these barriers makes loading and unloading a flatbed truck easier and more efficient.

    Flatbed trucks can be rigid or articulated. These versatile trucks can accommodate massive weights and irregularly shaped loads, which gives your Houston company a considerable competitive advantage and reduces downtime.

    Key applications of flatbed trucks are:

    • Hauling heavy-duty machinery.
    • Transportation of building materials and scrap construction materials.
    • Transportation of machinery and other large components.
  • What are the key specifications of flatbed trucks from Curry Supply?

    We use durable, high-quality materials for the flatbed truck manufacturing process: powder-coated steel or aluminum with metal or wood flooring. For added safety and convenience, we offer special features such as cranes, lift gates, work lights, and LED lighting.

    Additionally, you can get stake bed sides, enabling you to boost safety, efficiency, and the performance of your flatbed truck. As a result, your loading and unloading ability will not be impaired and the safety and security of your load will remain uncompromised as the stake sides will give it the much-needed support and stability and enable you to deliver your load on schedule.

  • How do I choose a flatbed truck in Houston?

    The following considerations are considered to be most important:

    • Class: Choose the class of your flatbed truck based on your desired weight hauling capacity.
    • Mileage: Mileage determines the scope of maintenance. This is an important consideration, and it depends on whether you plan to use the unit locally or for cross-country shipments.
    • Licensing and permits: Contact your local licensing department to get accurate information on licensing requirements for vehicle operators. Find out what state-specific permits are required for cross-country shipments.

    Special features and functions: We will help you determine what features and functions to focus on when browsing our offer, depending on the industry you are in.

  • Should I put a flatbed on my truck?

    The versatility of a flatbed truck makes it an indispensable component of any fleet, especially for a company hauling heavy, oversized equipment and materials on a regular basis. Adding a flatbed to a truck is a cost-effective solution for companies in Houston and the area which frequently transport materials, equipment or machinery locally, statewide or nationwide.

  • What is the weight limit for a flatbed truck?

    There are legal weight limits for shipments hauled by flatbed trucks. Across the U.S., these limits are fairly consistent and the maximum weight allowed for loads is approximately 46,000 pounds.

  • How wide can a flatbed truck be?

    In general, the maximum length is 48 to 53 feet and the maximum height and width are 8.5 feet or 102 inches. We can help you make a decision based on your industry requirements.

  • Do you need a CDL to drive a flatbed truck?

    A commercial driving license and state-specific permits with specified travel routes for cross-country destinations are required for flatbed truck operators. Another important requirement concerns drive time restrictions which apply in the majority of states. Shippers hauling oversized loads may not be on the road at night, over the holidays or the weekends, all of which can have a serious impact on estimated arrival times and shipment schedules.

  • What additional features can I get for my flatbed truck?

    We have in-house engineering and manufacturing capabilities in Houston and our other locations, enabling us to size your flatbed to your needs and exact specifications. You can opt between work-ready flatbed trucks and custom designs. We also offer innovative upgrades, including stake sides for additional safety and security, so do not hesitate to ask for industry-specific recommendations.

  • Where can I browse flatbed trucks for sale in Houston, TX?

    Visit our location in Houston to find out what we have to offer or contact us so we can discuss your versatile new flatbed truck, high-performance vacuum trucks available in Houston, or any other unit in our inventory. We are always available for consultations to facilitate your decision-making process and help you maximize your investment. Reach the full potential of your business in Houston and beyond while taking advantage of the latest technological developments in the industry. Contact us today.

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