High-Performance Hooklift Trucks for Sale in Phoenix, AZ

Browse Stellar Industries’ innovative line of versatile demountable & hooklift trucks.

Minimize downtime, maximize efficiency

We bring you the full line of game-changing demountables and hooklift trucks in Phoenix or elsewhere in the area. The top-performance line has been designed and manufactured by Stellar Industries, our trusted partner and a market leader. Whatever capacity and body size you require and however demanding the applications you have in mind, we have the solution. You can choose among close to 50 readily available models of hydraulic hoists, each with its own set of perks.

For complete specifications, features, benefits, and pricing of this large line, contact sales@currysupply.com.


The ultimate fleet upgrade to boost productivity

Cut costs and save time by making informed decisions for your fleet upgrade. Browse our special offer of easy-to-maneuver demountables and hooklift trucks for sale brought to you by Stellar Industries. These trucks are designed to serve all your transportation, loading, and unloading needs in the long haul and secure long-hour job comfort. Our hooklifts and demountable products are convenient tools for any industry in Phoenix and practical additions to your fleet which can be utilized with various bodies and containers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are demountable truck bodies?

    Demountable truck bodies are truck bodies designed for overhauling and suitable for versatile applications, with special focus on delivery and distribution. Namely, demountable truck bodies are highly adaptable which makes them a convenient and cost-effective addition to your fleet, regardless of your specific application and projected frequency of use.

    At Curry Supply, we offer easy-to-install demountables to be used as and when needed on any chassis. All the products we offer to clients in Phoenix and the surrounding areas, including demountables and hooklift trucks, have been built with the end-user in mind and in accordance with the industry’s highest standards and safety requirements.

  • How can demountable truck bodies be utilized?

    Demountables can be used for multiple operations at the same time which has a direct effect on your productivity and profit. The body can be pre-loaded even when the chassis is being used elsewhere which can save you a considerable amount of time. This way, a demountable truck body effectively eliminates the need for additional equipment.

    Demountables are easy to use even when fully loaded and operated in a rough terrain:

    1. The body is parked.
    2. The safety cutoff switch is engaged.
    3. The body is unlocked using steel hooks.
    4. The chassis lift is activated to raise the truck body: the adjustable reinforced steel legs slide out while the locking hooks hold the weight of the body.
    5. The chassis lift is reactivated to lower the body so the chassis can be pulled out.
  • What are heavy-duty hooklift trucks?

    Hooklift trucks for sale in Phoenix consist of a truck chassis and a hydraulic hooklift hoist. These vehicles are immensely flexible and versatile which reduces downtime and renders additional equipment obsolete. They are also convenient for heavy-duty applications.

    The key feature of hooklift trucks is the hydraulic hoist system designed to enable its operator to roll on and roll off truck bodies or containers and hold them securely in place during transit while enjoying long-hour job comfort. These trucks come with a locking mechanism which provides additional jobsite safety and security.

  • How does the hooklift system work?

    Hooklifts are flexible devices easily mounted on trucks, enabling operators to change out containers and multitask without even leaving the cabin. These low-maintenance products eliminate the need for additional equipment. They also help reduce downtime and drive down operating costs in terms of costs of labor, overtime, and extra shifts, as well as minimize safety risks.

    Stellar Industries brings innovation such as electronic controls and enhanced worksite visibility to hooklift system design, and it comes in the form of the Stellar® Hooklift System. This system is designed to promote your productivity and efficiency and reduce overhead and downtime. A hooklift can be a smart addition to your Phoenix fleet if you are considering expansion to other industries.

  • What are the key features to consider when looking for hooklifts for sale in Phoenix?

    These are the questions you need to ask your supplier before you decide on a hooklift system:

    • What are its lift and dump capacity properties?
    • Is it quick and easy to install and operate?
    • Does it come with additional equipment?
    • What are its safety features?

    Explore the line of demountables and hooklift trucks which represents a significant innovation in the industry because it features meaningful improvements designed to facilitate the work process.

    The offer includes:

    Hooklift Flex & Shuttle

    • Close to 50 different models of hydraulic hooklift hoists
    • Articulating tilt & sliding jib hooklifts
    • Wide range of capacities and body sizes

    Hooklift Slider

    • Body handling system mounted on a truck chassis designed to load, unload, and dump
    • Hexagonal sliding jib enables a wider range of lengths

    Cable Hoists

    • Improved cable hoist options for increased payload

    Container Carriers

    • 8,000-pound lifting, dumping and transporting capacity
    • Optional 360-degree rotator attachment
  • Aside from demountables & hooklift trucks in Phoenix, what other products do you offer?

    If you base your purchase on careful deliberation and a forward-thinking approach, you will find that your latest fleet addition can bring you lasting value and virtually infinite possibilities. You can explore the full potential of your current industry and familiar applications, as well as expand to new industries and challenging novel applications.

    At Curry Supply, we bring you the full line of demountables and hooklift trucks designed and manufactured by Stellar Industries, as well as a wide range of other high-quality trucks such as Versatran Retriever© industrial carriers in Phoenix. We can also build you customizable options to your exact specifications, with the option for delivery in Phoenix and the surrounding areas, as well as nationwide and worldwide shipping. Streamline your process and set the wheels in motion for a promising future.

    If you have already defined your game plan, we will give you the guidance and customized support to help you make it a reality. Reach out to us now.

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