Versatile Demountables & Hooklift Trucks for Sale in Houston, TX

We bring you industry-leading hooklifts & demountables by Stellar Industries.

Efficiency-boosting additions to your fleet

Curry Supply has partnered with Stellar Industries, a market leader in manufacturing hooklift trucks & demountables, to help you minimize downtime and maximize efficiency. These high-performance demountable and hooklift trucks have been designed to meet a wide range of industry applications in Houston and work with a variety of containers and bodies. We offer nearly 50 ready-made hydraulic hoist models you can choose from, with each one bringing convenience and ease of operation.

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Choose a time-saving demountable or hooklift truck in Houston

With Curry Supply and Stellar Industries, you can now enjoy the convenience, flexibility, and ease of operation provided by industry-leading vehicles. Browse our offer of high-performance hooklifts and demountables for sale and pick a cost-effective solution to your loading, unloading, and transportation needs. This high-quality line includes a variety of sliders, hydraulic hoists, cable hoists, and container carriers, all designed to maximize efficiency and productivity, and bring great savings to our customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are demountable truck bodies used for?

    A demountable truck body is a highly versatile body that can be used in a variety of industries, especially in delivery and distribution. Owing to their adaptability, demountables are a convenient and cost-cutting addition to any fleet. The bodies are easily and conveniently mounted on a truck chassis as needed.

    Demountable truck bodies can be pre-loaded and used for several operations at the same time, even with the chassis used elsewhere. This can eliminate the need for additional equipment and save you plenty of time.

    Curry Supply offers demountables that are easy to install and maneuver, and can be used on any type of chassis. These products are designed to enhance productivity while meeting relevant safety requirements and high quality standards.

  • How do you use demountable truck bodies?

    Even when fully loaded and used in rough terrain, these vehicles are easy to operate and maneuver. As for the process of demounting, the steps are quite straightforward:

    1. The demountable body is parked.
    2. The cutoff switch is engaged for safety.
    3. The driver unlocks the truck body via the steel hooks and activates the chassis lift.
    4. The reinforced steel legs are slid out and the truck body is raised above the chassis.
    5. These steel legs are designed to be adjustable and securely pinned in place in order to accommodate various irregularities.
    6. Finally, the chassis lift is again activated to lower the truck body and enable the chassis to be pulled out.
  • What is the purpose of a hooklift truck?

    Hooklift trucks consist of a heavy-duty chassis and a hydraulic hoist. The hydraulic hoist is the crucial element of a hooklift truck, as it enhances the versatility and efficiency of the vehicle, enabling the operators to use different bodies and containers without the need for additional equipment.

    These vehicles also use a locking mechanism to secure the body or container while adhering to safety precautions. This helps ensure jobsite safety, minimize downtime, and greatly enhance productivity. Overall, hooklifts are a cost-effective, flexible solution to the hauling needs of various Houston industries.

  • How do you install a hooklift?

    Installing a hooklift is a simple, convenient procedure, especially if you use it with a hooklift truck manufactured by Stellar Industries. Their design is carefully thought out to improve efficiency and productivity, while reducing overhead costs and downtime. To achieve this, these vehicles rely on the Stellar® Hooklift System with user-friendly electronic controls. This system enables the operator to use the truck for both delivery and loading, while helping to enhance worksite visibility and meaningful improvements in safety and productivity.

    If you are searching for a hooklift truck for sale in Houston, contact Curry Supply and we will provide you with high-performance vehicles designed to meet the needs of various industries. Among other benefits, these trucks help enhance service quality, facilitate timely delivery, and ensure customer satisfaction.

  • What should I look for in hooklift trucks for sale?

    When choosing this type of truck, you should take your time to research the available options and take steps to make an informed decision. Some of the main points to consider include:

    • The lift and dump capacities offered
    • The ease of use and installation
    • The truck’s safety features
    • The available additional equipment

    The versatile hooklift trucks we offer for sale in Houston at Curry Supply check all of these boxes and more. Our offer includes:

    • Flex and shuttles with nearly 50 hydraulic hoist models and varying body sizes and capacities.
    • Innovative cable hoists carefully designed to increase payload.
    • Sliders that can be mounted on a truck chassis to load, unload, and dump a wide range of bodies and wider lengths using a hexagonal sliding jib.
    • Container carriers with 8,000-pound capacity for lifting, transporting, and dumping, and a 360-degree rotator attachment (optional).
  • How do I get reliable demountables & hooklift trucks in Houston?

    Contact Curry Supply to discover the benefits of using a rugged hooklift truck in Houston and the area. Our demountables and hooklifts are designed to meet strict safety and quality standards, while providing you with lasting value and maximized productivity.

    We are a long-standing company known for providing dependable solutions, great warranties, and highly convenient nationwide and worldwide delivery. In addition to hooklift trucks, we can also offer lube trucks, industrial carriers, and reliable Metro TMA trucks for sale in Houston, among other products. Give us a call at 800-345-2829 to learn more.

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