Best Quality Crash Attenuator Trucks for Sale in Phoenix, AZ

We help you save lives by bringing dependable attenuator trucks.

Curry Supply: the leader among attenuator truck manufacturers

Curry Supply is a renowned manufacturer of quality attenuator trucks designed to ensure highway safety and save the lives of passing motorists and employees in Phoenix, AZ and beyond. Our crash attenuator trucks meet all relevant state and federal requirements for work zone safety owing to the expertise-based manufacturing and engineering process we employ for each truck. Featuring user-friendly controls, a heavy-duty flatbed, and powder coated stake sides and body, the Curry Supply attenuator trucks are built for convenience, dependability, and lasting sturdiness.

TrafFix Scorpion® TMA Model TL-3 attenuator

Wanco® arrow board available with 15 or 25 LED lights

Meets all federal and state regulations for impact

Control panels inside cab to conveniently operate and deploy attenuator and arrow board

Shatterproof arrow board lights

Solar powered arrow board

Crash rated up to 65 mph

Crash attenuator and arrow board can be installed on all 26,000 GVWR or greater chassis makes and models, new or used

Heavy Duty Flatbed, powder coated, LINE-X® lined and high visibility yellow accents in critical areas

Integrated man baskets both curb and street sides to keep your workers safe and out of traffic when deploying cones

Man baskets are lighted and use high visibility non slip coatings to keep safety front of mind regardless of the time of day you’re operating

Meets all work zone safety requirements

LINE-X® lined deck

Powder coated body and stake sides

Crash Attenuator Trucks meet all federal and state regulations for impact

Crash Attenuator Trucks meet all work zone safety requirements

Engineered and manufactured in Curry Supply's ISO 9001 compliant facility


Discover dependable crash attenuator trucks in Phoenix

As one of the leading attenuator truck manufacturers in Arizona and nationwide, Curry Supply brings you expertly designed and crafted trucks that comply with all safety regulations for work zones. Equipped with a LINE-X lined deck, high-visibility man baskets, a solar-powered arrow control board, and the industry-leading Scorpion® crash truck attenuator and numerous other high-performance features, our trucks are ideal for absorbing high-speed impact and keeping work zone employees and motorists out of harm’s way.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a crash attenuator vehicle?

    Attenuator trucks, also known as crash trucks or impact trucks, are specialized vehicles designed to minimize injuries that may result from high-speed collisions and save workers’ and employees’ lives in the process. These trucks are typically placed in front of fixed or temporary highway structures, such as gore points, crash barriers, road construction projects, or overpass supports, serving as a protective device that absorbs kinetic impact from vehicle crashes.

    What are Scorpion® traffic devices?

    All of the crash attenuator trucks we have for sale in Phoenix are equipped with Scorpion® line-of-impact attenuator devices, specifically the TrafFix Scorpion® TMA Model TL-3. Featuring aluminum curved side rails and offering full-width impact protection, this truck-mounted crash attenuator is designed to redirect and divert errant vehicles from roadside machinery and workers in addition to absorbing the impact of the collision.

    In order to maximize the effectiveness of attenuator trucks, federal and state work zone safety regulations specify minimum attenuator truck mass, as well as the minimum buffer zones between the truck and work areas. At Curry Supply, we custom build trucks that meet the latest safety standards and requirements in order to maximize the safety of the driving public and minimize damage to expensive equipment.

  • What does TMA truck stand for?

    TMA Trucks, i.e. truck-mounted attenuator trucks are employed by governing bodies, municipalities, and companies in order to protect the driving public and work zone employees. These trucks absorb the impact of high and low-speed crashes and minimize risks of injury or death and prevent machinery damage.

    If a crash attenuator truck is not placed in front of a construction zone, an errant vehicle may easily cause life-threatening injuries to motorists and roadside workers. Attenuator trucks save lives by absorbing the impact, dissipating its kinetic energy, and redirecting the vehicle from the workers and machinery.

  • What does a truck-mounted attenuator do?

    The TMAs produced by Scorpion® feature some of the most dependable and reliable designs available on the market today. The truck attenuator model we use on the Curry Supply trucks offers full-width impact protection and effectively and safely redirects colliding vehicles away from the truck’s rear end, protecting both people and machinery. It is the first and only TMA that has been MASH tested and approved for TL-3 applications.

    Curry Supply offers some of the most reliable crash attenuator trucks in Phoenix and the rest of the country. Equipped with state-of-the-art TrafFix Scorpion® attenuators, specifically the TMA Model TL-3, our trucks meet all relevant recommendations for roadside safety in the city of Phoenix, as well as those listed in NCHRP-350.

  • What are the benefits of crash attenuator trucks?

    The first step toward maximizing the benefits of crash attenuator trucks is to search for reliable manufacturers in Phoenix and the area. If you’re on the fence about investing in a truck attenuator, think about these three points:

    • Help save the lives of roadside workers and passing motorists alike by minimizing the impact of high-speed collisions.
    • Warn oncoming drivers of potential hazards from a distance by having warning indicators attached to the truck’s rear end
    • Redirect wayward vehicles from the rear end of the truck in order to reduce the impact of the collision

    At Curry Supply, we offer dependable crash attenuator trucks for sale with features such as heavy-duty flatbeds, powder-coated bodies, and user-friendly arrow boards. What’s more, our experienced engineering team can build a custom-made for you, combining the truck body and chassis you choose as well as any special features you may desire.

  • Where should crash attenuator trucks be placed?

    Attenuator trucks are typically placed in front of fixed or temporary structures to ensure highway safety. You may find a crash attenuator truck near:

    • Crash barriers
    • Toll gates
    • Overpass supports
    • Bridge parapets
    • Guard rails
    • Gore points
    • Road construction sites

    TMA trucks protect motorists and roadside employees, as well as expensive machinery and equipment the workers use.

  • What to look for in attenuator truck manufacturers in Phoenix, AZ & beyond?

    Curry Supply offers work-ready and custom-made crash attenuator trucks across Arizona and beyond backed up by competitive prices, great warranty coverage, and full parts and service support. Our trucks meet all pertinent state and federal regulations and feature cutting edge equipment built according to the latest industry standards.

    Not only that but we also offer a wide array of other specialized trucks, including industry-standard fuel/lube trucks in Phoenix, water trucks, winch trucks, and many more. We offer nationwide shipping here at Curry Supply, meaning that our vehicles can meet the needs of various industries across the country.

    No matter where you are located, make sure to explore our rich offer of specialized trucks and contact us if you need more information. Get in touch with Curry Supply today.

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