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Curry Supply is your dependable distributor of modern highway cone trucks in Phoenix and all the surrounding areas. We are your reliable partners and we will help you keep your workers safe during roadside operations. We manufacture all the traffic cone trucks, bodies, and beds in a fully ISO 9001 compliant production facility. This guarantees our cone trucks available for sale are safe, easy, and efficient to operate, and that they meet stringent quality standards that ensure reliability, durability, and longevity. Workplace safety is our top priority, and we do all in our power to help alleviate the dangers your roadside workforce faces.

Wanco® arrow board available with 15 or 25 LED lights

Control panel inside cab to conveniently operate and deploy arrow board

Shatterproof work lights

Solar powered arrow board

Heavy-duty flatbed, powder coated, LINE-X lined, and high visibility yellow accents in critical areas

Stake sides, lift out: (1) between bulkhead and man bucket and (2) between man bucket and rear of body

Access doors: double swing doors over man buckets and double swing doors at rear

Side man buckets: double-wide design, expanded metal platform – both sides, tubular side bar with anti-friction slides, and integrated storage on each side

Man buckets are lighted and use high visibility non-slip coatings for superior safety regardless of the time of day you are operating

Includes rear bumper with integrated hitch

LINE-X lined deck

Powder coated body and stake sides

Sign cage

Rear man basket

Cone Trucks meet all work zone safety requirements

Engineering and manufactured in Curry Supply’s ISO 9001 compliant facility


We offer durable and strong traffic cone trucks in Phoenix

Roadside worksites can be excessively dangerous for your workforce, especially during the set-up of the work zone pattern. Highway cone trucks help improve the safety on your jobsite in the Phoenix area and ensure your workers operate without harm. Curry Supply manufacturers specialized traffic cone trucks that make the cone and barrel deployment phase of lane closures safer, easier, and faster. Our highway cone trucks feature modern solutions that enable streamlined operations for more efficient worksite procedures.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a cone truck?

    A traffic cone truck is a specialized type of commercial vehicle primarily employed for work tasks around various road sites, such as highways. This type of truck is mainly used by the Department of Transportation and various roadwork construction companies to improve the safety of the roadside workforce and enhance all working conditions and operations.

    Highway cone trucks store necessary barrels and cones and feature mechanisms for safe and efficient deployment. Private contractors operating in the transportation industry also take advantage of cone trucks in Phoenix. Reach out to Curry Supply and outfit your business with reliable traffic cone trucks, beds, and bodies.

  • How do you use cone trucks?

    Highway cone trucks are primarily used to assist workers in deploying cones and barrels on the road as safely and efficiently as possible. Cone trucks are usually operated by two people. One worker has to operate the truck, while the other occupies a position in the man bucket and is in charge of deploying or picking up barrels and cones.

    Since the worker is positioned in the perimeter of the bed of the truck, the entire deployment and collection process is safer because the worker doesn’t have to stand next to a busy road in order to adequately deploy cones and barrels.

    Curry Supply places primary importance on worker safety, and we do our part in ensuring all roadside workforce can do their job without being in danger. This is the reason we manufacture dependable traffic cone trucks, bodies, and beds with modern safety equipment and features that are available to purchase across Phoenix. Reach out to us today!

  • What features do highway cone trucks have?

    Depending on the manufacturer making the cone trucks, they are going to have different characteristics and features. But, there are features that are vital to the safety and operating capabilities of a highway cone truck. Take a look at the most important characteristics to consider when exploring traffic cone trucks for sale:

    • Flatbed: It should be powder-coated, heavy-duty, and also have yellow accents for better visibility.
    • Rear bumper: It helps reduce disruptions and can come with an integrated hitch.
    • Access doors: Access doors should be double swing to ease access and reduce potential for injury.
    • Man bucket: It should be equipped with a locking and sliding safety bar for improved safety, and it should possess adequate lighting.
    • Work lights: Shatterproof work lights are the best options for better illumination of darker worksite areas.
    • Control panel: The control panel should be located inside the cab to allow easy accessibility and safer and easier operations.
    • Arrow board: Arrow boards will help divert traffic away from the worksite and the cone truck.

    Curry Supply believes that only a well-outfitted traffic cone truck can make your roadside operations across Phoenix and surrounding areas safe and secure. That is why we manufacture all our cone trucks complete with contemporary safety features. Contact us today and we’ll help you keep your workforce safe.

  • What is the necessary equipment for cone trucks?

    The necessary equipment for a highway cone truck mainly depends on your specific needs and the jobs you will be using it for. However, some traffic cone trucks can have different standard and optional equipment designed to improve workforce safety and boost productivity in different working conditions:

    • Critical truck areas should feature high-visibility reflective tape.
    • Safe sign storing requires a specialized sign cage.
    • Adequate communication equipment is necessary for communication between the workers and the driver.
    • A rear man basket allows easier and safer cone deployment and it should be heavy-duty.
    • A 360-degree warning system consisting of amber LED lighting.
    • Work lights that improve visibility for all workers during more demanding conditions.
  • How to acquire reliable highway cone trucks for sale in Phoenix?

    Curry Supply is your dependable partner who provides premium quality traffic cone trucks, traffic cone truck beds, and traffic cone truck bodies for sale all across Phoenix and the surrounding area. We are here to help you increase jobsite safety by supplying you with versatile and safety-oriented highway cone trucks that possess standard and optional features for easy and efficient roadside operations.

    Let us upfit your business with various types of specialized commercial vehicles you need, including the cutting-edge 15-ton Versatran Retriever®. Contact us now.

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