Curry Supply to Offer Extended Warranties on Trucks

MARTINSBURG, PA – Curry Supply Company has announced that they will now be offering Premium 2000+™ extended warranties for their new and used commercial service vehicles.

Covered component possibilities for medium through heavy duty (Class 3 through Class 8) trucks include the engine, transmission, and differential, with optional coverage for turbocharger(s), engine fuel injectors, water pump, fuel pump, diesel particulate filter (DPF), and exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) valve(s).

Premium 2000+™ has become one of the largest used heavy duty truck, point-of-sale independent warranty providers in North America with 1,900 authorized repair locations in which to file a claim or to receive warranty repair.

“Extended product warranties provide the vehicle owner peace of mind,” said Jeff Shaw, Curry Supply Sales Manager. “We are happy to offer the most recognizable extended warranties in the industry.”

For more information about the Premium 2000+™ extended warranty programs for new or used Curry Supply commercial service vehicles, contact Chris Metzger, Curry Supply Product Specialist, at 800-345-2829.

Curry Supply Company is a family-owned business that was established in 1932.  Over the past 80 years, Curry Supply has grown into one of America’s largest manufacturers and dealers of commercial service vehicles including mechanics trucks, service trucks, vacuum trucks, winch trucks, and lube skids, as well as fuel/lube trucks and water trucks for both on-road and off-road needs.  Curry Supply delivers internationally, with sales and service provided throughout the United States.

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About Curry Curry Supply to Offer Extended Warranties on Trucks

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