Curry Supply Introduces 4,500 Gallon Off-Road Articulated Water Truck

MARTINSBURG, PA – Curry Supply Company has expanded their water truck line to include a 4,500 gallon tank on an off-road articulated 922 Hydrema chassis.

Based on the acceptance in the market of their recently introduced 2,500 gallon articulated water truck, Curry Supply has designed and launched a 4,500 gallon version. The larger tank sits on a 922 Hydrema chassis.

“Due to the low-profile frame structure of the Hydrema chassis, some unique design elements needed to be taken into consideration with our tank,” said Jeff Shaw, Curry Supply Sales Manager. “Our Engineering Department rose to the challenge and we designed the tank from scratch to fit perfectly.”

These off-highway water trucks replace standard all-wheel drive highway trucks. The low profile and low center of gravity of the 922 ensures stability and safety. They feature a no-weld tank mounting design, an interior tank coating that exceeds industry standards, and an interlocking baffle design for durability. Custom options are available.

Curry Supply 4,500 gallon Off-Road Articulated Water Trucks are designed for use in a variety of industry applications including construction, oil & gas, underground and surface mining, forestry, or anywhere that low operating height is a concern or unstable ground conditions are a factor. They are also ideal to operate in remote areas without access roads.

Ship out tank kits are available for those customers who choose to do it themselves. Installation is easy since no welding is needed.

For more information on the new Curry Supply 4,500 gallon Off-Road Articulated Water Truck on a Hydrema chassis, contact the company at 800-345-2829, or

Curry Supply Company is a family-owned business that was established in 1932.  Over the past 80 years, Curry Supply has grown into one of America’s largest manufacturers and dealers of commercial service vehicles including mechanics trucks, service trucks, vacuum trucks, winch trucks, and lube skids, as well as fuel/lube trucks and water trucks for both on-road and off-road needs.  Curry Supply delivers internationally, with sales and service provided throughout the United States.

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