Curry Supply Company Premiers 2 New Trucks, Expanding Its Highway Safety Offering

Summary: Curry Supply Company announces two new products – cone trucks and metro TMAs. This move expands Curry Supply’s offering of highway safety vehicles.

Martinsburg, PA, United States – Curry Supply Company is announcing the release of two new types of trucks aimed at highway safety. The Curry Supply cone truck is a brand new design for the company and features highway safety features like a Wanco® arrow board to signal drivers to be cautious. The arrow board is operated from within the cab and is solar-powered. Designed in response to, and in consultation with customers and highway safety workers, this heavy-duty flatbed is also equipped with high visibility accents to make the truck more visible, as well as shatter-proof work lights to enable road workers to deploy and pick up cones safely.

The second new product is a metro truck-mounted attenuator (TMA). The metro TMA resembles Curry Supply’s current crash attenuator truck used on highways, but due to its total length only being eight feet when deployed, this metro design is ideal for use in urban areas. Specifically it is made for roads with speed limits of 50mph or less. Like all Curry Supply Company highway safety vehicles, this truck is designed to be durable and tough with its curved aluminum frame and honeycomb internal frame.

“Both of our new designs are part of the highway safety family of vehicles. We’ve had experience with crash attenuator trucks over the past ten years, so we know our new offering will be greeted with some acclaim,” states Jeff Shaw, the VP of Sales at Curry Supply. “The cone truck, on the other hand, is our first foray into this vehicle application. Seeing how it was developed in response to our clients’ needs, we’re confident it will be as successful as the rest of our portfolio.”

For more information on either product, visit or call 800-345-2829.

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About Curry Curry Supply Company Premiers 2 New Trucks, Expanding Its Highway Safety Offering

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