Multiple steps must be completed when purchasing a commercial service vehicle. First, finding a reputable manufacturer is essential, and connecting with a local dealer is crucial to creating a strong relationship and realistic budget.

A vital step, which is sometimes overlooked, is inquiring about the level of support you’ll receive after the sale. It’s critical to work with a manufacturer who offers solutions within your budget and has an established supply chain to get you the parts and services you need – fast!

An OEM who is strategically located throughout the U.S. is going to be able to provide you with the following levels of support and be your best and most reliable partner!

Below are 3 factors to keep in mind to ensure you will get the support you need from the manufacturer:


1. 24/7 Customer Service

Working with an OEM that stands behind its products is vital. Often, they are the most knowledgeable source when dealing with an issue. Before purchase, contact their customer service and field service managers to ensure they are a phone call away. Ask the manufacturer if they have a dedicated department for customer service and what’s covered in their warranty.

At Curry Supply, we stand behind every commercial service vehicle or part that rolls off our production line. We mean it when we say we partner with our customers and prove it with around-the-clock service and support.

When purchasing from Curry Supply, you can be at ease knowing we are always there to help. Have a question? Need a replacement part? Curry Supply is only a phone call away. We’ve got your back!


2. Quick, Reliable Field Service 

During an emergency, you need to have a partner you can count on, and you must work with an experienced OEM and field technicians who can respond as soon as you call.

Every Curry Supply vehicle drives away with an industry-leading warranty that fully backs our extensive and proven quality control processes. If your vehicle needs attention, we bring our expert staff and dedicated field service truck to your site so you can get back on the job as quickly as possible.


3. Convenient Access to Components 

Before choosing an OEM, find out if they have a reliable system to provide you with all your needs – after you’ve made a purchase.

Curry Supply understands the importance of maintaining your commercial service vehicles and that downtime is not an option. Our multi-million-dollar OEM replacement parts inventory supplies are extensively stocked and strategically placed around the country for quick shipment. But we don’t stop there! Our field service technicians are strategically located throughout the U.S., able to respond quickly in an emergency. Additionally, our parts distribution center ensures you’ll have the precise part at an accurate time. Shutting down your job site is never an option!



Here at Curry Supply, we’re focused on creating solutions to accommodate your needs, no matter your location. And we prove it with our exceptional support.

Customer service is in our DNA. It’s our goal to support you at every turn – allowing you to focus on your business goals and hopefully sleep more soundly at night. Our dedicated team of specialists is eager to assist you – twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. At Curry Supply – we’ve got your back!

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