Traffic cone trucks are a type of specialized vehicle designed to deploy cones and improve the safety and visibility of the work zone during different types of roadside operations. However, there are many variants of these trucks, each with a different set of standard and optional equipment, and you have to know how to choose a traffic cone truck that would best suit your specific needs. 

Cone deployment is often dangerous, and choosing the right cone truck could mean the difference between your workers operating in safe and potentially hazardous conditions. This is the main reason why you should pay attention to a variety of aspects when choosing the cone truck for sale you want to purchase. 

What should you look for in a traffic cone truck?

Roadside worksites are dangerous places, which is why you should outfit your workforce with an adequate traffic cone truck to allow them to quickly and safely place roadside cones and signalization. Here are some general guidelines on how to choose a traffic cone truck for your business:


The actual construction of the vehicle is the most important aspect of choosing a cone truck. You want to buy a specialized work truck that will be rugged, reliable, and able to serve you for a long time. That is why you should look for a cone truck with a powder-coated, heavy-duty flatbed that is lined with LINE-X to ensure excellent durability and service duration.

Also, it is a great benefit if the entire body of the cone truck is powder coated for additional protection against corrosion and elements. Finally, it would be ideal if you could find a cone truck that features shatter-proof work lights for additional protection and reliability that ensures your lights won’t get damaged or completely broken during operations. 


Depending on your particular needs for a cone truck, you should look for one that has all of the features you require to make your operations as easy and streamlined as possible. That being said, there are some general features every cone truck should have. Otherwise, it simply would not be a good fit for work zone use:

  • Arrow board: A high-quality arrow board should have at least 15 LED lights in order to provide clear and visible indications to vehicles behind the truck. Additionally, it would be great to purchase a cone truck with a solar-powered arrow board for further ease of use. 
  • Access doors: You should consider purchasing a traffic cone truck that has the optional extra of double-swing doors for easier maneuvering and better ease of access. 
  • Man buckets: Man buckets should be well-lighted and implement high-visibility coating for enhanced workforce safety regardless of the time of day.
  • Lights: LED spotlights are essential for improving range of vision during operations, and LED amber lights are necessary for boosting your truck’s visibility in traffic. 


Finally, only purchase a traffic cone truck that is manufactured in a ISO 9001 facility according to all the work zone safety requirements. This is the only way to ensure your cone truck will meet all necessary regulations and that you will have no trouble actually operating it during different stages of roadside construction. 

Explore our selection of dependable traffic cone trucks for sale 

Traffic cone trucks are essential for traffic management and roadside safety, which is why there are exact rules and regulations on how to adequately use highway cone trucks. What’s more, traffic cone trucks also have numerous safety features that ensure both the safety of the operators and the individuals involved in traffic. Finally, they allow for customization through varied additional equipment to enable fine tuning to your specific requirements. 

If you need a rugged and reliable traffic cone truck to cater to your specific business needs, you should contact Curry Supply. We design and manufacture durable and long-lasting specialized service vehicles to commercial customers across the country. Our traffic cone trucks will enhance the visibility and safety during different roadside operations, and provide efficient cone deployment in all weather conditions. Reach out to us today!

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