Highway cone trucks are practical, functional, and efficient vehicles that streamline the process of placing traffic cones alongside highway construction areas. They improve the visibility alongside the construction site and enhance the health and safety of both your operators and other parties involved.

However, not all traffic cone trucks are identical, and every type of this specialized vehicle has different features that make it suitable for use in specific conditions and environments. This is why you should pay attention to the additional equipment you can use on a cone truck and explore the ways to customize your cone truck to make it perfectly suited for your needs.

Can you customize a cone truck?

Yes, cone trucks allow for detailed customization by choosing among the different options regarding their additional equipment. There are several parts of your traffic cone truck you can customize per your needs if you partner with a manufacturer who designs and builds their own trucks. This is the only way to ensure you will receive the specialized vehicle that will perfectly cater to the needs of your business.

What additional equipment can you use with a cone truck?

The main points of cone truck customization include incorporating a rear man basket to your truck bed and adding a sign cage. However, there are also other additional features you can incorporate into your highway cone truck.

Man basket

The man basket is the most versatile and unique feature on any cone truck if you have it, and you can customize it according to your particular needs. It’s located at the very end of the truck and has a direct line to all the signage on your cone truck. Due to the man basket’s close proximity to the ground, your workers can easily place traffic cones and other signs on both sides of the truck. Finally, the man basket should have D rings for attaching a safety harness tether.

Sign cage

A sign cage is also an important piece of additional equipment for cone trucks. It allows for easier signage organization and retrieval during placement, making the job of your workforce safer.

Camera system

A closed-circuit system is a direct link between the driver of the truck and the workers operating in the back. This grants the driver an overview of the entire flatbed and the safety of the workers at any given moment for maximum security with the available option of additional cameras and DVR hard drive.


This system is used to maintain constant communication between the driver and the workers in the basket. This allows the driver to hear what’s going on in the back, and it grants workers the ability to easily signal the driver in case anything unexpected happens.

See what types of highway cone trucks we offer

What additional equipment can you use with a cone truckHighway cone trucks are a vital part of all roadside operations. They improve health and safety standards while allowing for streamlined traffic management through a combination of varied standard and optional equipment designed specifically for more efficient and safe cone placement.

Additionally, highway cone trucks are equipped with various mandatory safety features that comply with current rules and regulations. Finally, maximum safety is ensured by the operators who follow the best practices for adequate use of traffic cone trucks. All these aspects make traffic cone trucks vital for all work performed on or by a roadside work zone.

However, you also have to choose the right traffic cone truck for the task at hand to reap the benefits. Curry Supply is a manufacturer of sturdy and reliable highway cone trucks designed to boost the visibility and safety at your highway construction site and enable streamlined cone deployment in harsh weather conditions. We offer both custom and work-ready specialized vehicles for varied purposes. Give us a call today!

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