We had the pleasure of interviewing Kyle from Junk Rescue to gain insights into how our trucks are making a real impact in the Waste Management industry. Kyle shared his experiences with our Hooklift truck, highlighting their reliability and performance in supporting Junk Rescue’s operations. This interview provided valuable feedback on how Curry Supply’s customized solutions are meeting the unique needs of waste management businesses like Junk Rescue. Read on to discover Kyle’s perspective and the benefits of partnering with Curry Supply for specialized trucking solutions.

Opening Remarks:

My experience with Curry Supply has been exceptional. They’re like a reliable friend, always there when needed and ready to adapt. As a waste management business, having trucks that perform flawlessly is crucial, and Curry Supply delivers exactly that.

Tell us about the process, what steps were taken?

The process from start to finish with Curry Supply has been seamless. I was introduced to them through Sanderson Ford and immediately saw the potential for a great partnership. Our first Hooklift Truck was built in 2019, and Curry Supply ensured every detail was perfect for our needs. As we’ve expanded our fleet, with a 2023 Ford F600, Curry Supply continues to support us with customized features that elevate our operations.

Tell us about the product? Any special features?

The Curry Supply Hooklift truck with auto tarp is a step up from our previous equipment, with more modifications tailored to our requirements. What sets Curry apart is their specialization with Stellar Industries, making them the clear choice for our unique builds.

When making your purchasing decision, what sets the Curry Supply product apart from the competition?

The selection of options for truck body upfitting is unmatched, giving us flexibility and functionality that competitors can’t match. While I’ve only used Curry Supply for Hook Lifts, their quality and craftsmanship are evident in every aspect of their work.

Can you provide specific examples of key improvements or changes that have occurred within your business processes or operations since adopting Curry products/ services?

Since partnering with Curry Supply, we’ve revolutionized our dumpster marketing strategies, thanks to the versatility of their trucks. They enable us to service tight spaces and inaccessible areas, expanding our reach and customer base.

How has Curry Supply Supported your business?

Curry Supply understands our business needs and excels at providing equipment that’s not only functional but also adaptable to different work environments. For example, their trucks allow us to efficiently move dumpsters, giving us an edge over competitors.

What would you tell someone if they were considering us?

To anyone considering Curry Supply, I would wholeheartedly recommend them. They don’t just build trucks; they ensure customer satisfaction every step of the way. When recommending Curry Supply, I highlight the intricate detailing and customizations they offer. They turn visions into reality with unmatched expertise.

How has your experience been with Curry’s customer care and after sale service since becoming a customer?

The post-sale service from Curry Supply has been outstanding. Their team is responsive and proactive, embodying the same reliability and flexibility we value in their trucks.

Concluding remarks:

In summary, Curry Supply has become an invaluable partner in our business journey. Their trucks and service have elevated our operations, and I’m confident they can do the same for anyone looking for reliable, high-performance vehicles tailored to their needs.

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About Curry Driving Success in Waste Management: Junk Rescue’s Testimonial on Curry Supply and their Hooklift Trucks

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